Your dream of studying in
UK is closer than you think!

Learn everything you need to know about studying
in UK and get end to end expert guidance from us.

Your dream of studying in UK is closer than you think!

Learn everything you need to know about studying in Uk and get end to end expert guidance from us.

Turn your Study Abroad Dream to Degrees Abroad in UK


Why Study in the UK?

The UK is a nation that has long charmed dreamers, writers, and ambitious students alike. Over the years, the allure of the UK's prestigious educational institutions has only grown stronger, with many eyeing it as a golden ticket to an illustrious future. The seamless meld of its rich history with contemporary innovations makes it an interesting locale. Couple this with globally recognised universities, a diverse cultural tapestry, and unparalleled academic experiences, and you have a recipe for success.
There are countless reasons to study in the UK, but here, we will explore just a fraction of them. But before we do that, let us look at some interesting facts about the UK as a study destination.

Key Facts to Study UK

Languages Spoken

Predominantly English

Cost of study

Varies by institution and program

Sources of funding

Scholarships, bursaries, part-time jobs, sponsorships

Exams Required

IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Cambridge English, GMAT, GRE


Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates, and more


Primarily September/October, and secondarily January/February


Student Visa

The UK provides ample opportunities for networking and internships. Many universities have strong ties with industry leaders, facilitating practical experience and potential job placements. This hands-on approach can significantly boost your employability and give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Benefits of Studying in the UK for Singaporean Students

advantages of studying in the UK are numerous, as you can see from the following list. It offers global recognition in academia, but there is more to studying in the United Kingdom than that. The tailored course durations, work opportunities, and vibrant student culture add to the list of reasons to study in the UK.

  • The UK degrees are globally recognised and revered.
  • Intense and shorter courses in the UK mean achieving your degree in a more compact timeframe.
  • Exposure to diverse cultures fosters personal growth and global perspectives.
  • The UK offers opportunities for part-time work while studying.
  • The UK has universities with a rich history combined with modern amenities and technologies.
  • UK universities are known for their high standards of teaching and access to cutting-edge research.

In short, studying in the UK offers you a golden opportunity to receive a world-class education, experience diverse cultures, and gain valuable skills for a successful future. Consider the UK as your higher education destination and embark on an exciting journey of growth and achievement.

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Popular Courses to Study in UK for Singapore Students

The UK offers a plethora of courses tailored to meet the evolving demands of the global workforce. Courses in fields such as Business and Management, Engineering, and Computer Science remain at the forefront, providing not just theoretical knowledge but also practical insights and real-world applications. Other favourites include Medicine and Law; UK universities are renowned for their expertise in these fields. Here are the areas of study that offer access to some of the best courses to study in the UK:

  • Business Management and MBA
  • Computer Science and IT
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Arts and Design

Overall, the UK's diverse and high-quality education system caters to various interests and aspirations of Singaporean students. UK programs, backed by state-of-the-art research facilities and distinguished faculty, promise a comprehensive learning experience. Plus, cities like London, Oxford, and Cambridge are renowned for their academic prowess, making them some of the best cities to study in the UK.

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Top Universities in UK for Singapore Students

The UK houses several top universities that appeal to Singaporean students. These institutions are known for their academic excellence, diverse course offerings, and strong research programs. With a reputation for providing high-quality education, these universities attract ambitious Singaporean scholars seeking international exposure and career opportunities. The UK's welcoming environment and vibrant campus life further enhance the appeal of these prestigious institutions for Singaporean students pursuing higher education abroad.

University Name

Best Known For

QS Rankings 2024

The Rankings


The University of Manchester

  • Nobel Prize-winning staff
  • Highly employable graduates
  • The large international student population



The University of Bristol

  • World-leading research
  • World-class bachelor’s education
  • Commitment to sustainability



The University of Leeds

  • High international student count
  • Hundreds of student clubs and societies
  • Research-intensive university



The University of Birmingham

  • International-standard research
  • Outstanding teaching
  • Exceptional campus



The University of Nottingham

  • Large international student base
  • Exceptional careers support
  • Strong industry links



The University of Sheffield

  • Outstanding teaching
  • World-class research
  • Highly rated students’ union



Newcastle University

  • Research excellence
  • Strong alumni network
  • Top-notch academic experience



Lancaster University

  • Spacious parkland campus
  • Excellence in Teaching
  • Commitment to sustainability



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Requirements for Studying in UK for Singaporean Students

Are you planning to pursue higher education in the UK? If yes, it's essential to be aware of the
study in UK requirements for the level of education you are interested in. Keep reading for essential information about university admission criteria at the main levels of study in the UK.

Graduate Diploma

  • A recognised undergraduate degree
  • Proof of English proficiency (e.g., IELTS or TOEFL)
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Bachelor's Degree

  • A-Levels or equivalent qualifications
  • English proficiency
  • Personal Statement
  • Extracurricular achievements

Master’s Degree

  • A recognised undergraduate degree
  • English proficiency
  • Relevant work experience for certain courses
  • Research proposal for research-based programs


  • Master's degree in a relevant field
  • Research proposal
  • Academic references
  • English proficiency

Exams Required to Study in British Universities for Singaporean Students

English is the primary language of teaching at universities in the UK. Therefore, these UK institutions mandate certain exams to evaluate the skills and knowledge of international students in the English language. Certain courses require you to prove your skills in areas other than English. Here are some of the study in UK requirements in terms of entrance examinations.

