New Zealand Welcomes the Return of 1000 International Students

Universities in New Zealand are celebrating the arrival of 1000 international students after almost a year. According to the Education Minister, Chris Hipkins, the country can expect around 300 students in April and the rest 700 will be allowed depending on the availability.

Since March 2020, universities in New Zealand have been struggling with the loss of international students. Similarly, international students in New Zealand have also faced problems with losing their scholarships. Earlier, the country had granted entry access to 250 PhD and Master’s students. Now, it will welcome 1000 more. Students who are nearing their graduation will be given the first priority.

The international students are requested to have a visa approved in 2020. They should have started their course in Zealand in 2019 or 2020. The international students must be pursuing a bachelor’s course or higher and are requested to be in the country to complete their studies.

To ensure the safety of the students who will be arriving in the upcoming months, Hipkins stated that the country’s priority will continue to be the health and safety of the people in New Zealand. All international students entering New Zealand must follow all Covid-19 rules, including 14 days of quarantine in managed isolation facilities.



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