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Learn everything you need to know about Study Abroad Scholarships
and get end to end expert guidance from us.

Scholarships in USA

Learn everything you need to know about Scholarships in USA and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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    Study Abroad Scholarships

    The aspiration for a scholarship to study abroad is no longer limited to the realm of imagination; it has transformed into an attainable reality for Singaporean students. The array of available scholarships for Singapore students has broadened their horizons, allowing these individuals to manifest their educational dreams. It aims to illuminate the pathway toward securing a scholarship to study abroad, meticulously unravelling the procedural complexities and eligibility criteria involved. Furthermore, it delves into the extensive spectrum of scholarships accessible across renowned global destinations. As Singaporean students envision pursuing education abroad, this comprehensive guide navigates them through the intricate scholarship application process, empowering them to seize opportunities that foster both personal and academic growth on an international stage.


    How to get scholarships to study abroad

    Obtaining an
    international scholarship for Singapore students to study abroad might seem overwhelming, but a methodical approach and unwavering perseverance can simplify the process. Follow this step-by-step guide to navigate in the right direction:


    • Conduct thorough research on globally available scholarships.
    • Identify universities that align with your academic pursuits.
    • Grasp the specific eligibility criteria for each scholarship.
    • Develop a scholarship calendar, marking crucial deadlines.
    • Initiate early preparations for requisite standardised tests.
    • Craft a compelling personal statement or essay.
    • Gather impactful letters of recommendation.
    • Fine-tune and update your resume or CV.
    • Confirm compliance with language proficiency prerequisites.
    • Assemble and authenticate personal and academic documents.
    • Stay vigilant for scholarship updates or modifications.
    • Lastly, submit your application and await the final outcome.

    With determination, meticulous planning, and this comprehensive guide, pursuing a scholarship to study abroad becomes an achievable reality for ambitious Singaporean students.


    Eligibility & requirements for international scholarships

    Within the expansive realm of global scholarships lies a wealth of prospects waiting to be embraced by aspiring students seeking a
    scholarship to study abroad. However, to unlock these opportunities and learn how to apply for scholarships, prospective scholars must align with certain prerequisites. Below, we delve into the pivotal facets that intricately shape eligibility criteria, specifically addressing fully funded scholarships for Singapore students:

    • Academic Brilliance: A trail of stellar grades and notable academic accomplishments acts as a cornerstone for study abroad scholarships for Singapore students, reflecting dedication to scholastic excellence.
    • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the language of instruction is paramount. Demonstrating this proficiency through standardised language tests substantiates readiness for a foreign academic journey and fully funded scholarship opportunities.
    • Acceptance by a Recognized University: An acceptance letter from a recognised institution often stands as a crucial prerequisite for international scholarships for Singapore students, signalling a commitment to furthering education in a respected academic environment.
    • Field and Level of Study: Certain scholarships cater to specific fields of study or academic levels, a significant consideration when seeking a scholarship for study abroad.
    • Demonstrated Financial Need: Showcasing genuine financial need can play a pivotal role in distinguishing deserving candidates and facilitating access to fully funded scholarships for Singapore students.
    • Personal Statement: Crafted aspirations, motivations, and unique perspectives come to life through a well-structured personal statement, providing selection committees insights into the depth of ambitions for international scholarships for Singapore students.
    • Letters of Recommendation: Attestations from educators or professionals who have observed potential add layers of credibility to applications, validating suitability for international scholarships for Singapore students.
    • Holistic Growth through Extracurricular Activities: Beyond academic feats, involvement in extracurricular pursuits showcases well-rounded development and potential to contribute to diverse academic communities, strengthening applications for study abroad scholarships for Singapore students.

    Navigating the realm of international scholarships requires aligning with these multifaceted criteria, particularly for fully funded scholarship opportunities. As you embark on this journey and seek study abroad scholarships for Singapore students, remember that each facet is a stepping stone toward transforming academic aspirations into reality on a global stage.


    Government-funded USA Scholarships for International Students

    When considering
    Scholarships to Study in the USA for Singaporean students, one cannot overlook the array of government-funded USA scholarships that open pathways to quality education. These opportunities extend not only to American citizens but also to international students, including those from Singapore. These scholarships play a crucial role in making the dream of studying in the USA a reality for ambitious individuals. In this context, let's delve into the realm of government-sponsored USA scholarships and their significance for Singaporean students aspiring to embark on a transformative academic journey in the United States.

    Name of the scholarship


    Average scholarship amount (in USD) (approx.)

