Top 8 Reasons why you should study overseas

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[:en]Studying overseas is one the many dreams for most I believe. If you don't want to study in local for some reasons, I guess another alternative most would turn to will be seeking for a study destination overseas. Studying overseas is definitely a huge step and one of the life-changing decisions that one can make.

Apart from the emotional rides that you will go through when thinking about leaving your comfort zone, your family and friends and everything else behind, there are yet still many benefits to pursue your studies overseas.

See the world
In the current YOLO society, people just want to see every parts of the world. Even quote has it - ‘To travel is to live.’ By studying overseas, you can be in a country with a student visa for at least 3 to 4 years and explore the different cities or neighbouring countries. Experience the culture and be awed by the new terrains, architectures and natural wonders. Seeing is believing, isn’t it?

Grow in a new culture
Whether it be food, traditions or customs, you might experience the initial culture shock. You will eventually find a way to accept and blend in – it’s all about adapting. Some things will allow you to change your perspectives which will make you grow overnight it seems. You will find yourself growing more independent in every way.

Hone your soft skills
When you are out of your comfort zone, you have to be prepared to do everything yourself. If you are a more reserved individual, when you are overseas, you will need to open up to make friends yourself. That hone your communication skill. If you meet with any obstacles in a foreign land, you are forced to find a solution and make decision on your own. This relates to critical thinking and decision-making skills. You learn best when you are in the situation.

Learn foreign language
While English is an international language, it is no longer cool to know just that. Remember you were so amazed by that one friend who speaks French and you thought how cool was that? Yes, by studying overseas allow you to completely immerse in that new language and the daily speaking is definitely the best way to practise.

Make international friends
This is simply the best way to expand your international network. Long lasting friendships are usually fostered during school days, of course more efforts needed to maintaining it. That will give you more reasons to travel to meet them even after graduation and you can just bunk in at their place. You will just feel better being in a foreign country knowing you have friends there, trust me.

Career opportunities
When many companies are stepping into globalisation, having an overseas study and placement experience will definitely be a bonus when you return to your own country. What your future employers may look for is that new perspective on culture, language skills, a great education and a willingness to learn. To most, soft skills are harder to train compared to hard skills.

Being in a new place by yourself can be quite overwhelming at times, and it challenges your ability to adapt to different situations. This means that you will learn how to be independent and mature over time, eventually to become more confident and grow as a person. You will have many self-discovery moments and that will make you understand more about yourself.

More appreciative of your home and family
You will start thinking of their good and reminisce those moment, even at those arguments. Because you learn to appreciate every little thing when you are abroad, alone.

Why study overseas? The question is rhetorical. This will be the only time when you get to travel the world with no commitments but to study and learn about new cultures. Studying overseas is a life-time experience which you will not regret.


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