Top 7 highest paying jobs in Australia

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[:en]Are you about to start your study in Australia ? Then this is something you must not miss.

Studying overseas is a dream of many, however it is costly too. With your student visa, you can earn some pocket money by working up to 20 hours weekly while studying and this also means you can get a glimpse of the Aussie working lifestyle. During your semester breaks, you can work for unrestricted hours. Depending on the locations, the job nature and your working experience, a student can earn between AUD15 to AUD19 per hour where you get paid weekly or fortnightly based on the discussion between your employer and you. Not bad right?

It is mandatory for every student with a part-time job to file a tax return. All employers will deduct tax on your behalf (through your salary). Prior to the pay, the employer usually deducts PAYG tax or Pay As You Go tax which is directly deposited with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

If the total amount received within the financial year is below $18,200, the student is eligible to get a complete tax rebate. Otherwise, any work-related expenses such as travel, uniforms, laptops, etc. are eligible to tax deductions.

Filing your tax returns can be done online directly through the ATO website or by paper. Prior to filing your tax returns, your employer will provide a tax slip which would cover your total income, bonuses, superannuation and tax paid as PAYG.

Read on while I share the top high paying part time jobs in Australia.

Work-on Campus
This will be the most convenient way of earning as students can devote their after-class hours to working in the university’s premises.  There are many options of places to choose from – administrative offices, restaurants, stores, libraries etc. The salaries vary from AUD16 to AUD25 an hour depending on the job scopes.

This will be best for those with strong English foundation as it is the International language. If teaching and mentoring is your passion, this will be one of the highest paid part time job ranging from AUD20 to AUD30 per hour, based on your experience and you get in person or through online platform.

Administrative Assistant / Receptionist
This will require a certain level of multi-tasking and coordination skills. Students will definitely get a hang on the corporate working life and build the network which will be essential if you’re thinking of staying after studies. You can earn an average of AUD18 an hour for this role.

Retail Assistant
Popular option for most students this is but not everyone is a customer-service oriented one. Most suited for students who love to interact and communicate. This will fetch you an average income ranging from AUD15 to AUD 25 per hour, depending on the locations and personal experience.

Waiter / Service Crew
Another popular option for students in search of a part time jobs, however this will involve a fair bit of communications when comes to taking orders and serving meals. Salaries are usually at AUD20 an hour, sometimes you will receive tips too!

Mail carrier
If you have a driving licence and enjoy driving, then you can put it to good use. Of course, you will need to have a good sense of direction, at the very least, with the help of google map. All you need is 20 hours work weekly, and earn an average of AUD19 an hour or more.

This is largely on teamwork basis, where one gets to learn about organising and conducting in-house farming operations. If you are studying in this field, then this might be a great opportunity for some hands-on and still being paid for an average of AUD20 or more an hour.

While having an additional source of income may be necessary, do bear in mind to also prioritise your time because academics will still remain as your first priority. Of course, do find something which you will really enjoy. Time ticks and you wouldn’t want to land up in a job where you grump and frown. Understand yourself and your strengths to rake in some moolah.

Studying overseas can be as easy if you plan! Still need more information or have enquiries, we are just a click or call away. Contact us!

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