Justin Arif
Senior Education Counsellor
Brimming with a strong depth of knowledge, Justin spares no effort in giving only the best advices. He believes the future of his students’ lives are indirectly paved by him and therefore has a strong purpose and meaning in guiding them. Ultimately, these are the students who will go on to impact the world. His in-depth experience of 7 years long spans the widest in the team covering knowledge on Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA and Canada. Justin is considered the jack of all trades among colleagues and institutions. Justin is always the go-to person for reliable information and with this trust, most parents come back for his service, bringing along their friends and families knowing that they would be in good hands. Not to mention, he was an international student himself who studied in the UK, thus he is able to counsel with the understanding of one.

+65 9642 7486
Karmen Chan
Senior Education Counsellor
Karmen completed the Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management at the University of Queensland. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience of studying overseas - it’s an opportunity not to be missed! Having forged strong connections with students during her 3 years stint in the education industry previously, Karmen is known among students and peers for her quickness in handling processes for an easy and smooth transition to their selected institution. Her eagerness to assist makes students feel comfortable knowing that they have a reliable and responsive counsellor at all times. She takes the time to ensure her students and their parents understand what they want before rushing their decisions. Truly genuine and sincere are the words her students use to describe her, as on countless occurrences, she would meet them past working hours just to help them with the issues they face. Specialising in the courses and institutions of Australia & New Zealand, Karmen is almost able to pin-point the best recommendations to students every time.

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Lilian Lin
Senior Marketing Executive
Having been in the industry previously for a few years, Lilian has learnt the ropes in understanding the difficulties and dilemmas many students face when considering for their future. Using her knowledge at hand, she assists the counsellors in marketing what she predicts as most relevant and insightful programs for prospective students. This helps to narrow down their options, thus making it a much easier time for both students and parents. A proactive individual who takes her job with great diligence, she helms our google SEM campaigns ensuring that students are able to find the right advisors. Her works have earned her numerous praise from those around her. This includes building up highly informative online landing pages for students to read up on the institutions and courses they are interested in.
Gabriel Huang
Marketing Executive
As the younger crowd turns to technology, Gabriel is always churning up different ideas and ways to give them something to look forward to. Design has always been in Gabriel's favour ever since he took to studying it during his teenage years. Now, he takes that skill to compliment his marketing strategies so students and parents can benefit from it. Adept at Design and Digital Marketing, he peels away the layers of creativity to uncover new ways to engage these students and parents. A specialist in digital media, he is able to analyse data from social media platforms, using it to grow the numbers, not forgetting to keep social media posts informative and engaging for students. Like a meticulous artisan, he constantly picks out even the smallest details in trend changes yet not limited to it and still deriving the big picture.