How to become a Chef in Australia - Requirements and Courses

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[:en]Does the clattering symphony of a busy kitchen excite you? Does the heavenly smell of a delectable roast in an oven make you close your eyes and elevate your senses? Does cooking for friends and families bring you and them immense joy and happiness?

Most importantly, are you a big-time foodie?

If yes, then what are you waiting for? The most suitable career option for you is to become a world-class Chef! And guess what? There is no better place than Australia to provide you with the best learning experience, exceptional education and training in this career.

The vibrant food culture in Australia is an outcome of the multicultural influences. The high industry standards and the quality ingredients available in the Australian market have set the Australian chefs, a class apart.

A career as a chef can open many doors for opportunities. As the hospitality industry in Australia is always growing, the career opportunities in this field are abundant and can take you to great heights.

Now, we’re sure you have a lot of questions regarding the skills required and the education pathway to becoming a chef in Australia. So go on and keep reading to know all about it!

Skills required to become a Chef
To become a chef, you need to have prior hands-on experience. And behind every successful chef’s passion and creativity, lies dedication and an extraordinary amount of hard work. Some of the skills that are required are mentioned below.

1. Love for cooking
To be great at any work, you need to be intensely passionate about it. Cooking is not any different.

In fact, cooking is similar to creating a piece of art. A recipe in itself has no soul. You as the cook must be able to bring life and soul to the recipe. You need to be constantly innovative and come up with new recipes.

Your love for cooking should also be portrayed in the way you present your dishes. Cooking with love and passion will certainly make your meal look and taste remarkable!

2. Passion & Dedication
Dedication and hard work are essential qualities when it comes to cooking. As a chef, you need to sharpen your skills, try something new and make sure that your way of cooking and presenting is kept up to date.

The key is to keep experimenting, make mistakes, and be open to critical feedback with a positive learning attitude. You will be required to pay attention to details as every dish has its own ingredients, to ensure the taste is accurate.

3. A Business Mind
As a chef, you’ll probably also be dealing with costs, profits, losses and many other essential business-related details, if you’re to start out on your own.

It’s important to know how to balance the budgeting, expenditure and profit margin for each dish. Moreover, you should develop a knack to make your food stand out in the competitive food industry. Making scrumptious and cost-effective food will win you many hearts!

4. A Creative Mind
“Cooking requires confident guesswork and improvisation — experimentation and substitution, dealing with failure and uncertainty in a creative way.” - Paul Theroux

Creativity is an essential skill for a chef because you’ll have to put your creativity in designing the menu, its visual appearance and much more. There are certain techniques, skills and nuances that can make your dishes look and taste more impressive. It’s important for you to be creative enough to learn them quickly and give it your own identity.
Additionally, a chef must be someone who is always willing to try something new. Creativity inspires a dish’s taste and presentation, which is important to the overall dining experience.

5. The Ability to Multitask
As a chef, you’ll be facing a new challenge every day! Multitasking is the most helpful asset that a chef can possess.

The fun in being a chef most often lies in the ability to successfully perform multiple things at once. For instance, as a chef, you may be asked to cook vegetables, fry chicken, and grab some ingredients from the fridge, while simultaneously working on the tasks assigned to you just a few minutes ago. As challenging as it sounds, it’s sure to get easy and smooth over time.

Cooking Schools or Institutes in Australia

If you wish to shift from being basic handy in the kitchen to becoming a renowned master of the culinary world, pursuing a Cookery course in Australia will be the best choice for you.

To begin your life as a chef in Australia, you can start by looking up the many reputable schools and institutions where you can study certificate courses and gain degrees in hospitality, cookery and commercial cookery.

Read further to know more!

Le Cordon Bleu
With over 120 years of experience, history, and reputation in the fields of the culinary arts, the hospitality management in Le Cordon Bleu offers vocational and higher education qualifications from Certificate to Master level.

Study programmes at Le Cordon Bleu have been designed with a component of work-based learning, where you can gain real industry experience. The school provides you with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you have gained in the classroom, that will reflect upon your strengths and future career aspirations. Le Cordon Bleu also helps you to start building your industry reputation and professional networks at an early stage.

To know more about courses and scholarships at Le Cordon Bleu, click here.

Box Hill Institute
Box Hill Institute provides a unique focus on industry skills, by training the students and helping them focus on their career-oriented options.

The institute helps students develop their passion for advancing their career, by equipping them with the skills to thrive and advance in the industry.

The Box Hill Institute also has a premier training restaurant named the Fountains Restaurant.

The menu showcases the best of seasonal produce, and the culinary style blends traditional with modern. Tobie Puttock, George Calombaris, Guy Grossi, and Curtis Stone are some of the award-winning chefs from Fountains.

To know more about courses and scholarships at Box Hill Institute, click here.

Canberra Institute of Technology
Canberra Institute of Technology provides a course in Commercial Cookery for International students aspiring to become a chef.

This institute trains students for a world-class commercial kitchen environment. They help students in developing their skills and get ready for a challenging future in the industry.
Furthermore, they also provide students with a cooking and learning experience in both traditional and modern kitchen environments.

With CIT’s Diploma and Advanced Diploma, you can increase your career options by learning high-level business, financial and personnel functions of the hospitality industry.

For more course-related information at CIT, click here.

So, that’s about it!

Now that you have a fair understanding of how to become a chef in Australia, click here and connect with us to know how you can get started! For more updates and information about the cookery courses, talk to our educational experts by clicking here.[:]

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