English Language Proficiency Tests: (Undergraduate and Graduate)

  • The IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  • PTE (Pearson Test of English)
  • Cambridge English Advanced (CAE)

Undergraduate Admission Requirements:

  • UCAS Tariff points (from A-levels or equivalent)
  • Subject-specific exams (depending on course and institution)

Graduate Admission Requirements:

  • GMAT (for certain business programs)
  • GRE (for certain programs in arts, science, and engineering)

Documents Required to Study in UK for Singaporean Students

Applying to a UK university entails a substantial amount of documentation. Some documents are essential for all UK university applications, while others vary depending on the specific school and program you are applying to. The common study in UK requirements in terms of documentation is as follows:

  • Academic transcripts and certificates
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Portfolio (for courses like Art, Design, or Architecture)

The UK, with its historic universities and innovative teaching methods, is an ideal study destination. Like any international endeavour, preparation for education in the UK is important. With the right documents, qualifications, and mindset, your UK academic journey can be both enriching and hassle-free.

Requirements for the UK Study Visa from Singapore

The gateway to an academic journey in the UK lies in securing the appropriate visa. As an international student, you need to get a student visa to study in the UK at the higher education level. Getting the visa involves meeting certain requirements, which include the following:

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of adequate funds to cover course fees and living costs
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a university
  • Tuberculosis test results, if required
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Proof of payment for the healthcare surcharge
  • English language proficiency proof
  • Academic documentation supporting the application
  • Parental or guardian consent if under 18
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Intakes to Study in UK for Singaporean Students

In the United Kingdom, there are three distinct periods when you can commence your university studies: autumn, winter, and summer. The specific availability of these intakes can vary depending on the particular institution and the course you intend to pursue. It is important to select the intake that aligns most appropriately with your specific circumstances and academic aspirations.

University Intake

Usual Deadline







The primary intake period for the majority of UK universities begins in either September or October. This period, which coincides with the start of the UK's academic year, is popular among international students. Opting to start studying in the UK during this period grants you access to a diverse range of programs, along with comprehensive support and orientation services that aim to facilitate your adaptation to both social and academic aspects of university life.

The winter intake, commencing in January, offers a more limited selection of programs compared to the autumn intake. Geared towards international students who miss the primary intake or require additional time for preparatory efforts before the subsequent academic year, this option is well-suited for those seeking a later entry point. However, it is important to note that not all university programs are available during the winter intake.

While relatively less common, the summer intake in the UK presents an alternative option, with certain institutions offering programs that commence in either May or June. This intake is particularly attractive for candidates who wish to embark on their studies beyond the conventional academic year and who possess more adaptable schedules.


Cost of Studying in UK for Singapore Students

Understanding the financial aspect of studying abroad is vital, and the same applies to the idea of studying in the UK. Here is an illustrative breakdown of the cost of studying in the UK for Singaporean students.

Level of Education in the UK

Costs for Singaporean Students in SGD (Per year)

Undergraduate (UG)

20,000 – 30,000 SGD

Postgraduate (PG)

25,000 – 35,000 SGD


28,000 – 40,000 SGD

It is worth noting that the above costs are approximate and may vary by school, course, and level of study.

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Scholarships in UK for Singapore Students

Financing studies abroad can be daunting, but there is a myriad of study in UK scholarships for international students. Scholarships play a significant role in reducing the financial burden on students. From merit-based scholarships to those for specific courses, the UK's extensive financial aid options ensure that deserving candidates receive the necessary financial support.

Name of Scholarship



Amount in SGD

Chevening Scholarships

UK government's global scholarship program

Master’s degree students

Full tuition + living expenses

Rhodes Scholarship

Prestigious award for postgraduate study at Oxford

Graduates with leadership qualities

Full tuition + annual stipend

There are more options that serve the same purpose as a study loan for international students in the UK.

Living Expenses to Study in UK for Singapore Students

Daily living expenses also play a significant part in a student's budget. Factors such as your specific living area, lifestyle choices, and accommodation preferences play a part in determining the cost of living in the UK. Different regions in the country vary in terms of their living expenses. Notably, London stands out as one of the pricier locations for international residents, which is evident from the higher financial threshold for a UK student visa. The Home Office requires more funds to pay for living expenses in London in comparison to other places in the UK.

To be eligible to obtain a student visa, it is necessary to fulfil a financial requirement. It is advisable to closely examine the specific amount that the UK's immigration department mandates for you to possess, ensuring compliance with the financial criteria essential for the visa application.

Accommodation (Rent)

Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas)


Mobile Phone



Public Transportation

Health Insurance

Entertainment (Movies, Events, etc.)

800 SGD

100 SGD

50 SGD

40 SGD

250 SGD

300 SGD

100 SGD

60 SGD

80 SGD

The costs are approximate monthly averages for a student.

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Post-study Work Opportunities in UK for Singapore Students

Are you keen on remaining in the UK after graduating from an academic school here? If you are, there are several visa options available to you, including the Graduate Route. The duration of your stay under the Graduate Route program depends on the type of qualification you obtain from a UK educational institution. If you have a bachelor's or master's degree from it, you can stay in the country for up to two years. Conversely, if you complete a PhD program, you are eligible for a stay of up to three years through this visa program.

This period also encompasses the time you spend searching for employment within the UK. With the Graduate Route visa, you have the flexibility to engage in various work opportunities. This includes internships, freelance work, or securing a full-time job in the UK. While some are must-meet requirements for the visa, it is important to note that there is no specific salary threshold in the criteria.

Business Management

Education and Training


IT & Computer Science

Statistics and Data Science

50,000 SGD

40,000 SGD

55,000 SGD

60,000 SGD

58,000 SGD

As the land of Shakespeare and Newton continues to beckon young minds, the idea of studying in the UK remains as alluring as ever.

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Why Should I Study in the UK?

The UK offers globally recognised degrees, rigorous academic standards, and a rich blend of historic and modern educational experiences. These are some of the reasons why choosing the UK for study abroad purposes is a good idea.

Turn your Study Abroad Dream to Degrees Abroad in UK



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