What makes University of Western Australia (UWA) different?

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[:en]As WA's only Top 100 University (QS 2019), University of Western Australia helps you figure out your study path. The course structure allows you to personalise your degree and even change your mind along the way. UWA gives you the chance to study across a variety of fields before choosing your majors in 2nd year, allowing you to discover what you really like.

Unique course model
UWA took up an innovative curriculum in 2012 to respond to changing times ahead and better prepare the graduates for the future of work and long-term employability. The course model creates professionals who are better prepared for changes within the workforce because of their breadth of knowledge and skills, as well as the industry connections they have made along the way. UWA has established strong partnerships with industries, offering students valuable professional opportunities before and after they graduate.

  • Globally recognised – UWA is a member of the Group of Eight and the Matariki Network of high-quality, research-intensive Universities with a focus on student experience.
  • Adaptable to change – Don't have a clear direction yet or worried you may change your mind? At UWA, you can choose to study subjects you're most passionate about and explore other areas at the same time. The best part of this approach is that figuring out what to pursue won't cost you any extra money or take you longer to complete your degree.
  • Breadth – Study a broader selection of subjects so you can personalise your undergraduate degree to suit you. When you're ready, you can achieve a deeper understanding in your subject and master your skills and experience to become a well-rounded, skilled professional at postgraduate level.
  • Qualification – The course model means you can study one or two majors in just three years and receive the same level of qualification as a double degree. If you decide to specialise further with a postgraduate degree, you will receive a higher qualification than a double degree. In some cases, you may even complete your qualifications faster.

Your Degree, Your Way – Future Framework
You can choose to complete one or two majors for some of the degrees. Your 1st major is a specialty area for when you know what career you are after or if you want an in-depth understanding of a particular topic.

Your second major allows you to pursue another interest and can be anything you like. You can choose a subject that complements your 1st major or something completely different, such as a language or music. Maybe you are passionate about sport science but really enjoy history? At UWA, you can try both.

However, there are exceptions to that. For example, Psychology is one of which considered a double major although it is really only one major, so, students do not have a choice to take another major with it. You can always find out from our education counsellors if the course you are interested in falls into which.

There are four types of units which make up your degree: core, broadening, complementary and elective. A unit is a subject you study for one semester.

Core Units
A core unit is one that must be taken to complete your chosen major. Some majors have set core units while others allow you to choose from a list of core unit options.

Broadening Units
These add a valuable dimension to your studies and provide you with knowledge beyond fields in which you choose to specialise. Undertaking broadening units is a requirement of the University’s undergraduate degree course structure.

Broadening units fall into two categories – A and B. Students are required to take four broadening units of which at least one must be in Category A (up to two Category A broadening units may be undertaken from within the knowledge area of your degree-specific major) and at least 2 broadening units (Category A or B) must be undertaken from outside the knowledge area of your degree-specific major.

Complementary Units
These units go hand-in-hand with your majors and are designed to give you extra knowledge to help you complete your major.

Elective Units
Also known as ‘free choice’ units, these give you a great opportunity to explore other areas of interest and expand our knowledge.

UWA offers several undergraduate degree scholarships to encourage international students to achieve excellence in their studies and to support them financially. International students can apply for financial support in their local country through sponsorship programs and in some countries, with the Australian Government Australia Awards programs.

Students’ experiences;

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