Mini-Lecture Series

Enjoy a number of Little Lectures as part of The University of Aberdeen’s knowledge sharing proposition.

Lectures are a great opportunity for you to get to know the experts from the University of Aberdeen and covered a range of topics.

The Little Lectures were recorded and can be viewed in the area below, which is set out by subject.

University of Aberdeen - Mini Lecture Series

How can we achieve a sustainable and healthy diet

by: Professor Alex Johnstone

Introducing new imaging equipment and technologies into healthcare settings – what is required?

by: Professor Andy Welch

Negotiations, an Inevitable Activity in Today’s Competitive Business World

by: Dr Cheryl Dowie

Economics at Aberdeen: The Legacy of Sir Thomas Jaffrey

by: Professor Keith Bender

Towards 100% Renewable Energy & Opportunities and Challenges in the Hydrogen Economy: Power to Molecules

by: Dr Davide Dionisi / Dr Alfonso Martinez-Felipe

Advances in Prosthetics for Upper Limb Amputees

by: Professor Paul Fernandes

Decadal Changes in Attitudes to Scottish Marine Mammal Populations

by: Professor Paul Thompson

Changing fish distributions challenge the effective management of European fisheries

by: Professor Paul Fernandes

Team Collaboration in Software Development

by: Dr Bruce Scharlau

From Data to Knowledge

by: Professor Marco Thiel

Deep Learning, from Theory to Practice

by: Dr Georgios Leontidis

Infrared Spectroscopy – adding analytical value by using it as a quantitative technique

by: Dr Alan McCue

Ambiguity in communication and how to avoid it

by: Dr Sandie Cleland

Is politeness a universal concept?

by: Professor Andy Welch

Who’s Afraid of Digital? (Anthropology)

by: Dr Jennifer Walklate

Climate Change and the Law

by: Dr Daria Shapovalova

Power, rights and benefit: intellectual property rights

by: Professor Abbe Brown

Presenting to Persuade: How should it be done?

by: Professor Derek Auchie

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