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About JMC Academy

JMC Academy remains Australia’s leading Creative Industries institution offering Degrees, Diplomas and foundation certificates in Music, Songwriting, Audio Engineering, Film and Television Production, Entertainment Business Management, Digital Design, 3D Animation and Game Design. With advanced-design campuses, ongoing technology upgrades, a dedicated team of academics and industry professionals, and a network of international master class lecturers, JMC Academy is committed to ensuring our graduates make their own indelible mark on industry. JMC Academy’s ultimate focus is to deliver inspiring and technologically sophisticated programs, which cater to the global needs of the Creative industries. By nurturing, supporting and mentoring students who share a true passion and dedication for these industries, we are able to guide them into rewarding careers.


Audio Engineering + Sound Production is a hands-on production-based course that is directly in sync with the audio industry. It explores the fundamentals of sound and music production, the operation of both studio and live sound equipment, and event audio production. You will gain the core skills you need to pursue a career in the audio industry, have the chance to collaborate with your peers, build your portfolio and practical experience, and be mentored by well-connected industry professionals in Australia’s leading, award-winning audio engineering course.

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Bachelor of Creative Technology (Audio Engineering & Sound Production) [CRICOS 074474J]

Explore acoustic design, audio electronics and music production and how this can be applied to mixed media such as TV, film and games with a Bachelor degree. Use highly sophisticated equipment and recording studios fitted with 5.1 surround sound and all the latest gear, including: SSL Duality 48 Channel consoles, Pro Tools HD DAWs, Neuman and Moyer mics, outboards and lab distressors.

Master post-production, surround sound and large-scale live sound systems, develop an area of specialisation, and create a tailored showreel designed to kick-start your career in the industry.

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Diploma of Audio Engineering & Sound Production
[CRICOS 056932D]

This practical diploma will give you a solid understanding of digital audio workstations and analogue consoles, as well as how to operate live sound equipment. Explore software-based synths with an emphasis on editing, arranging and mixing, and master microphones, mixing desks and signal processors, and record, overdub and mix a band in the studio.

Put your technical skills into practice by collaborating with other students recording a band using multi-microphone techniques, or overdubbing other instruments to a multi-track recorder, and gain a real headstart securing your dream audio job.

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It’s up to us to create something meaningful and beautiful – to make this world a better place…

The world just can’t get enough of the magic of the moving image, and the global uptake of digital technology is creating unprecedented demand for professional content creators. From producers to directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, motion-graphics designers, editors and more, entertainment production is big business. Film + TV at JMC is a hands-on production-based course that will give you the knowledge and the creative, technical and managerial skills to create and produce leading content for film, TV, live broadcasts, documentaries, commercials and music videos. Both Bachelor degree and diploma are structured to help you develop above-the-line practitioners in key crew roles (which will appeal if you’re into serious filmmaking), as well as the range of skills you need to meet the diverse requirements of the industry.

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Bachelor of Creative Arts (Flim & Television) [CRICOS 081192E]

At Bachelor level, work on a short film, a TV commercial, a music video and a large-scale outside broadcast to create your professional showreel and filmography. Develop your creative expression and tech skills, and master screenwriting, directing, cinematography, motion graphics and postproduction, to launch you into the heart of the industry.

Collaborate with JMC Academy’s Music Performance and Management students on a production piece, a music video for example, and study advanced production management, post-production and motion-graphics

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Diploma of Flim & Television [CRICOS 058465K]

An introduction to the fundamentals of film and TV, the Diploma will let you explore cinematography, editing, lighting, location, sound recording, sound design, screenwriting and production management; crew on an industry production to get the inside perspective; and even produce your own doco.

Investigate the techniques and aesthetics of screen language and storytelling while working on a range of projects including a television studio program, green-screen exercises and documentary production, and gain experience crewing on other productions.

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Ours is a world of lyrics and beats, creating music that lasts a lifetime

There are few things more exciting than writing your own music and bringing it to life. JMC’s Songwriting course is renowned for its hands-on practicality, a strong focus on individual musicianship, connections to APRA and Berklee College of Music, and for being a launchpad into the entertainment industry for all up-and-coming writers and composers. Covering the essential tools for writing music to appeal to publishers, record labels and producers across genres and media channels, this course will help you to create your own music and lyrics, develop your instrumental skills, produce demos and perform your own songs.

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Bachelor of Music (Songwriting) [CRICOS 081191F]

The Bachelor degree is designed to help you create strong, focused songs that perfectly blend your lyrical ideas with powerful melodies. It will help you understand the principles of film and TV music, the key concepts in top-lining, and writing for ensembles using acoustic and electronic instrumentation.

Master songwriting in the digital domain, refine your recording skills, explore music distribution and marketing strategies, and learn the importance of co-writing and collaboration. And while talent will get you far, to be successful, its vital to be tech savvy and skilled with industry standard software – Avid Pro Tools for recording; digital score-writing tech like Sibelius – that will allow you to produce your own demo recordings.

The Bachelor degree also explores channels of music distribution, monetisation and copyright, and guarantees you will graduate with a rich portfolio of your own songs as a showcase of your talent.

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Diploma of Music (Songwriting) [CRICOS 058467G]

Combining technical principles with pure creative expression, this hands-on course will help you find your voice, sharpen your craft and create songs that will be remembered.

Composition, arrangement, industry studies, harmonic analysis, lyric construction and technology – the Diploma incorporates an understanding of live sound and recording techniques and the use of industry standard software such as Pro Tools and Sibelius to create original music.

Whether you’re a relative beginner or an experienced songwriter, learn how to brainstorm ideas, overcome writer’s block, and express yourself more effectively in words and music.

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We are the ones that live to create, to change the world one beat at a time

Standing centre stage, crowd roaring, bass pumping, the lights come up… Making it as a musician doesn’t have to be a fantasy – make it your reality…

With connections to APRA and Berklee College of Music, JMC is known to be a launchpad into the entertainment industry for up-and-coming musicians and performers. Contemporary Music Performance at JMC is about more than just nailing your performance. It is about creating an understanding of how to arrange and compose music, mastering the tech you will use in the industry, and promoting yourself to be heard, loud and proud. This course will give you the skills you need to stand out in this highly competitive space, and the opportunity to put your skills into practice and showcase your talent at multiple performance venues and events throughout your time at JMC.

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Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Performance)
[CRICOS 081191F]

Evolve your writing, technology and performance skills with a Bachelor degree. Write and perform the music for an app, or the soundtrack to a film, and collaborate with JMC students on industry projects while building a creative network you can rely on throughout your career.

Learn about the business aspects of contemporary music and how to identify professional opportunities. Master multi-platform performance skills, mixing techniques and recording, produce and arrange for ensembles while expanding your repertoire; and undertake a specialist project that will see you performing a major gig to a live audience.

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Diploma of Music (Contemporary Performance)
[CRICOS 058467G]

Learn how to stand out in this rapidly expanding space and be taught by experienced and famous musicians at Diploma level. Explore live sound and recording, use industry standard software like Pro Tools, Logic and Sibelius, and perform live at music venues and events throughout your course.

Explore some of the basic concepts and principles of contemporary music, and investigate the processes involved with developing a repertoire for live performance. Masterclasses led by industry professionals and international artists will expose you to a complete range of performance techniques. You’ll also have the chance to perform regularly at iconic live venues.

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