STOT World Tour Series: Study Pharmacy in Australia Free Online Webinar

Have you ever wondered how pharmacists manage to decode your doctor’s handwriting? Like, how do they make any sense of their illegible handwriting? But, is that all a pharmacist does? Like, just prescribe and dispense medicines?

Umm, not really, this is a common misconception that most people have about pharmacists. However, the field of pharmacy is vast and there are various roles that a pharmacist plays. Let’s start by understanding the different fields within this field.

Different types of pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy

Now, let us tell you why you should consider studying a course in pharmacy at the University of South Australia!

Why Study Pharmacy at the University of South Australia?

Would you like to get an in-depth understanding of how you can take up a course in pharmacy at the University of South Australia? Then you should attend our Study This or That – World Tour: Save Life, Create Smile! We are collaborating with the university representative from the University of South Australia to discuss the education pathway, career pathway and so much more about this field on 28th August (Saturday) at 2PM.



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