Scholarships in Canada

Learn everything you need to know about Scholarships in Canada
and get end to end expert guidance from us.

Scholarships in Canada

Learn everything you need to know about Scholarships in Canada and get end to end expert guidance from us.

Turn your Study Abroad Dream to Degrees Abroad in Canada


    Scholarships in Canada

    Canada has emerged as a prominent academic sanctuary, captivating global interest due to its prestigious institutions and a wide array of scholarships in Canada. This allure holds especially true for Singaporean students, who are enticed by the idea of pursuing education against the backdrop of breathtaking Canadian landscapes while accessing world-class learning. The purpose of this comprehensive guide is to delve into the myriad of Scholarships in Canada that await Singaporean students in Canada. These avenues encompass a spectrum of opportunities, ranging from government-sponsored initiatives that financially bolster education pursuits to university-specific grants tailored to cater to the needs of international scholars looking for scholarships to study in Canada. By navigating this intricate landscape of scholarships, Singaporean students can pave the way for a remarkable educational journey in Canada.


    Types of Scholarships in Canada

    Canada's commitment to fostering global talent, including
    scholarships in Canada for Singapore students, can be witnessed through its diverse and expansive array of Canadian scholarships, making it an attractive destination for those seeking scholarships to study in Canada. These scholarships primarily fall into distinct categories:

    • Government-funded Scholarships: These scholarships are directly sponsored by the Canadian government, reflecting its commitment to fostering diplomatic relations and facilitating international student exchange programs. Such initiatives underscore Canada's desire to cultivate a rich and diverse academic environment, appealing to Singapore students seeking Scholarships in Canada.
    • Non-government funded Scholarships: Beyond government initiatives, a multitude of private institutions, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and community groups contribute to the scholarship landscape. These entities recognise the value of education in creating global citizens and extend their support to students from around the world, including those looking for Scholarships in Canada.
    • University-funded Scholarships: Universities in Canada offer a range of scholarships, often tailored to specific criteria. These may include merit-based awards for exceptional academic achievements, need-based scholarships to alleviate financial pressures, or department-specific scholarships that promote excellence in specific fields of study. These options enhance the allure of Scholarships in Canada for Singapore students pursuing scholarships in Canada.

    While each scholarship category boasts its distinct eligibility prerequisites and advantages, their collective aim remains consistent: to alleviate financial barriers and enhance accessibility to Canadian education, thus reinforcing Canada's reputation as a prime destination for those seeking Canadian scholarships or scholarships to study in Canada. Through these various avenues of support, Canada is resolute in its commitment to making quality education attainable for talented individuals worldwide, including Singapore students.

    Which Are the Popular Scholarships to Study in Canada for Singaporean Students?

    The journey from Singapore to Canada, offering abundant
    scholarships to study in Canada, unfolds a world of educational possibilities across continents. Among these promising avenues, several coveted scholarships for Singaporean students to study in Canada have emerged as beacons of opportunity. These scholarships, tailored to cater to the aspirations of Singapore students, hold the potential to turn dreams into reality while facilitating the pursuit of academic excellence in Canada:

    • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship: This esteemed scholarship stands as a prime example of Canadian scholarships, inviting exceptional Singaporean students to study in Canada. Focusing not only on academic prowess but also on leadership and community engagement, it provides the necessary financial support while nurturing well-rounded individuals committed to making a positive impact on both local and global scales.
    • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships: Designed for advanced studies, this scholarship extends its invitation to Singaporean postgraduate students who aspire to further their education in Canada. Embracing a wide array of research fields, it empowers scholars to contribute groundbreaking insights to their chosen disciplines while pursuing their academic journey in Canada.
    • Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation Scholarship: Representing the pinnacle of scholarly achievement, this scholarship presents extraordinary opportunities for Singaporean students to pursue postgraduate studies in Canada. Recognising academic brilliance, leadership, and a fervent desire to create a better world, it opens doors to a transformative educational experience in Canada.