    Fulbright Program

    Bachelor's degree holders, varying criteria by country


    Hubert Humphrey Fellowship

    Professionals with 5+ years of experience


    USA Study Abroad Scholarships

    US students for study abroad


    Critical Language Scholarship Program

    US students in higher education

    Covers the entire duration of the program

    Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships

    Citizens of World Bank member countries

    Varies, often full tuition, travel, and stipends


    Types of scholarships to study abroad

    Embarking on a journey to secure an
    international scholarship for Singapore students to study abroad opens doors to a myriad of scholarship opportunities spanning across continents. Within this expansive landscape, a vibrant tapestry of scholarship options caters to an array of needs and disciplines for study abroad scholarships for Singapore:

    • Government Scholarships: Undoubtedly prestigious, these scholarships are often bestowed by foreign governments to foster international collaboration and cross-cultural understanding, providing a platform for exceptional Singaporean students to pursue education in foreign lands.
    • University Scholarships: Educational institutions themselves extend these scholarships to recognise and reward commendable Singaporean students. These direct offerings reflect a commitment to nurturing academic excellence within their own diverse communities.
    • Private Foundations and Organizations: Corporations, philanthropic foundations, and various entities rally behind the cause of education by providing financial support to deserving Singaporean candidates. Their contributions pave the way for students to access educational opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach.
    • International Organizations: Globally recognised bodies such as the United Nations contribute to the educational landscape through specialised programs, cultivating global leaders among Singapore students and promoting sustainable development.
    • Cultural Exchange Programs: In a world that thrives on intercultural connections, these programs facilitate cross-border learning experiences for Singaporean students. By immersing them in foreign cultures, they foster mutual understanding and promote the exchange of ideas.
    • Subject-Specific Scholarships: Aligned with the diversifying academic landscape, these scholarships cater to specific fields of study, nurturing expertise among Singaporean students in particular disciplines.
    • Sports and Arts Scholarships: Acknowledging that talent knows no bounds, these scholarships honour exceptional Singaporean individuals in sports and the arts. Beyond academic prowess, they celebrate extraordinary achievements in these realms.

    As you contemplate your journey to study abroad, remember that this spectrum of scholarship categories offers a wealth of opportunities for Singapore students to achieve their educational aspirations while fostering personal growth and cross-cultural enrichment.


    Scholarships in Australia

    With its diverse landscape and top-ranking universities, Australia is a coveted destination for many Singaporean students seeking a
    scholarship to study abroad. Each scholarship for Singapore students to study abroad in the Land Down Under is a golden opportunity, making dreams come true for those wishing to pursue their education in this beautiful country. Whether you're seeking an undergraduate scholarship for Singapore students, a master's degree scholarship for Singapore students, or any other academic pursuit, Australia's educational excellence, combined with these scholarships, can pave the way for a transformative and enriching learning experience.



    Level of Education

    Australian Government Scholarships

    For international students, particularly those from the Indo-Pacific region.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    University of Sydney International Scholarships

    Offered to commendable international students aiming to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programs

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    Adelaide Global Excellence Scholarship

    For international students with a record of academic excellence.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    Macquarie Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship

    Recognises academic excellence in international students, offering a partial tuition fee scholarship.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

    Awarded to high-achieving international students in undergraduate courses.


    ANU College of Business & Economics International Partnership Scholarship

    Offered to students from partner universities in the Asia Pacific.


    UNSW International Scholarships

    A variety of scholarships for international students of all levels.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD

    Monash International Merit Scholarship

    For commendable international students wishing to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

    Undergraduate and Postgraduate



    Scholarships in Canada

    Canada, renowned for its warm populace and rigorous academic environment, extends a welcoming hand to international students with a wide array of scholarships, including
    full scholarships for Singapore students and fully funded scholarships for Singapore students. These extensive opportunities not only underscore Canada's commitment to education but also make the country an ideal locale for ambitious Singaporean students aspiring to elevate their academic journey. With its rich cultural diversity and world-class institutions, Canada stands as a prime destination where international scholarships pave the way for transformative learning experiences and global perspectives.



    Level of Education

    Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

    For doctoral students globally, it offers significant funding.


    University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

    For all students, especially international ones, at Master's and PhD levels.

    Masters, PhD

    Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

    Provides support for international students pursuing doctoral studies in humanities and social sciences.


    UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award

    Recognises international students demonstrating leadership skills and academic achievement.


    University of Alberta International Scholarships

    Multiple scholarships for international students to study in Alberta.

    Undergraduate, Masters

    Calgary International Entrance Scholarships

    For commendable international students starting their studies at the University of Calgary.


    Ontario Graduate Scholarship

    For graduate students in a wide variety of disciplines.

    Masters, PhD

    Canada Graduate Scholarships

    For high-calibre students engaged in Master's or doctoral programs in Canada.

    Masters, PhD



    Scholarships in the UK

    The UK, renowned for its rich history and unparalleled academic excellence, stands as a beacon of educational opportunity. This dream destination attracts many, including Singaporean students seeking a
    scholarship to study abroad. The country's commitment to fostering global education is evident through a plethora of scholarships, including fully funded scholarships for Singaporean students, undergraduate scholarships for Singaporean students, and master's degree scholarships for Singaporean students. These international scholarships are designed to accommodate diverse academic aspirations and ensure that students from around the world, including Singapore, can partake in the UK's prestigious academic landscape. With its world-class institutions and a tapestry of opportunities, the UK serves as a transformative hub where scholarly dreams evolve into reality.




    Level of Education

    Chevening Scholarships

    UK Government’s global scholarship program for future leaders.


    Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford

    For international students to study at the University of Oxford.


    Gates Cambridge Scholarships

    For commendable international students to pursue postgraduate studies at the University of Cambridge.


    Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

    Offered to research students irrespective of their nationality.


