New Zealand, Why Not?

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[:en]Often when people think of an overseas education, US , UK ,  Australia and Canada come to their minds. But why not New Zealand? Here's some of their well kept secrets that you must know...

What you might not know...
When it comes to choices of universities to New Zealand , there are only 8 to consider; when it comes to quality and consistency, all 8 of them are in most world top 200 universities rankings. Unlike the other 4 destinations, New Zealand don’t mass create universities. The aim is to have each university to cultivate their teaching and research strengths in order to provide the best for their students.

What you should know...
The most popular degree is Business and Commerce.

When it comes to choosing a good business school in terms of brand, employer and teaching’s recognition in the 2 biggest continents - US and Europe, 4 of the 8 New Zealand Universities - University of Auckland, University of Wellington, University of Canterbury and University of Waikato, achieved the renowned Triple Crown status - an international acknowledgement of excellence in business education and that is way beyond the ratio of any the 4 study destinations.

With job demands growing in Malaysia in the next decade, many of the New Zealand universities specialize in these fields of teaching:

  • Health Science
  • Information Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Logistic and Supply Chain Management

The University of Otago is ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world, and has the highest-possible rating of 5 Stars Plus in the QS global university performance ratings.
*QS World University Rankings and QS Stars Rating

Teaching caliber of Cyber Security studies at The University of Waikato is also highly internationally regarded.


Well-known for its capstone program like architectural and landscape architecture programs, Lincoln University owns 10 farms in the South Island of New Zealand. Also, it is the only partner member of the Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) in Oceania.

When you listen to the NZ representatives talk, you know they want you to succeed; not only to succeed well but also to have the most memorable time of your educational journey at their institution. So, it is not surprising that many of its institutional teaching and administration staff don’t job-hop. They are often loyal to their place of work and passionate about what they are doing. With that true dedications in their professions, they are knowledgeable in what they deliver to their students.

What your parents and you must know...
Often, many families and students consider an overseas education an expensive hurdle but in the case of New Zealand, the fees are very reasonable and a wise investment to your future when compared to the other 4 destinations.

Average Tuition Fees

Generous scholarships for international students are available at hand to help. Find out more from us.

General cost of living is in the range of NZ$15,000 to NZ$21,000 per year. As a student, to supplement your income, you are allowed to work 20 hours a week and during holidays, unlimited hours. Yes you read it right!
What you already know... Well, at least some of it...
You probably have watched block buster’s such as Lord of the Rings Trilogy and would agree that the country is truly blessed with unbelievable scenic beauty. Believe me, every corner of New Zealand is picturesque. There is just so much to see and experience there. Did I also mentioned that the air is clean and fresh? And yep, the people aka Kiwis are truly approachable and kind. Not because you are just another international student but they know you have make a big decision to choose their country’s education over others, they want you to know that they appreciate it immensely. And it will definitely show. Side note, I've been working in the education industry for over 30 years now and have yet to hear international students being the target of racial slurs.
Their international office staff are also the most hardworking and genuine people that I know. They don’t oversell their institutions. They do their jobs well because they are proud of their work and wish to share all it has to offer, with you.

Seldom, a place and the people works out well for some educational experience magic. For New Zealand, it is like a calling reaching out to you - New Zealand, you ought to be be there!
So wait no more if you want to take year 2020 and beyond as a new decade for your educational experience! Connect with us and we will take the first step with you here.


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