Study Occupational Therapy at The University of Queensland (UQ)?

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Do you know Occupational Therapists help people affected by injury or illness, psychological or emotional difficulties, developmental delays or ageing to overcome barriers that affect their ability to engage in the everyday activities that are meaningful and important to them. Occupational Therapists use a range of treatment strategies such as modifying the task or environment, skill development, and/or education to develop, recover or maintain the daily living and working skills of the people they help.

Occupational therapy services may include:

  • Consultations
  • Customized interventions (skills-based or activity-focused)
  • Home and workplace evaluations
  • Prescription of environment adaptations and assistive devices
  • Family/Caregiver education and training

So, what is the difference between occupational therapy and physiotherapy?  The former focuses on improving a client’s ability to perform activities of daily living and the latter focuses on improving a client’s ability to perform movement of the human body.

What is the day-to-day work like?
On a daily basis, Occupational Therapists complete and maintain necessary records. They evaluate patients’ progress and record the details in reports. One of the main responsibilities as an occupational therapist is to test and evaluate patients’ physical and mental abilities and analyse medical data to determine realistic rehabilitation goals for patients. Some may also select activities that will help individuals learn work and life-management skills within limits of their mental or physical capabilities. In a normal work day, another thing that Occupational Therapists do is they plan, organize, and conduct occupational therapy programs in hospital, institutional, or community settings to help rehabilitate those impaired because of illness, injury or psychological or developmental problems. In addition to that, they recommend changes in patients’ work or living environments, consistent with their needs and capabilities.

Why UQ?
Located in Brisbane, The University of Queensland (UQ), is known for its combination of inspirational learning, teaching and research. Thus, the 4 years Bachelor of Occupational Therapy program and the 2.5 years Master of Occupational Therapy Studies program allow students to be involved in theory and approximately 1000 hours of clinical practises so that students can find relevancy through their coursework to develop their real-life skills while working with the industry experts.

Quality Education
The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and Master of Occupational Therapy in UQ are accredited by Occupational Therapy Council, World Federation of Occupational Therapy and a registrable qualification with Allied Health Professions Council in Singapore. It is no wonder UQ is one of the most popular choices for Singaporeans.

UQ does offer a series of scholarships and international students are eligible to apply for a few scholarships and prizes. These may be offered by the University, Australian Government, foreign governments or private organisations. Take some time to research at UQ scholarship website to find out which will be more suitable for you before applying.

Some advice from the final year students;


"From an early age, I have always wanted to be in a profession which benefits others, and I could not think of anything more rewarding than improving someone's independence. Since studying Occupational Therapy at UQ, I have discovered that there are many different areas which you can specialise in, which I was lucky enough to experience on placement. I now have secured a graduate position at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and can honestly say I love going to work."
Roxanne, UQ Occupational Therapy graduate.

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