    University of Sussex Chancellor's Scholarships

    For international students, based on academic performance and potential.


    Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

    Designed for undergraduate and postgraduate international students.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    University of Westminster Full International Scholarships

    For developing country students to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree.


    Sheffield Hallam University Transform Together Scholarships

    For international and European Union (non-UK) students to study full-time.

    Undergraduate, Postgrad



    Scholarships in the USA

    Boasting a plethora of esteemed institutions, the USA stands tall as a hub for academic excellence and innovation, beckoning students from around the world, including Singapore. The country's commitment to nurturing international talent is palpable through a comprehensive range of scholarships, including
    fully funded scholarships for Singapore students, international scholarships tailored for Singaporean students, and study abroad scholarships for Singapore learners. This diverse spectrum of opportunities spans various disciplines and levels of study, exemplifying the USA's dedication to fostering global education. Whether seeking undergraduate or master's degree scholarships, students from Singapore can find a pathway to realise their academic dreams amidst the dynamic landscape of American education.



    Level of Education

    Fulbright Scholarships

    One of the most renowned scholarships for international students wishing to undertake graduate studies, research, or teaching.


    United World Colleges (UWC) International Youth Scholarships

    For young adults to complete their diplomas.


    Joint Japan World Bank Scholarships

    For students from developing countries to study in select institutions.


    Hubert Humphrey Fellowships

    Non-degree program for experienced professionals.

    Professional Development

    Amherst College Scholarships

    Need-based aid for international students.


    Clark University Scholarships

    Offered to first-year applicants of the undergraduate program.


    Emory University Needs-Based Scholarship Program

    For international students demonstrating financial need.


    Illinois State University International Awards

    For academic achievers, partial tuition fee waivers.




    Scholarships in Singapore

    Singapore, a vibrant confluence of cultures and academic prowess, stands as an ideal destination not only for local students but also for ambitious learners from around the globe. Embracing its role as an international education hub, Singapore offers a myriad of scholarships, including international scholarships that encompass the educational dreams of students worldwide. Among these opportunities, fully funded scholarships for Singapore students, both at the bachelor's and master's levels, take centre stage. These scholarships are a testament to Singapore's commitment to providing quality education to deserving individuals and fostering academic growth and cultural exchange. As Singapore continues to attract global talent, its scholarships create a pathway for students to embark on a transformative journey of learning and exploration.



    Level of Education

    ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship

    Offered to students from ASEAN countries for undergraduate studies.


    SINGA PhD Scholarships

    For international students in the field of Science and Engineering.


    NUS Research Scholarship

    For students wishing to conduct research in varied fields.

    Masters, PhD

    NTU University Engineering Scholarship

    For students aiming to pursue engineering courses at NTU.


    SMU Global Impact Scholarship Award

    Recognises students with a penchant for leadership roles in the global community.


    MOE Tuition Grant Scheme

    For international students to receive a tuition grant in exchange for working in Singapore post-graduation.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    Civil Service Commission (CSC) Scholarships

    For Singaporean citizens and permanent residents to study in top universities.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    INSEAD Nelson Mandela Endowed Scholarship

    For candidates from sub-Saharan Africa to pursue MBA programs.




    Scholarships in New Zealand

    New Zealand, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and world-class educational institutions, presents a realm of scholarship opportunities for international students, including those hailing from Singapore. With a commitment to fostering global education, New Zealand offers a diverse range of scholarships catering to a variety of academic aspirations. Among these opportunities,
    fully funded scholarships for Singapore students pursuing both bachelor's and master's degrees hold a significant place. These scholarships exemplify New Zealand's dedication to providing access to quality education, transcending geographical boundaries. As Singaporean students set their sights on New Zealand's academic landscape, these scholarships become a beacon, guiding them toward a future enriched with knowledge and cultural experiences.



    Level of Education

    New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards

    For students from Southeast Asia.

    Postgraduate, PhD

    University of Auckland International Student Scholarships

    For students enrolling in undergraduate/postgraduate programs.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    Victoria Tongarewa Scholarship

    For international students enrolling in the Victoria University of Wellington.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship

    For commendable international students.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    Lincoln University International Taught Master Merit Scholarships

    For international students showing academic prowess.


    Massey University International Student Study Award

    Financial aid for students demonstrating a commendable academic record.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    Otago International Excellence Scholarships

    For international students showing academic excellence and leadership potential.

    Undergraduate, Postgraduate

    Canterbury International First-Year Scholarships

    For top-performing international students entering their first year of an undergraduate degree program.



    Navigating through the scholarship application process can be daunting, but the rewards are worth the effort. All the scholarships to study abroad mentioned here can help bridge the financial gap and make the dream of studying abroad more accessible for Singaporean students. With meticulous planning, a robust application, and an unwavering spirit, the world can indeed be your oyster!

    From personalised guidance to scholarship recommendations, we're dedicated to helping you achieve your academic dreams. Reach out to AECC today, and make your study abroad journey exceptional!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I get a full scholarship to study abroad?

    By demonstrating academic excellence, leadership, community involvement, and aligning with scholarship criteria, you can secure a full scholarship for international studies.

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