    These scholarships for Singapore students to study in Canada cater to diverse academic aspirations and needs, making the prospect of studying in Canada an exciting reality. By alleviating financial burdens and fostering academic growth, these scholarships in Canada not only support the educational journey but also ignite a passion for excellence among Singaporean students who aspire to study in Canada.


    Government-Funded Scholarships in Canada for Singaporean Students

    Gaining insight into the realm of government-backed
    Scholarships in Canada is of paramount importance for prospective international students. Recognising the significance of these opportunities, presented below is an intricate table that offers a comprehensive overview of noteworthy government-funded Scholarships in Canada for Singaporean students:

    Name of the Scholarship


    Average Scholarship Amount (in CAD)

    Canada Graduate Scholarships

    Master’s program candidates

    Up to $17,500

    Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

    PhD candidates at Canadian institutions

    Up to $50,000 yearly

    Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

    Postdoctoral candidates

    $70,000 yearly (for 2 years)


    Canada University Scholarships

    Among the array of Canadian scholarships, university-specific scholarships hold a special appeal for Singapore students seeking scholarships to study in Canada. These scholarships in Canada for Singapore students are precisely designed to align with the unique criteria and offerings of each institution. Tailoring their support to individual aspirations, university scholarships encapsulate the essence of the Scholarships in Canada, amplifying the allure of pursuing higher education in Canada.


    Name of the University

    Name of the Scholarship


    Average Scholarship Amount (in CAD)

    University of Toronto

    Lester B. Pearson Scholarship

    International Students

    Full Tuition

    University of British Columbia

    UBC International Leader of Tomorrow

    Outstanding international students

    Variable, up to full tuition

    McGill University

    McGill Entrance Scholarships

    First-year university students

    Up to $10,000


    Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in Canada

    For aspiring undergraduates, the landscape of
    Canada scholarships offers a plethora of enticing options, making it an attractive destination, especially for Singapore students seeking scholarships in Canada. These scholarships, designed to facilitate educational pursuits and foster global talent, illuminate the path to academic excellence in Canada. Among the array of opportunities, several prominent options stand out:

    • University of Waterloo International Master’s and Doctoral Student Awards: This esteemed scholarship resonates with academic excellence, inviting and supporting international undergraduates, including those from Singapore, in their educational journey. The University of Waterloo's commitment to quality education shines through this scholarship, making it an appealing choice for those seeking scholarships to study in Canada.
    • Queen’s University International Scholarships: Queen's University stands as a beacon for exceptional minds worldwide, offering a range of Canadian scholarships tailored to international undergraduates. These scholarships not only provide financial support but also reflect Canada's commitment to global diversity and knowledge sharing.
    • University of Calgary International Scholarships: The University of Calgary embraces a holistic approach to scholarships, recognising not only academic prowess but also leadership qualities and community engagement. This approach resonates with the ethos of Canada scholarships, fostering well-rounded individuals ready to impact the world.

    In essence, these undergraduate scholarships to study in Canada embody the nation's dedication to fostering global talent and nurturing a diverse, inclusive, and intellectually vibrant educational landscape. They provide a platform for students, particularly Singapore students seeking scholarships in Canada, to access world-class education while immersing themselves in Canada's rich cultural tapestry.


    Master’s Scholarships to Study in Canada

    For those with a zeal for postgraduate studies, Canada offers an array of enticing master's scholarships, making it an ideal study destination for Singapore students seeking scholarships in Canada. Aspiring scholars from Singapore can embark on a journey of academic growth and personal enrichment, with several standout options tailored for them to study in Canada:

    • Ontario Trillium Scholarship: This prestigious scholarship stands as a testament to Ontario's commitment to educational excellence, offering a golden opportunity for Singaporean students to study in Canada. Welcoming international postgraduate enthusiasts it not only provides substantial financial support but also fosters an academic environment that encourages innovation and collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds.
    • McGill University Scholarships and Student Aid: McGill University, renowned for its academic prowess, extends a warm invitation to postgraduate students, including those from Singapore. Its scholarship offerings exemplify Canada's dedication to creating a global educational hub. These scholarships not only provide financial assistance but also enable Singaporean students to immerse themselves in a transformative learning experience while pursuing their academic aspirations in Canada.
    • University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships: The University of Manitoba's graduate fellowships, designed to promote research and academic excellence, provide a compelling opportunity for Singapore students to study in Canada. These fellowships not only alleviate financial burdens but also offer a platform for Singaporean students to engage in cutting-edge research and innovation, contributing to both Canada's academic landscape and their own personal growth.

