What’s the Covid-19 Vaccination Status in the UK?

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[:en]In the UK, around 32 million people have been vaccinated with at least the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine and over 8 million have already received their second dose. Currently, over 355,000-second doses are being administered every day.
The first session of the vaccine programme caters especially to people above the age of 45 and those under the high-risk categories as they account for around 99% of Covid-19 deaths so far. By the end of July, the government is planning to vaccinate the rest of the adult population, which will amount to over 21 million people.
Following is the percentage of people aged 50 and above who have already taken the first dose of the vaccine around the UK:
Scotland: 94
South West: 97%
England: 94%
Northern London: 88%
London: 86%
North East and Yorkshire: 95%
The vaccination process will be executed in age order till all people above the age of 20 receive their first dose.
Percentage of people aged 18 and above who have received their first dose:
England - 61%
Scotland - 59%
Northern Ireland - 55%
Wales - 60%
In Europe, the UK is the first country to effectively control the spread of the virus through vaccination. At present, the UK is a comparatively safer study abroad destination for people looking to apply to universities abroad. 

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