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The highs and the lows, the ups, the downs, the silent fears and ecstatic victories are what add charm and flavour to life. Having come from Singapore to pursue a Bachelor of Health Sciences, I can confidently say that choosing to study in Australia has been the best decision I have made.

From the moment I chose to leave my family and country thousands of miles behind, to making new friends in a country on the far edge of the map, it’s been an adventure of sorts with a bagful of priceless memories to reminisce upon and numerous stories to tell.

A practiced smile had masked the fears and gloom I hid in my heart as I waved goodbye to my family and friends. I know that this separation of few feet between us from the glass panel at the airport would only grow.  And, there I waited silent and slouched on an economy-class seat, knowing not what lay there before me.

Now when much water has passed under the bridge, I’m sharing my experiences with you all.

Ever since I arrived here, I’ve had to step out from my place of comfort, and crossed over what I had already known and have thought possible. I have taken initiatives to make friends with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. This alone has been an exceptional experience.

Being a health science student at a leading Australia University has been a rollercoaster of experiences. I won’t lie… managing a social life, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, doing assignments, going to lectures, and other community work has been challenging. But, given that all of this is just for four years, I might as well put up with it, right?

Speaking of the course and college, I love all the work that we do. In fact, the course structure and pattern prepares you for the industry.

I really enjoy using the state of the art labs, learning from the qualified academics and meeting highly motivated technicians. They assist you in bringing your imagination to life- literally.

Frankly speaking, time is money, and if the wisest use of it is an investment, it’s equally vital to reassess what we invest our time in. For me, I take pride in investing my time on people, studies and personal development, and that’s why I had choose to study overseas.

I am confident that this will take me to where I want to be someday.

For further information about studying in Australia , you can contact the education consultants at AECC Global who helped me with my application.

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