Singaporean students considered for a possible air travel bubble with Australia

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[:en]Singaporean students could now be prioritized to travel to Australia to pursue or complete their education when the necessary measures for safe travel between the two countries are brought into effect.
In the sixth Singapore-Australia leaders' meeting, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong discussed the two-way travel between the two countries and concluded that travel can resume when both sides are ready. This would include the vaccination rates in both countries. Once the majority of the population in both countries are vaccinated, it will become easier for them to implement the necessary plans.
Mr Morrison addressed the issue of Singaporean students pursuing their higher education in Australia currently unable to engage and participate actively in their studies, particularly those with clinical attachments or postings. He emphasized the urgency for these students to return to Australia and complete their education. 
According to Morrison, Singapore is the first country apart from New Zealand that the country is ready to engage in a travel bubble with. Though the two countries do not have any fixed dates to resume travel as of now, they hope to put the plan into effect at the earliest.
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