What You Need to Know To Become A Chef In Australia?

  Picture yourself in a world where every ingredient, every flavour, and every dish becomes a masterpiece crafted by your own hands. Imagine the sizzling sounds, the tantalising aromas, and the mouthwatering tastes that await you. Are you ready ...

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University Grading System In Australia

Right from selecting the ideal course to adapting to the demands of university life, the pursuit of higher education is riddled with challenges for students to encounter. One such challenge is comprehending the intricacies of university grading systems. Australia being a country known for its world-class education, has varying grading systems acros...

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Comparing the cost of studying in Australia and Singapore

When it comes to studying abroad and seeking a global cultural immersion, two countries top the list: Australia and Singapore.The esteemed institutions and their diverse academic programs can make your future in these countries equally enticing. Aust...

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Top 7 highest paying jobs in Australia

[:en]Are you about to start your study in Australia ? Then this is something you must not miss. Studying overseas is a dream of many, however it is costly too. With your student visa, you can earn some pocket money by working up to 20 hours weekly wh...

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What to pack for studying in Australia

[:en]Studying overseas is certainly one of the biggest steps students take towards reaching their academic and career goals. So, as a student, have you been planning to study abroad in the ‘Land Down Under’? Oh! If you didn’t know what that means, he...

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Remittance service for international students in Australia

So, you have chosen Australia as your study overseas destination, one of the most urbanised countries, a great choice! Before even getting over there, international students may need to send or receive money internationally in order to pay for tuitio...

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Study In Australia | How To Choose The Universities In Australia

There is a total of 45 public and private universities in Australia however Australian government do not publish their rankings officially. There are several categories of universities in Australia and it is very important for students to find the ri...

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The Australian Education System

[:en]Did you know that currently, Australia is the third most popular destination for international students, after the United States and the UK? According to UNESCO 7,864, Singaporeans studies in Australia. Majority of the international students cho...

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5 Key Benefits Of Studying In Australia

Are you planning to study overseas? It can be challenging for us as we are used to the comfort of our home country and we simply love the convenience of our public transport as well as the varieties of cuisines available here...

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Study In Australia | Things You Need To Know

Australia is a top pick education destination for Singaporean students. With an excellent reputation in offering exciting and world-class education programs, it is no surprise that plenty of Singaporean students choose to study in Australia each year...

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Sydney City Guide for International Students

Well to be honest, what’s not to love about Australia ? Sydney is home to dozens of beaches, landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, and world-renowned Universities such as The University of New South Wales, University of Techno...

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Study In Australia | Things To Know Before Embarking On Your Australia Overseas Study Dream

Many Singaporean students’ dream is to study overseas. However, there are a few setbacks that prevent some of them from achieving this dream. Apart from the financial issues, the fear of being in a foreign country alone often causes some of them to r...

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Study In Australia | My Journey As An International Student In Australia

The highs and the lows, the ups, the downs, the silent fears and ecstatic victories are what add charm and flavour to life. Having come from Singapore to pursue a Bachelor of Health Sciences, I can confidently say that choosing to study in Australia ...

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Offers and Discounts for Students Studying in Australia 2022

So are you planning to move to Australia for your studies? That's an excellent decision! However, some of you may find the cost of living to be prohibitive. Given the incredible variety of brands and options available in Australia, you'll only wish for some miraculous discount codes. We've got your back! Here's a roundup of some of Australia's best...

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Why Is Australia An Ideal Choice For Singaporean Students?

[:en] Australia is the top study destination for Singaporean students. The country is reputed for its world-class education system and its exciting and innovative programmes. The majority of Singaporean students in Australia are enrolled in the highe...

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Australia International Travel Restrictions in Every State and Territory

Hey, have you envisioned yourself as an international student studying in Australia? But are you worried about Australia travel restrictions and pursuing your dreams amidst a pandemic? Fret not! Your dreams are within reach. The Australian universities offer 3 intakes in an academic year and you can choose the intake for the upcoming years 2022 and...

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8 Ways to Save Money While Studying in Australia

It is exciting to start your new academic year in a foreign country, and it can also be expensive to be a student! Especially when you’re in a foreign country and not aware of all the great ways you can save money. You will realise there are many bil...

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Top 5 cities to study in Australia

[:en]Why is studying in Australia a great plan? The beautiful weather, stunning sights and spectacular beaches make Australia a popular destination for tourists, and especially for students dreaming of international study experience. But why is it so...

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Study Abroad | Tips For Choosing What To Study Abroad

[:en]Choosing what to study isn’t easy. We completely understand. Here are some practical tips to help you make the right call. Study what you want It seems obvious, but when choosing your course preferences, you should list the courses you are most ...

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Top 7 tips to manage your time while studying overseas

[:en]If you’re an older student, you may be worried that going back to uni would eat up even more of your very limited free time. That it will be too tough to manage study with work, family and a social life. But it can be done, we promise. Here are ...

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