Top 3 study abroad intakes in US, UK & Canada

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Is studying abroad at the top of your bucket list? Then you must have decided on your study destination, and probably your university too! But, before all that, it is essential to know when the study abroad intakes are. Universities abroad provide three intakes: fall, winter, and spring/summer, and you can choose your preferred intake according to your convenience and course. Once you get a clear-cut idea of the study abroad intakes, it will be of great help to you as you will have a better idea to prepare yourself for your university admissions.

1. Fall Intake (Sept - Nov)

The study abroad fall intake begins in the month of September and ends in November. Not only do the leaves change colour and the weather cools down, but many universities also start their academic year during this fall intake.

  • Fall is a great time to study abroad because you can take advantage of unique courses that are only available during this season.
  • Also, in the study abroad fall intake, scholarships offered by universities are comparatively higher than they are during other intakes.

This intake is most popular among international students so the competition level is higher; in fact, study abroad fall intake is available in all universities and countries.

2. Winter Intake (Dec - Feb)

The winter intake commences in the month of December and ends in the month of February. If you missed the fall intake, this winter intake is the perfect chance to pursue your study abroad and apply to universities.

  • It is not just considered as a secondary alternative, but winter intake is also one of the most popular and top study abroad intakes among students.
  • The competition level in winter intake is comparatively less since most of the students would have applied to universities by Fall intake.
  • The winter intake might not be applicable for a few universities and a few courses. Before planning for winter intake, it's better you check whether it is the right fit for you.

3. Summer/Spring Intake (June - Aug) 

The study abroad summer intake commences in the month of June and ends in the month of August. The study abroad summer intake is less popular among students because it is not as widely available at universities across various study destinations.

  • The competition level for summer intake is quite low, so if you apply to universities that offer summer intakes, you will almost certainly get accepted.
  • The only drawback of study abroad summer intake is that it is not widely available in universities and leaving students with fewer possibilities.
Fall IntakeOnly applicable to US, UK, and CanadaSep, Oct, NovPopular intake and most preferred by international students.High-level
Winter IntakeOnly applicable to US, UK, and CanadaDec, Jan, FebSecondary intake.Medium level
Summer/ Spring IntakeOnly applicable to US, UK, CanadaJun - AugVery few universities offer this intake.Low level

Most Popular Countries and Their Intakes

Now that you have an understanding of top study abroad intakes and their differences, it is also ideal to know about the top study abroad intakes in popular study destinations. Have a look into it and choose your ideal intake accordingly.

1. The United States of America

2. The United Kingdom

3. Canada

Intakes in USA

In the United States, the top study abroad intakes are fall and winter intake. The US is an ideal study destination for many international students who are aspiring to study abroad. The majority of colleges in the US are highly ranked and provide a diverse choice of courses.

Fall Intake - September to December

Winter Intake - January to May

Summer/Spring Intake - May to August

Intakes in UK

University applications will be in high demand for the fall intake in the UK. The UK is home to some of the world's best universities and is a popular destination for students looking to further their education. It offers unique courses along with the best internships.

Fall Intake - September to December

Winter Intake - January to April

Summer/ Spring Intake - May to August

Intakes in Canada

Another popular study abroad destination for international students is Canada. The university admissions fill up quickly for the fall intake. Many students prefer to apply for the fall intake because it is the most popular time to study abroad. The winter intake is also a popular time to study in Canada, but it is not as highly sought after as the fall intake.

Fall Intake - September to January

Winter Intake - January to May

Summer/ Spring Intake - May to August

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