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Notre Dame is a private Catholic University, extending from the West Coast of Australia in the beautiful and historic City of Fremantle, to the North-West town of Broome and across the continent to the heart of Sydney.

We embrace the ancient and esteemed traditions of Catholic Universities in Europe, North America and 2000 years of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. We welcome people of all faiths or none at all. As an academic community, we welcome open and rigorous enquiry, debate and discussion.

We have an enrolment of over 12,000 students and offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Our student experience, employment and graduate outcomes are among the very best in Australia.

We provide our students with the theoretical knowledge and professional skills which will empower them to realise their potential, build interconnectedness with all peoples and willingly serve the community through active participation, engagement and reflection.

We have a powerful commitment to honouring the individual and recognise that each student is graced with their own gifts and talents. We believe that higher education should prepare students for a rich, fulfilling and reflective life, not just a career path.

We are a modern Catholic University, operating in a world in which the vast speed of change is felt in nearly all aspects of our daily lives. We bring to bear our traditions and our values to engage in scholarship and research, to address the developments and challenges of the modern world, to serve the common good and to assist all our students to achieve the academic excellence that we promote and expect.

We challenge you to look at things from different perspectives with an agile mind.

As long as we have commerce, society will always need accountants. And, with the rise of so many new industries in Australia, accountants have never been in higher demand. Studying your degree with Notre Dame will give you an extra edge, especially as our degree is fully accredited by CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand.

As part of your degree, you will be required to undertake 150 hours of practical experience in a workplace of your choice. This is not work experience but an embedded internship – indeed many of our students later find full-time employment with the company where they took their practicum.
According to the current QILT (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching) survey of Australian academic institutions, 76.7 percent of our graduates found full-time employment on the completion of their business program at Notre Dame – more than 3 percent above the national average.

The School of Business has built up strong links with the business community in New South Wales which provides obvious benefits for our students. The Commonwealth Bank, Century 21, Nine Network, Bauer Media and St George Bank are just some of companies which participate in our internship roster. Apart from a dynamic internship program, the university attracts some of the state’s high achievers to teach and inspire our students.

A degree in accounting offers a wide variety of career paths. Depending on your interests and choice of courses, you could specialise in internal auditing, forensic accounting or tax accounting.

  • Duration 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time
  • Campus Sydney

The Bachelor of Arts develops your ability to research, analyse, interpret, draw conclusions, problem-solve and communicate. These are the skills needed in the 21st century workplace. Along with in-depth knowledge about your chosen discipline area, you will be given opportunities to show initiative, work as a team member, and be flexible and adaptable.  .

You can develop all these skills while following your personal and professional interests across a broad range of Majors and Minors in a variety of discipline areas.

This freedom to choose enhances your personal development, future employment prospects and potential to contribute to the cultural and intellectual life of the broader community. No matter what you specialise in, completing a Bachelor of Arts gives you the opportunity to work almost anywhere in the world. You might decide to travel during your degree, with both long- and short-term opportunities available through our Study Abroad or Experience the World programs.

The Bachelor of Arts has a unique Major in Social Justice. The courses in this Major are open to students studying any discipline. The concept of social justice challenges you to step out of traditional mindsets and become involved in making a difference in your chosen career and in our world. You will begin to understand the causes of the complex problems in our society and to consider lasting solutions.

Service-learning, part of our Social Justice discipline and open to all students in the Bachelor of Arts, combines community service with academic instruction as it focuses on critical, reflective thinking and civic responsibility. Placements are in the local community but there is also the opportunity to take up an international placement and travel to locations such as Cambodia.

  • Duration 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time
  • Campus Fremantle / Sydney

Our Bachelor of Business Administration program delivers a comprehensive and relevant curriculum that reflects the opportunities presented in an era of rapid technological change and unprecedented globalisation. Students have the chance to gain the expertise, knowledge and skills required in the businesses of today in order to prepare for the businesses of tomorrow.

This degree program is designed for those who are seeking a broad overview of the business world, rather than specialising in a particular business discipline. The program covers a wide spectrum of disciplines such as marketing, management, public relations and human resources – a sound foundation for a career in business management and administration.

Compulsory areas of study include consumer behaviour, economics, business information technology, strategic management, innovation and entrepreneurship and public relations. In addition to your eight business foundation courses and five compulsory courses, you are free to choose seven electives – these range from events management to the psychology of work.

Our graduates pursue many future careers. Banking, the private sector, government administration, advertising, public unities, management consultancies, energy companies, trade unions, accountancy firms and investment brokers are just a few of many possibilities.

  • Duration 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time
  • Campus Sydney

Whether you’re considering a career in economics, human resource management, accounting, finance, marketing, or management, a Bachelor of Commerce from The University of Notre Dame Australia will put you ahead of the pack. With a focus on small class sizes and approachable teaching staff, complemented by client-based projects and guest speakers, this degree combines both practical and theoretical components so that students gain a holistic appreciation and understanding of the business environment.

You will have the opportunity to Major in a variety of disciplines such as Accounting, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Public Relations and Sport & Recreation Management. The wide choice of disciplines on offer allows you to customise your degree to suit your personal and professional interests and academic strengths. Upon finishing the Bachelor of Commerce program, you will have the ability to apply commerce disciplines to real-world situations, be equipped with critical thinking skills and be relevant to the role of commerce in a broader social and political context.

As part of your degree, you will be required to undertake 150 hours of practical workplace experience. Our Business Internship course provides valuable on-the-job experience, interaction with professional practitioners and a network of contacts. You will also be prepared for the job market with job application workshops, interviewing technique classes and coaching sessions.

