Brunel City College: Shaping the Future of Education in the UK

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In the vibrant and esteemed world of UK education, Brunel City College shines, showcasing the incredible impact of academic innovation, thanks to its strategic partnership with Navitas UK. This collaboration opens doors for international students, blending the deep-rooted traditions of UK education with innovative teaching approaches. Our goal is to offer a detailed guide for students eager to explore the rich academic landscape in the UK with Navitas.

Starting on Your UK Education Journey with Navitas

The collaboration between Navitas UK and the UK's educational institutions opens up a world of academic possibilities for international students. At the forefront of this initiative is Brunel City College, which exemplifies the excellence and innovation of UK education and Navitas' commitment to providing tailored educational pathways. Navitas simplifies the application process, offering guidance from the moment students choose their course at Brunel City College to the moment they submit their application, ensuring a smooth entry into their UK education journey.

Courses Offered for International Students

True to the spirit of UK education and Navitas, Brunel City College presents:

  • A diverse array of programs catering to the broad interests and career objectives of international students.
  • Fields of study include Engineering, Business, Health Sciences, and Information Technology.
  • A curriculum crafted with a global outlook, readying students for both the academic demands and professional hurdles they will face.
  • A commitment to facilitating a smooth transition into further degree programs at UK universities.

Navitas UK Universities

  • Navitas teams up with UK universities, including Brunel City College, to open doors to exceptional educational experiences in the prestigious UK academic scene.
  • This collaboration goes beyond academics, also readying students culturally, and smoothing their journey into UK university life.
  • It cultivates a sense of success and belonging, making students feel at home in their new academic environment.

Specific Intakes through Navitas

  • Brunel City College, together with Navitas UK, caters to the varied needs of international students.
  • Offers flexible start dates in September, January, and May, fitting students' schedules.
  • Enables students to begin their UK study journey when they feel most prepared.
  • Aims to equip students for both the challenges and triumphs of studying in the UK.


Brunel City College, through its strategic partnership with Navitas UK, is redefining the landscape of international education in the United Kingdom. By offering innovative programs and creating seamless pathways to UK universities, the college exemplifies the commitment of UK education and Navitas to nurturing the academic and personal growth of its students. As the field of education continues to evolve, Brunel City College and Navitas UK remain dedicated to providing educational pathways that foster academic success and personal achievement for international students.


What are the entry requirements for Brunel City College?

Entry into Brunel City College requires meeting specific academic standards and English language proficiency, typically evidenced by an IELTS score. These requirements vary by program and reflect the commitment of UK education and Navitas to maintaining high academic standards. Detailed entry criteria can be found on the college's or Navitas UK's websites.

Can I progress to a degree program at any UK university after completing my pathway program at Brunel City College?

Successful completion of a pathway program at Brunel City College guarantees progression to chosen degree programs at partner universities within the Navitas UK network, subject to meeting any program-specific requirements. This pathway is a hallmark of the collaboration between UK education and Navitas, designed to open doors to higher education opportunities in the UK.

What support services are available for international students at Brunel City College?

Brunel City College and Navitas UK offer a comprehensive suite of support services aimed at facilitating a smooth transition for international students into the UK education system. These include visa application assistance, academic tutoring, language support programs, and orientation activities, all designed to help students acclimatize to the UK and achieve academic success.

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