The Only Guide You Need to Apply for UK Clearing 2021

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[:en]Despite the pandemic coming after us in waves, the world is moving forward in every aspect. With vaccination rates increasing at a steady pace across the globe, countries are now relaxing their borders and travel rules, businesses are returning to normal and the unusual routine of life is now becoming a thing of the past and we can hopefully go back to the old normal sooner than we know. 
Slowly, yet surely, everything is falling into place, and the higher education sector certainly isn’t holding back anymore either. Yes, you read that right. International students can soon see the light!

Start Planning for Your Study Abroad Journey to the UK

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Countries with a strong international student population understand the importance of reopening the borders for the students to return to their campuses. That is why many countries and universities are now proactively taking measures to support international students. If you are someone who is waiting to resume your study abroad plans in the UK, the time is perfect for you to put your plans into action.

Why Choose United Kingdom?

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The first reason is that the UK is one of the countries that is in talks of reopening its borders for international students. The universities in the UK are also taking the necessary measures to make face-to-face classes possible again with a COVID-19 readiness plan. What better reason for an international student in the midst of a pandemic, right? 
Plus, universities in the UK are globally recognized for providing high-quality education, intensive research and. The universities have an excellent reputation for courses such as STEM, Law, Accounting, Medicine and Architecture.
Generally, the common intake for the UK happens in September. The UK also has a standardised portal called UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admission Service). Through this, you have the opportunity to choose and apply to your top 5 preferred universities.
However, if you plan to apply during the clearing month that begins after 30th June,  you don’t necessarily have to apply through the UCAS portal. You can apply directly to the university. This also increases your chances of receiving an offer from the university quickly. 

You can apply during the Clearing month only if:

  • If you don’t receive any university offer after 30th June
  • If you have scored an inadequate grade and do not meet the university requirements.
  • Apply to the university after 30th June

PS:I f you have received a university offer and decided to change your plans after the 30th, you must reject the offer to be able to enter the clearing stage. 

Here’s what you should know about applying to Study in the UK 2021 through Clearing

  • International students can now apply after 30th June starting from 5th July to 19th October. 
  • If you currently do not hold an offer from any universities or colleges and your desired course still has seats, you can apply for the course using Clearing. 

How to Apply and What to Be Aware of?

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If you initially applied through UCAS and did not receive any offer, we suggest that you contact the preferred universities directly through email or contact them about the course availability, eligibility, and qualification. 
Each university has a quota for every course. Hence, you must make sure that there are enough seats available well in advance. The universities will respond to you at the earliest through email or call if they can provide you with an offer, based on the situation.
A few things to keep in mind

  • In case of a last-minute enrolment, the applicant might not be accepted into their preferred university.
  • For A-level students, the result comes out in August. Therefore, they will have to use their forecast result to apply in advance, which is before the 30th of June.
  • If the actual result does not meet the university requirements, the students won’t receive an offer. In this case, students would have to enter the clearing stage.
  • For courses like Dentistry, Medicine or Veterinary, students must apply a year before (by the 15th of October 2020 at 18:00 UK Time).

AECC is Your Guide!

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The clock is tikkity tok! Well looks like it’s high time you started taking the necessary steps to apply to your desired university in the UK. Make sure to learn in detail about the educational institutions, the various courses they offer, financial aids and more. Now if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and lost with this process, it’s completely alright.

Contact us and we’ll guide you throughout the whole UK CLEARING 2021 process!


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