Best Banks in the UK for International Student | How to Open One?

Moving to the UK to study? Well, that's a brilliant decision!  But first, here's one thing that you must know before you fly to the UK as an international student - How to manage your money and expenses?!  → Open an international student bank account...

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Math is important, but is it compulsory?

[:en]Math is quite an interesting subject, isn’t it? While some people break their heads (not literally :p) while trying to get it through their heads, some people find it fascinating!! (how tho how???? T_T) Well, math is an important area of study a...

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Canada Quick Tour: Why Study in Ontario?

[:en]Canada, widely regarded as the best overseas destination for international students, is ranked first in the world for its modern infrastructure, friendly people, and fun atmosphere, making it an ideal place to study and work. While Canada has a ...

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Futuristic Degrees for Emerging Jobs in Singapore

[:en]There is no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought in swift transitions in the global economy. As a result of this, we have witnessed drastic changes in our job landscape. Amidst the pandemic, several industries suffered huge losses, while...

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Le Cordon Bleu, the Beginning of Your Ratatouille Journey 

[:en]Are you someone who loves cooking and baking? If yes, have you ever considered pursuing a career in cooking? If your interest lies in the culinary arts, then you should definitely consider studying at Le Cordon Bleu. Check this university out! H...

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The Only Guide You Need to Apply for UK Clearing 2021

[:en]Despite the pandemic coming after us in waves, the world is moving forward in every aspect. With vaccination rates increasing at a steady pace across the globe, countries are now relaxing their borders and travel rules, businesses are returning ...

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Study in the UK - A Complete Guide

[:en]I bet a lot of people would think of the UK whenever we say STUDY ABROAD. But ever wonder why the UK? Is it because of the universities? The courses? The future opportunities? The culture? You’re not wrong but let us tell you about something mor...

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Quick Guide for Canada Student Visa Application

[:en]Visa processes usually include strict deadlines, multiple eligibility tests, qualifications and documentations. You must be meticulous with all your documents as even the tiniest error could get your application rejected (oh no need help here!) ...

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