Your dream of studying in
Australia is closer than you think!

Learn everything you need to know about studying
in Australia and get end to end expert guidance from us.

Your dream of studying in Australia is closer than you think!

Learn everything you need to know about studying in Australia and get end to end expert guidance from us.

Turn your Study Abroad Dream to Degrees Abroad in Australia


Why Study in Australia?

Australia, highly regarded as the educational hub of the southern hemisphere, boasts a unique blend of top-tier universities, diverse cultures and stunning natural landscapes. Known for its global reputation in academics, innovative research, and offering an exceptional standard of education, studying in Australia has become an enriching experience. 

For students from Singapore, the proximity, cultural similarities, and robust bilateral ties make Australia a prime destination for higher education. With its cosmopolitan cities, world-class infrastructure, and a strong emphasis on student welfare, Australia is an educational paradise waiting to be explored.

Home to globally acclaimed universities and cutting-edge research facilities, Australia consistently ranks high on the international education stage. Immerse yourself in innovative learning environments where you'll be challenged to think critically, collaborate with diverse peers and develop skills that pave the way for a successful future. But Australia offers more than just academic rigour. 

It's a mosaic of cultures, a true melting pot where you'll interact with people from around the globe. This rich diversity enriches your social experience and prepares you to thrive in a globalised workforce, where cross-cultural communication is key. Aside from lecture halls, Australia's landscapes are a playground for adventurers and nature enthusiasts. Whether it's surfing at pristine beaches, exploring the rugged Outback or discovering ancient rainforests, the country offers a tapestry of outdoor experiences that cater to all interests.

Key Facts to Study in Australia

Language spoken


Cost of study

Varies by Course and University

Source of funding

Scholarships, Grants, Student Loans

Exams required



UG, PG, Diploma, PhD


February, July, November

Application Deadline:

Student Visa (subclass 500)


Benefits of Studying in Australia


Australia beckons students globally, but Singapore students have distinct advantages in pursuing their academic dreams here. The seamless blend of academic rigour with practical experience ensures students are industry-ready.

Cultural diversity is a cornerstone of Singapore and Australia, creating an environment where Singaporean students can seamlessly transition and thrive. With vibrant multicultural communities across Australian cities, Singaporeans will find a familiar warmth and a rich tapestry of international perspectives. This exposure enhances cross-cultural competency and nurtures global networks that can prove invaluable in an interconnected world.

Beyond academia, Australia's breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities offer an array of experiences that complement the educational journey. From the bustling streets of Sydney to the tranquillity of the Great Barrier Reef, Singaporean students can explore diverse environments and engage in exciting outdoor activities. This balance between academic pursuits and personal adventures ensures a well-rounded exbeyond the classroom's confined classroom.

Moreover, Australia's commitment to student well-being is evident in its comprehensive support services to international students. From arrival assistance to dedicated career counselling, Singaporean students can access resources that enhance their academic, emotional, and professional development.

Australia is a compelling choice for Singaporean students aspiring to excel globally with a welcoming environment that embraces diversity and an education system that empowers individuals.

The other most-rewarding benefits of studying in Australia:

  • Global recognition of Australian degrees.
  • A multicultural learning environment enhancing global exposure.
  • Opportunities for post-study work and internships.
  • High standard of living combined with student-friendly cities.
  • A plethora of scholarship options reducing the Study in Australia costs.
  • Quality assurance in education, ensuring value for money.

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Popular Courses in Australia for Singapore Students

Australia's dynamic education system offers an array of sought-after programs that cater to the aspirations of Singaporean students.
Australia's popular courses ensure Singaporean students can pursue their passions while aligning with market demands. This diversity and Australia's renowned education system present an ideal platform for Singaporean students to achieve academic excellence and pave the way for successful careers.

Business and Management courses stand tall as perennial favourites, providing a solid foundation for future corporate leaders. These programs not only instil essential business acumen but also encourage critical thinking and effective communication skills.

Engineering is another captivating domain, with Australia's universities offering cutting-edge courses in fields such as Civil, Mechanical, and Software Engineering. These programs are designed to nurture innovative problem-solving and technological expertise.

