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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought a lot of convenience to many industries. When it comes to organizing and manipulating data, processing complex mathematical problems, and executing tasks in the blink of an eye, AI and robotics are the most preferred choice. Looking back at how the world evolves with the existence of AI, from the first robot invented to self-driving cars, this has definitely spurred the need for artificial intelligence courses, thus preparing professionals for a new wave of change brought about by innovations in robotics and artificial intelligence.

As technology continues to transform the jobs market, computer science expertise will be highly sought-after by employers. The University of Adelaide’s Bachelor of Computer Science features artificial intelligence and machine learning courses not available anywhere else in South Australia .

Computer Science at The University of Adelaide, South Australia
The University of Adelaide is a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight research-intensive universities and ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide. The Computer Science degree features artificial intelligence and machine learning courses not available anywhere else in South Australia.

Campus: North Terrace, Adelaide

Duration: 3 years full-time

5 major specialisations to choose from - a great way to pursue a topic of particular interest and further enhance your future career options -

  • Artificial intelligence – learn from academics within the Institute of Machine Learning, driving the 4th industrial revolution. Students learn how to design, develop and analyse software systems to perform tasks requiring human-level intelligence, such as driving cars, robotic vision, machine learning and image recognition.
  • Computer science – this major allows students to undertake a flexible elective program across all areas of computer science
  • Cybersecurity – build skills and awareness of the technologies, processes, and practices that protect networks, data, and software systems from unauthorised attack or access. Students learn from work leading academics in the area of CyberSecurity including the discoverers of Spectre, one of the most significant CyberSecurity developments in the last decade.
  • Data science – students learn how to apply cutting-edge data analysis techniques, such as machine and deep learning to large sets of data, solving problems across health, education, science, engineering and business. The University of Adelaide leads the way in Big Data and Data Science.
  • Distributed systems and networking – build skills in the design, development and analysis of large-scale distributed software systems, including parallel, distributed, mobile and cloud-based environments and building smart cities.

Alternatively, you can also choose a flexible program with a little bit of everything, from gaming and graphics to computer vision and software engineering.

Students who perform well can undertake an additional year of study to obtain an Honours Degree, which can provide access to postgraduate study and a wider range of professional opportunities in the computing industry.

Who are your teachers and mentors?
You will be taught by world-class researchers and teachers within a faculty ranked first in Australia and 43 in the world for Computer Science and Engineering. You will also learn first-hand from industry specialists.

Your career outcomes – where could it take you?
You could design robots or collective virtual reality spaces. You could be a software engineering, or an ethical/white-hat hacker, legally breaking into systems to test their security.

As technology continues to transform the jobs market, computer science expertise will be highly sought-after by employers. Previous graduates have successfully secured roles with world leaders Microsoft, Google and IBM.

In a nutshell…
Computer science and software engineering provide vital platforms for new discoveries in all aspects of modern life – from medicine and wireless communication, to defence and environmental protection. As a University of Adelaide computer science graduate, you will effectively be equipped to program the future …

Whatever you have decided to study – whether computer science or other programmes, we can help you.


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