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[:en]Hello all, I’m Michelle Kim. I want to share with you my study abroad experiences and offer some helpful tips that I learnt during my stay in this beautiful country, New Zealand.

Start with the right advice

Initially I thought that an education consultant or advisor may not be necessary at the start of the application process. However, I decided to seek help from one of the overseas education experts as I wanted to get a real, genuine advice and not some irrelevant fancy promises. My advisor gave me honest evaluations and explained to me the real-life scenario in New Zealand. They maintained open communication and actively listened to all my queries.

Choose the best course and school for you

I understand how difficult it is to pick from the 43 different Universities and many other polytechnics and institutions around the country, as all of them deliver high quality tertiary education. I’ll suggest you start thinking about your professional direction and let that guide you in choosing the right program/course. Make sure that the university or institution you are looking at has a wonderful pastoral care/support service that you can tap into when you need it the most. Otherwise, an education consultant can help you choose the right course and New Zealand University.

Expand Your Network

New Zealand is fast becoming an international and multicultural country where you’ll meet people of different nationalities. It is recommended to take this chance to develop a habit of making friends and learn the most out of them. Despite being a shy person, I have made many friends, and they have been a valuable source of support and inspiration.

Study Well and Travel If You Can

Studying abroad can be quite stressful. What adds to the stress is that the curriculum of overseas education may be different from what you were accustomed to at home. Take it easy and seek help from the school’s tutors and learning advisors. Fortunately, the faculty members here in New Zealand are very friendly and they are willing to help international students like you. Ultimately you have to be realistic and remember that you’re earning your qualification, and you may have to start from the bottom.

Remember to take the opportunity to travel around if you manage to study here. There are many attractions with staggering natural wonders for you to explore and you can even plan a road trip in a car or campervan. Travel if you can! It will ease the longing for home.
So, these are the tips that I found very useful!

If you want more information, you can contact an education consultant at AECC Global .[:]

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