COVID-19 is Temporary. Education Lasts Forever

COVID-19 is Temporary. Education Lasts Forever

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March is always the application period for studying abroad in the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand). However, due to the impact of COVID-19, the epidemic prevention policies of various countries have been continuously adjusted. A lot of countries have issued entry bans and at least 102 countries and regions around the world have suspended all their classes. Also, 11 countries and regions have partially suspended all classes, affecting 850 million students, and this number is expected to increase continuously.

Applying to study abroad has been extremely challenging due to this unpredictable situation. Most of the study abroad consultation meetings have been cancelled as well! Are you looking forward to the end of this situation and start planning for your study abroad journey as soon as possible after this pandemic is over?
Since you are being told to stay home, solely depending on internet resources to gather study abroad information can be really difficult. Need help in deciding which college or university to go? What course suits you best? Which city or state fits your preferences? It’s so hard to do all these without professional help! Besides preparing all the needed documentations and paperwork, students have to keep abreast of changes and new regulations about the government and its education system in light of the pandemic. College or university admission processes may be affected if they fail to do so.
Under this exceptional circumstance, it is very crucial to choose a well-qualified and experienced education counsellor to help you with your study abroad application. AECC Global, a 12-year-old education agency, has successfully assisted more than 10,000 students to realise their dreams of studying abroad in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and United States. They work on students’ behalf as an independent representative of over 300 top universities and educational institutions across the globe that they have vetted, giving students a wide range of choices backed by an intimate knowledge of each institution.
Unlike other streamlined applications, AECC Global pays special attention to each student's circumstances and preference. Then, they will come up with an optimal solution to fit the student’s requirements. Students in different learning levels and needs will always have suitable options:

 Student: Tan

  • Highest Qualification: Bachelor of Science (Economics and International Economics)
  • Applied institution: The University of Western Australia
  • Applied major/course: Master of Economics

Student: D.S
  • Highest Qualification: American Degree Transfer Programme
  • Applied institution: University of Canterbury
  • Applied major/course: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Student: Kuo

Student: Faris
  • Highest Qualification: Diploma of Engineering Technology in Aviation Maintenance
  • Applied institution: RMIT University
  • Applied major/course: Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering) (Hons)

Student: N
  • Highest Qualification: SPM
  • Applied institution: Monash College
  • Applied major/course: MUFY + Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

Student: Ong
  • Highest Qualification: Diploma of Culinary Arts
  • Applied institution: William Angliss
  • Applied major/course: Bachelor of Culinary Management

AECC Global provides one-stop FREE study abroad consultation. In accordance with the epidemic policy, mobile counselling will be utilised instead. We always ensure that students and parents are informed instantly regarding the changes in application and their needs will be fulfilled as soon as possible during this special period.

Our education consultants are all accredited and recognized by the Australian Government (QEAC)  and The American International Recruitment Council (AIRC), and have accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the industry.  Hence, they will be able to provide the most professional recommendations and solutions to students. Moreover, AECC Global also provides a career profiling test to help figure out which course or subject suits the student the most. At the same time, they will assist students to sort out the study direction, institution selection and provide academic advice based on the student's financial preference.

Currently, AECC Global's application scope covers medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, oceanography, nutrition, physiotherapy, business administration, accounting, finance and banking, law, economics, actuarial science, big data, data science , logistics management, chemical engineering, creative technology, design, hotel and tourism, network technology, planning and development department, architectural design, artificial intelligence, interactive game design, psychology, biology, sports science, musicology, mass communication, information technology and image production, culinary management, French pastry baking, etc.

If you are interested to go study abroad in Australia or New Zealand, please do not hesitate to contact AECC Global Msia for free consultation. For more details CONTACT US >>>

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