Healthcare courses like Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health Sciences draw Singaporean students with their commitment to excellence in patient care. These programs combine theoretical knowledge with practical training, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the demands of the healthcare industry.

Information Technology (IT) courses are also in high demand, reflecting the digital era's influence on modern professions. From Computer Science to Cybersecurity, Australia's IT courses equip Singaporeans to study highly relevant skills in today's technology-driven world.

For those with a creative flair, courses in Design and Creative Arts provide an avenue to express artistic talents while honing professional skills. Fields such as Graphic Design, Film Production, and Fashion Design offer a blend of creativity and practical application.

Listing the all-time popular courses to study in Australia:

  • Business and Management
  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • IT & Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Arts and Design

The allure of studying in Australia stems from its diverse course offerings tailored to global industry demands. Especially for Singapore students, the blend of theoretical knowledge with practical training in fields like Business, Medicine and IT ensures they're at par with international standards.

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Top Universities in Australia for Singapore Students

Australia's educational prowess is evident through its universities, many of which have earned global acclaim. The close geographical and cultural ties make studying in these institutions a remarkable journey for Singapore students. 

Institutions like the University of Melbourne, the Australian National University, and the University of Sydney consistently rank among the global elite, offering a wide spectrum of courses and cutting-edge research opportunities. 

These universities not only provide quality education but also facilitate cross-cultural interactions, shaping well-rounded graduates with a global outlook. Australia's top universities are compelling destinations for Singaporean students aspiring to receive a world-class education and experience international diversity.

Name of the University

University best known for

QS ranking 2024

THE ranking 2024

University of Sydney

Comprehensive Research



University of Melbourne

Business and Arts



Australian National University

Science & Technology



University of Queensland

Biomedical Sciences



University of Western Australia




University of Adelaide

Agriculture & Wine Research



Monash University

Pharmacy & Pharmacology



University of New South Wales




University of Canberra

Public Service Research



University of Tasmania

Marine & Antarctic Studies



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Requirements for Studying in Australia

Singaporean students should familiarise themselves with the essential requirements that pave the way for a transformative educational journey. Understanding these criteria, from academic prerequisites to visa procedures, ensures a smooth transition into Australia's vibrant academic landscape.

Graduate Diploma

  • An accredited Bachelor's degree.
  • English proficiency: IELTS or TOEFL scores.
  • Statement of purpose detailing academic intent.
  • Up-to-date academic transcripts.

Bachelor's Degree

  • Completion of Year 12 or equivalent.
  • English language proficiency: IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores.
  • Academic transcripts from high school.
  • At least two letters of recommendation.

Master’s Degree

  • Recognised Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.
  • Potential work experience (depending on the course).
  • English proficiency: IELTS/TOEFL/PTE.
  • Letters of recommendation and academic transcripts.


  • Relevant Master's degree with research components.
  • Detailed research proposal.
  • Evidence of prior research, like publications.
  • English language proficiency tests.

Exams Required to Study in Australian Universities for Singapore Students

Singaporean students aspiring to study in Australian universities will encounter specific examination requirements crucial to their application process. Proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL gauge language skills, while standardised tests like SAT or ACT might be necessary for undergraduate programs. Understanding these exam prerequisites is key to unlocking academic opportunities in Australia.

Gear up, future scholars! Australia awaits you:

English Language Proficiency Tests (Undergraduate and Graduate)

  • IELTS (Academic)
  • PTE Academic

Undergraduate Admission Requirements:

  • SAT with at least 1200 points.
  • ACT with at least 25 points.

Graduate Admission Requirements:

  • GRE: Verbal and Quantitative scores above 150.
  • GMAT for business programs: 600 or above.

Documents Required to Study in Australia for Singapore Students

Embarking on an educational venture to Australia mandates certain essential documents for Singaporean students. These typically include academic transcripts and certificates, proof of language proficiency (such as IELTS or TOEFL scores), a valid passport, and a confirmed offer letter from an Australian university. Financial documentation demonstrating the ability to cover tuition fees and living expenses and a statement of purpose outlining academic objectives is crucial. Additionally, obtaining a student visa necessitates health insurance coverage and a character certificate. Careful preparation and submission of these documents ensure a seamless transition to Australia's enriching academic environment.