  • Duration 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time
  • Campus Fremantle / Sydney

Media and communications are an exciting and inescapable part of modern life. With the advent of social media, the 24-hour news cycle and the development of citizen journalism, the traditional media landscape has changed beyond recognition. This has presented new opportunities and avenues of communication for journalists, film makers, advertising agencies and other media practitioners.

A Bachelor of Communications & Media from Notre Dame effectively prepares you for a wide range of jobs. Our degree provides you with a unique opportunity to learn about everything from journalism to scriptwriting and digital communication.

When you enrol in this program, you can expect to gain a thorough grounding in writing, media law and digital communications before moving onto your specialist area – whether that is advertising, film and screen production or journalism. As part of our commitment to creating job-ready graduates, the Bachelor of Communications & Media also offers a robust internship program, offering you placement opportunities in a number of media organisations, such as the ABC, SBS and the commercial television networks, plus a range of cultural and arts-related bodies across Australia.

  • Duration 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time
  • Campus Fremantle / Sydney

The Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science examines the implications of physical activity on general health, rehabilitation and elite athletic performance. As part of the degree, you are exposed to a broad range of applications in the exercise and sport sciences and learn how they can be applied in the areas of health promotion, rehabilitation, physical education and elite athletic training.

The degree is accredited by the national industry body, Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA). Graduates of an ESSA accredited course are able to work in Australia with athletes and sports teams in the areas of exercise and sports science and strength and conditioning. Further, graduates are able to obtain additional accreditation in strength and conditioning, and a Certificate IV in Health and Fitness so that they are job-ready at the completion of their degree.

  • Duration 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time
  • Campus Fremantle

All students of the Bachelor of Science study a set of core interdisciplinary Science courses including experimental design, maths, biology, chemistry and ecology. These courses provide the basis for strong skills in scientific investigation, including data collection and analysis, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and effective communication and also ensure versatile graduates. These skills are highly sort after by employers and applicable to many workplaces both within and outside of the field of Science.

Building on these core Science courses, you will deepen your study of Science by selecting a Science Stream that matches your interests: Biology & Environment, Environment & Heritage, Human & Medical Science, or Multidisciplinary Science. Each Stream ensures in-depth knowledge and skill development through practical hands-on experience in the classroom, the laboratory, and in the field.

Science Streams

  • Biology & Environment
  • Environment & Heritage
  • Human & Medical Science
  • Multidisciplinary Science


  • Archaeology
  • Biology
  • Environmental Management


You may incorporate greater breadth of perspective and experience by studying courses from one or more areas of secondary interest, such as Journalism, Film & Screen Production, Politics and International Relations, Social Justice, Business Studies, Behavioural Science or Preventative Health.

  • Duration 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time
  • Campus Fremantle

The Bachelor of Biomedical Science consists of a prescribed series of courses designed to develop a range of theoretical and practical skills. The course includes a general introduction to biological science, plus coverage of such topics as anatomy, molecular and cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, pathology, human physiology, immunology, neuroscience, and reproductive biology. In addition to the specific scientific knowledge gained through in-depth study, the degree aims to develop the capacity to understand and apply modern scientific principles to both scientific and non-scientific audiences and to critically analyse information.

The program is delivered using a number of teaching platforms including workshops, seminars and discussions. Furthermore, a six-week (150 hour) industry placement will allow you to apply your new skills in range of professional settings, such as medical laboratories and research facilities.

  • Duration 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time
  • Campus Fremantle

Nursing, an essential part of every modern healthcare system, is a dynamic and constantly evolving profession. Our graduates are regarded as some of the best in Australia and are in demand. In fact, according to the current QILT (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching) survey of academic institutions, 88.4 per cent of our students found full-time employment after graduation, which is well above the national average.

At Notre Dame, you will be given not only the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a registered nurse, but you will also acquire the ability to think critically that will help you tackle every challenge you confront. You will also learn to speak up and advocate for people in your care, and adhere to the highest ethical standards. These are all highly prized attributes in the nursing profession.

In addition to your classes, you are expected to complete 27 weeks (ranging from six to eleven weeks per year) of full-time professional workplace experience so that you can put your studies into practice. The Bachelor of Nursing is fully accredited by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) and as a graduate you will be eligible to register with the Australian Health Practitioner regulation Agency (AHPRA) and work in a wide range of clinical settings.

  • Duration 3 years full-time or equivalent part-time
  • Campus Fremantle / Sydney

Are you the kind of person who wants to make a career helping others be the best they can be? Do you dream of joining a profession that makes exciting therapeutic advancements every day? Or perhaps you want to help top athletes recover from injury and regain their place in a top international sporting competition?

At Notre Dame, we explore every avenue of physiotherapy practice in your on-campus studies and 1200 hours of clinical practice (practicum).

You will develop clinical assessment and intervention skills in laboratories, simulated learning environments, and through exposure to patients in physiotherapy practices, hospitals or community health settings in both urban and rural centres.

  • Duration 4 years full-time or equivalent part-time
  • Campus Fremantle

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Notre Dame Australia International Merit Scholarship

The University of Notre Dame Australia offers multiple International Merit Scholarships to provide tuition assistance to international students enrolling in undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs at Notre Dame (with the exception of Medicine).

The value of the Scholarship is 25 percent (25%) of annual tuition fees for up to a maximum of one (1) year or two (2) consecutive semesters.

The Scholarship is awarded as a partial tuition fee waiver and does not cover costs such as living expenses, accommodation, transport, overseas student health cover or any other costs associated with study.

No scholarship application form is required, as eligible international applicants are automatically nominated for consideration by the selection committee.

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