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What is a foundation programme?

Foundation programme is a bridging course for a Bachelor’s Degree that is designed for international students who either have completed their secondary school qualification (GCE N/O Levels) and already know which university they would like to study in, or for those who have completed high school (GCE A Levels/IB) but are not able to meet the entry requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree programme at an Australian University. These foundation programmes provide secured progression to the chosen university upon successful completion.

Why should you consider taking up a foundation programme?

  • For students who have completed GCE N/O Levels or equivalent, it is a fast-track pathway towards university instead of the usual high school (eg. A Levels/IB) or polytechnic diploma pathway
  • For students who have completed high school (eg. A Levels/ IB or equivalent) but did not meet the entry requirements for direct entry into their desired university degree, it is an alternative pathway towards that
  • It provides secured progression to your chosen university degree
  • It helps students to adapt to the Australian academic environment and life in Australia, ensuring they are prepared for university studies

Who offers foundation programmes?

All Australian Institutions offer foundation programmes, depending on the university you would like to study at eventually. Usually, most students will go to the affiliated foundation school.

What are the entry requirements?

To meet the entry requirements, you will generally need:

  • Successful completion of 10 years of basic education anywhere in the world
  • For Singapore curriculum, completion of either GCE N, O level or IGCSE. GCE A levels or IB Diploma students who do not meet the university entry requirements can undertake a fast-track foundation programme.
  • Basic English language proficiency depending on the requirements in the country
  • Certain subjects in your high school syllabus relevant for the foundation programme

Students who have not received their actual O level results may use their preliminary or predicated results to apply.

What is the average cost and duration of programme?

The cost of the programme ranges from AUD20,000 to AUD35,000 depending on the course and duration of programme. Do note that the cost does not include student’s accommodation and cost of living expenses during their study period.

A typical standard foundation year is two-semesters long, which runs for one academic year. However, there is also the intensive/fast-tracked foundation available for students with exceptional grades, which allow students to complete the Foundation course within a shorter duration. In addition, the Extended foundation course, which runs slightly longer than the standard foundation course, is available for students who require additional time and support to cope and adjust to the Australian curriculum.[:]

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