Alson has a broad experience across banking, FMCG, medical and the education counselling and placement industries. With a well rounded business acumen and expertise, has served in roles specialising in marketing, sales, business development and operations; invaluable and technical experience he couples with a passion in his role in the education industry. Ever the adventurer and recently travelling through rural China, Alson has started to develop his intrigue on the qualities of Chinese metaphysics. Alson hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from the University of Western Australia, a Diploma in Business Studies (Marketing/Finance) from Temasek Polytechnic and is a certified Financial Adviser.

Brimming with a strong dept of knowledge, Justin spares no effort in giving only the best advices. He believes the future of his students’ lives are indirectly paved by him and therefore has a strong purpose and meaning in guiding them. Ultimately, these are the students who will go on to impact the world. His in-dept experience of 7 years long spans the widest in the team covering knowledge on Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA and Canada. Justin is considered the jack of all trades among colleagues and institutions. Justin is always the go-to person for reliable information and with this trust, most parents come back for his service, bringing along their friends and families knowing that they would be in good hands. Not to mention, he was an international student himself who pursued his studies in UK, thus he is able to counsel with understanding of one.

Certified by: American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QEAC)

Karmen completed the Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management at the University of Queensland. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience of studying overseas – it’s an opportunity not to be missed! Having forged strong connections with students during her 3 years stint in the education industry previously, Karmen is known among students and peers for her quickness in handling processes for an easy and smooth transition to their selected institution. Her eagerness to assist makes students feel comfortable knowing that they have a reliable and responsive counsellor at all times. She takes the time to ensure her students and their parents understand what they want before rushing their decisions. Truly genuine and since are the words her students used to describe her, as on countless occurrences, she would meet them past working hours just to help them with the issues they face. Specialising in the courses and institutions of Australia and New Zealand, Karmen is almost able to pin-point the best recommendations to students every time.

Certified by: Qualified Education Agent Counsellors (QEAC)
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Having been in the industry previously for a few years, Lilian has learnt the ropes in understanding the difficulties and dilemmas many students faced when considering for their future. Using her knowledge at hand, she assists the counsellors in marketing what she predicts as most relevant and insightful programs for prospective students. This helps to narrow down their options, thus making it a much easier time for both students and parents. A proactive individual who takes her job with great diligence, she helms our google SEM campaigns ensuring that students are able to find the right advisors. Her works have earned her numerous praises from those around her. This includes building up highly informative online landing pages for students to read up on institutions and courses they are interested in.

Being the newest in the team, Jas possessed many years of experience in the Human Resource aspect dealing with individuals with different personalities and characters so as to have the quality hires. Been in a fast-paced environment previously, she handled different scopes of work – recruitment, training, branding, events and marketing, which moulded her adaptability and multi-tasking skills. Just started fledgling in the educational industry, Jas is always seeking for answers in getting things done and that allows her to better relate to students and parents who have many questions. As the society turns to technology, Jas is active in looking up for different ideas and ways to reach to the masses through the social media platforms, and ensuring the contents are informative and engaging for students.

  • review rating 5  AECC is indeed a one stop center for those who wish or aspire to persue overseas education. It's vast network of universities and lecturers give students the opportunity to identify different courses and programs which can be aligned with each and everyone's interests and goals. To top it of, AECC's friendly and responsive staff makes the whole process easier. AECC gives great advice and consultations.

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    review rating 5  I highly recommend AECC Global because they’ve given me straight forward advice regarding school and course that best suit my needs. AECC Global also introduced me to school speaker/s who’re in town giving me more information about what they’re offering and ask more questions so that I can make a firm decision in pursuing further studies abroad. I would like to commend MR.ALSON who personally walked me through with my student visa. He is a professional but also approachable. He gives u timely updates and he was there to cheer me up when something went south. He provided me all the necessary requirements to get my visa approved. Through God’s Grace and AECC Global I’m on to my next adventure.

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    review rating 5  Highly recommend AECC for their professional service provided throughout my application process. I am extremely thankful to my case officer, Alson, in particular, for his determination, patience and expeditious response during my application process. Although my case was more complex than usual, his enthusiasm did not waver once and even gave me the encouragement to carry on with the application that I wanted so much. His proactive approach in providing suggestions and advice was really commendable. AECC also has an extensive network of universities and Alson maintains a strong rapport with the overseas representatives and AECC overseas counterparts, which proved to be helpful in my application and queries throughout the process. You can surely count on reliable and responsive AECC team on your desired course application.

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  • review rating 5  Great service, my wife is happy and satisfied. Hope you will help many more students.

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    review rating 4  Good service

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    review rating 5  Really grateful for the team's help with application, visa and even accomodation suggestions! They've been super helpful and attentive to whatever questions or concerns I had (Thank you Karmen and Alson!!). Will definitely recommend my friends who are considering studying overseas to go through them!

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  • review rating 5  Very helpful with the whole process, and will answer all the questions you have! Super thankful!

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    review rating 5  Friendly and helpful people

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