Beginning your Study in Australia journey? Equip yourself:

  • Official Academic Transcripts.
  • Valid Passport and passport-sized photographs.
  • Statement of Purpose outlining Study in Australia requirements.
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae.
  • Letters of Recommendation (Academic/Professional).
  • Evidence of English Language Proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores).

 AECC and your aspirations – a powerful combo for studying in Australia. Prepare your document checklist; we're here to make your study abroad dream a seamless reality.

Requirements for the Australia Study Visa from Singapore

Obtaining a study visa is a vital undertaking that involves specific prerequisites. The Australian study visa application process requires applicants to secure a Confirmation of Enrollment from an accredited Australian institution. Adequate financial capability to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is imperative. Additionally, meeting health and character requirements is crucial to ensure a smooth visa application process and a seamless transition to Australia's educational landscape.

To study in Australia, acquiring the right visa is crucial. It's the key that allows you to step into a world of diverse opportunities and academic brilliance.

  • Passport with at least six months validity post-course completion
  • Proof of enrolment (COE - Confirmation of Enrolment)
  • GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) statement
  • Proof of financial ability (funds for tuition, living expenses, etc.)
  • English proficiency test results
  • Health examination reports and Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
  • Academic and work experience documents
  • Statement of purpose
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of character (like a police clearance certificate)

Intakes to Study in Australia for Singapore Students

Australia, with its world-renowned education system and diverse cultural milieu, offers enticing academic intakes that beckon Indian students yearning to expand their horizons. The Australian education calendar is divided into two major intakes: February and July. The February intake aligns with India's academic schedule, allowing seamless transitions. Meanwhile, the July intake provides flexibility for those seeking to align with international timelines or fulfil application requirements. These strategic intakes offer Indian students the chance to embark on transformative educational journeys in a vibrant and dynamic learning environment, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching experience.

Australia's academic landscape is flexible, with various intakes allowing students to commence their education journey at different times of the year. This flexibility ensures that Singapore students can better align their academic transitions, providing seamless integration into the Australian education system

Table 1: Intakes and Duration


Duration (deadline)


October to November


April to May

Table 2: University Intake Deadlines

Name of the university

Application Deadline for Bachelor’s

Application Deadline for Master’s

University of Sydney

October 15

November 20

University of Melbourne

November 10

October 20

University of Queensland

October 20

November 15

University of Western Australia

September 25

October 15

University of Adelaide

October 10

November 10

Australian National University

November 5

October 10

University of Canberra

October 20

November 20

Monash University

October 15

November 10

University of New South Wales

November 10

October 15

University of Newcastle

October 10

November 5

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Cost of Studying in Australia for Singapore Students

Exploring the world-class educational opportunities in Australia comes with considering the cost of studying, a significant factor for Singaporean students. From tuition fees to living expenses, understanding the financial investment required is crucial. Australia offers diverse courses and living options that cater to varying budgets, ensuring that Singaporean students can tailor their educational experience to align with their financial capabilities.

Table: Cost of Education for Singapore Students

Level of Education in Australia

Costs for Singapore students in AUD (Per year) (approx.)

Undergraduate (UG)

AUD 30,000 - 40,000

Postgraduate (PG)

AUD 35,000 - 50,000

Research and Doctoral

AUD 36,000 - 42,000

Embark on your Australian education journey with AECC as your guide. Discover transparent insights into the cost of studying in Australia – your pathway to academic excellence.

Scholarships to Study in Australia for Singapore Students

Embarking on an educational journey in Australia, Singaporean students can alleviate the financial burden through various scholarships tailored to their academic pursuits. These scholarships recognise excellence, encourage diversity, and promote bilateral ties between Singapore and Australia. 

