How to choose the best university in Australia for Singapore students

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[:en]The Australian education system offers international students a variety of options to pursue their higher education.

Australia is one amongst the many beautiful countries that have created a multicultural environment for itself. The sophistication of the Opera, the rich Australian accent, and the gorgeous beaches are some of the classic things about this country.

Australia isn’t only famous for its natural wonders and wildlife, but also comes across as one amongst the most popular destinations for international students. Famous for its current welcoming policies and diverse population, top universities and campuses flow with students from different cultures.

If you wish to pursue your degree in Australia, you should probably start searching for the best Australian universities that you might like to get an admission into. The research should start well ahead of time- a few months before the beginning of your studies, as the application processing will take some time.

Initially, you should have a good idea of what course(s) you would like to study, plus a rough idea of where in Australia you would like to live in. This can also help you narrow down your choices.

You need to consider whether you would like to be in a big city or a smaller town, somewhere near the sea or further inland, etc. Since most universities in the country are situated on the East coast with a total of 21 institutions in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and other towns in Queensland and New South Wales.

We have listed below a couple of things that can be taken into consideration when choosing a university in Australia as an international student.

1. Excellence in Academics/ Areas of Strength:
Once you have decided on the course, the next thing to do is to start looking for the programs at top Universities in Australia for international students.

Be sure of the quality of the courses provided by the institutions. You can particularly look into Universities with an excellent standard of teaching.

You can also look at the Australian university rankings to see which ones score the highest. Whether you want to pursue engineering or art, there is always something for everyone.

Each university excels in particular areas, so choose a university that excels in your field of study.

For instance, choose a university that provides you with access to more specialised opportunities including custom-built facilities, job opportunities in prestigious organisations and field-specific study tours.

2. International student support:
It’s worth investigating how good the course is for international students by checking whether the institution has an International Student Program Director.

Check for orientations in your university, and also for services that are specifically for international students. Make sure that assistance is always available whenever and wherever required.

A good course will provide opportunities to meet Australian students' needs along with social events, by providing an opportunity to get involved in student activities.

3. Funding:
Majority of the Australian universities offer financial aid for international students through their financial aid offices, although on a general basis, there is less financial support available for undergraduate studies than there is for graduate studies.

Ask your institution for information on financial aid when you request for an application form from their admissions office.

To study an undergraduate degree in Australia, tuition fees for a Bachelor’s degree varies between AUD20,000 to AUD45,000 per year and a Master’s and PhD degree may vary between AUD22,000 to AUD50,000 a year.

The best part is, you don’t necessarily have to pay all of this on your own. There are a number of Australian government-funded scholarships and funding opportunities directly from the universities, that can help you to meet the costs.

4. Vocational options:
Majority of the students attend university because they want to develop their chances of gaining quality employment in their chosen field of study.

Hence it is important to note that each university differs to the extent that they incorporate industry in the classroom and prepare students for employment. Universities in Australia even have research and technology parks in which the university-affiliated organisations are based.

Other universities have strong corporate links, which will help the graduate recruitment opportunities, guest lecturers, scholarships, internships, and industry projects.

Universities with TAFE departments provide students with a chance to move from industry-focused VET qualifications into degrees and vice-versa.

Choosing the best universities involves some research and planning. Once you cross this stage, you will have more information and you can stay focused on your studies after you move to Australia.

So, are you ready to walk into the best of the best universities? We bet you are!

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