Study In New Zealand: 3 Moments That I Can’t Forget

Your study overseas experience will undoubtedly be packed with unforgettable memories. Some experiences will be major, and others can be so minor that if you don’t pay attention, you might not even realise how much of an impact they have on you. The major ones provide you with stories to share with friends while minor memories are the small things you can hold close that may turn out to be much bigger than you could have ever imagined.

The following are three moments, both big and small, that I believe have defined my study abroad experience in New Zealand.

My First Encounter with Mount Cook

Growing up in a metropolitan city like Singapore, mountains were never a part of my life. I decided to study in New Zealand because I wanted an untraditional yet exotic destination. And that’s what I found in New Zealand. When I first saw Mount Cook, I was completely awestruck. I wanted nothing but to sit and gaze at this humungous mountain for as long as I could.

When I Took Myself on a Hike!

One gorgeous day, I found myself with no particular plans. In an effort to make full use of that weekend, I hoped on the bus and made my way to Sumner with the goal of tackling one of the local trails. With a screenshot of a map on my phone and lunch in my bag, I trekked through hilly neighborhoods overlooking the sea, roamed across the notorious surfing beach, Taylors Mistake, and finally discovered Godly Head.

Godly Head was a zigzag walk between grassy hills and cliffs that dropped to the blue sea. I found a place to sit along the cliff and had my lunch to the tune of crashing waves. I was utterly surrounded by the incredible natural beauty and felt so at peace in my own personal serenity.

The Day I Said Goodbye

I spent some fantastic time in New Zealand. I saw incredible sites, met warm-hearted people, and embraced the kiwi culture. I learned much about myself and the country left its mark on making me the person I am today. So, saying goodbye was difficult, but at the same time, I left New Zealand with the confidence that would be back. It may take a few years, but New Zealand is an indescribable country that continues to beckon me to this day.

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