Institutions across Australia offer a spectrum of scholarship options, covering fields from science and engineering to arts and humanities. Singaporean students can access merit-based scholarships, research grants, and even government-sponsored initiatives that cater to their needs. Navigating the spectrum of scholarships available not only aids in reducing the cost of education but also encourages Singaporean students to achieve their full potential and contribute meaningfully to their chosen fields.

Name of Scholarship



Amount in AUD (approx.)

Australian Awards

Government Sponsored Scholarship

Academic Excellence, ASEAN countries

AUD 20,000

Endeavour Leadership Program

Leadership & Academic Excellence

High-Achieving Singaporean Students

AUD 25,000

The University of Sydney ASEAN Scholarship

Merit-based Scholarship for ASEAN Students

Singapore students with outstanding academic records

AUD 15,000

Monash University International Merit Scholarship

Merit-based Scholarship

Outstanding international students from Singapore

AUD 10,000

ANU College of Business & Economics International Undergraduate Scholarship

Academic Merit

Singaporean students applying for undergraduate courses in business and economics

AUD 10,000

Melbourne Global Scholars Award

Study Abroad Scholarship

Singaporean students intending to study abroad in Melbourne

AUD 5,000

Adelaide International Scholarships

Excellence in Academics

High-achieving students from ASEAN countries

AUD 15,000

UQ Academic Scholarships

Academic Excellence

Top-performing Singapore students

AUD 20,000

UNSW International Scholarships

Diverse Criteria

Singapore students with varying achievements

AUD 10,000 - 25,000

Western Australia University International Achievement Scholarship

Academic Excellence

High-achieving students from Singapore

AUD 15,000

Living Expenses to Study in Australia for Singapore Students

Singaporean students must consider living expenses encompassing accommodation, food, transportation, and daily essentials. Understanding these costs is pivotal for effective financial planning, ensuring a comfortable and enriching experience throughout their educational journey.

Expense Category

Average Cost Per Month (AUD) (approx.)

Accommodation (Rent)

AUD 1,500 - 2,000

Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas)

AUD 200 - 250


AUD 60 - 75

Mobile Phone

AUD 50 - 70


AUD 400 - 500


AUD 300 - 400

Public Transportation

AUD 120 - 150

Health Insurance

AUD 60 - 80

Entertainment (Movies, Events, etc.)

AUD 150 - 200

AECC: Pioneering your Australian venture. Let's master the art of managing living expenses while you immerse yourself in studies. Your pathway to successful student living starts here.

Post-study Work Opportunities in Australia for Singapore Students

Australia has grown into a prime hub for international students, not just for its education but also the post-study work opportunities. For Singapore students, the advantage of studying in Australia is two-fold. Firstly, the academic experience enhances their global outlook and competitiveness. Secondly, the nation offers promising career avenues in diverse sectors. From the rapidly expanding IT sector to the traditional realms of business management, Australia opens doors to fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Australia's post-study work visa options allow international graduates to leverage their education, gain practical experience, and contribute to their chosen field. The Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) stands out, offering two streams – the Graduate Work Stream and the Post-Study Work Stream. The Graduate Work Stream caters to those with skills closely aligned to Australia's occupational needs, granting an 18-month visa. Conversely, the Post-Study Work Stream, tailored for students who have completed a bachelor's degree or higher qualification, allows graduates to work for up to four years, depending on the level of their qualification. This avenue empowers Singaporean students to not only recover their investment in education but also build a solid foundation for their careers.

Table: Post-study Work Opportunities in Australia


Approximate Annual Salary (AUD) (approx.)

Business Management

AUD 80,000 - 100,000

Education and Training

AUD 65,000 - 85,000


AUD 70,000 - 90,000

IT & Computer Science

AUD 85,000 - 120,000

Statistics and Data Science

AUD 90,000 - 110,000

These post-study work options also bridge towards permanent residency in Australia, making it a favoured destination for those seeking a globally recognised education, diverse cultural experiences, and a compelling pathway to professional success.

Take advantage of Australia's unparalleled academic opportunities and enriching experiences. Contact us today to explore how we can help you turn your dreams of studying in Australia into a reality. Your future begins with AECC.

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Singapore students can pursue their studies in Australia by providing the right documentation and following admission procedures.

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