    In essence, these master's scholarships to study in Canada embody the nation's ethos of nurturing global talent and advancing education. They empower postgraduate scholars, including those from Singapore, to access world-class education and contribute to Canada's academic tapestry while preparing for impactful careers on the global stage.

    Contact AECC so that our counsellors can help you apply for the scholarships that best suites you based on your academic scores, among other things!

    MBA Scholarships to Study in Canada

    For ambitious MBA aspirants, Canada presents a treasure trove of enticing opportunities through its diverse range of MBA scholarships, making it a prime destination for Singapore students seeking scholarships in Canada. As you contemplate advancing your business acumen and career prospects, Canada's esteemed institutions extend a warm invitation with a collection of notable options tailored for Singapore students to study in Canada:

    • Sauder School of Business Entrance Scholarship: This esteemed scholarship not only stands as a beacon of academic excellence within the dynamic MBA scholarship landscape but also offers a unique appeal for Singaporean students seeking scholarships to study in Canada. The scholarship not only provides crucial financial support but also promises an immersive learning experience at the Sauder School of Business. Renowned for its commitment to innovation and a global perspective, it beckons MBA candidates to embark on a transformative educational journey.
    • Queen's Business School Scholarships: Queen's Business School exemplifies Canada's dedication to fostering business innovation and global collaboration. Its range of scholarships, designed to attract the brightest minds worldwide, including Singapore students, echoes the nation's ethos of excellence. These scholarships recognise not only academic prowess but also leadership potential, creating an ideal environment for students to excel and contribute meaningfully to the business community.
    • Ivey Business School Financial Aid: The Ivey Business School's commitment to nurturing visionary leaders is evident in its financial aid offerings for MBA students. Particularly appealing for Singapore students seeking scholarships in Canada, these scholarships align with Canada's reputation as an education hub that transcends borders. By providing vital financial support, Ivey Business School empowers MBA aspirants to embark on their educational journeys with a focus on making transformative contributions to the global business landscape.

    PhD Scholarships in Canada

    For those who possess an unwavering passion for groundbreaking research, Canada's spectrum of PhD scholarships presents a compelling pathway towards realising lofty academic ambitions. As you venture into the realm of advanced education, several distinguished opportunities, tailored as scholarships in Canada for Singapore students, rise to prominence:

    • University of Alberta Doctoral Scholarship: This esteemed scholarship stands as a testament to Canada's dedication to fostering research excellence on a global scale. It extends a heartfelt invitation to doctoral candidates, including Singapore students, offering not only crucial financial support but also a gateway to cutting-edge research facilities and a dynamic scholarly community. The University of Alberta's unwavering commitment to innovation and advanced learning resonates powerfully through this scholarship, making it an irresistible choice for those aspiring to pursue PhD studies in Canada.
    • Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships: Reflecting Canada's ethos of nurturing visionary thinkers and leaders, these scholarships encompass multidisciplinary research and leadership potential. This opportunity holds particular appeal for Singapore students seeking scholarships to study in Canada, inviting them to delve into research aligned with the foundation's focus areas. By providing substantial financial support, these scholarships enable candidates to contribute to social change and innovation while elevating their own academic journey.
    • Dalhousie University Scholarships: Dalhousie University's array of scholarships resonates with Canada's dedication to research-driven education. As Singapore students seek scholarships in Canada to pursue their PhD aspirations, they can access a range of opportunities tailored to their specific fields of study. In doing so, they become part of Canada's legacy of academic excellence and innovation.

    Eligibility Requirements for Scholarships in Canada for Singaporean Students

    A mosaic of cultural vibrancy and cutting-edge research, Canada stands tall as a beacon for global education. For the enterprising Singaporean student, this North American expanse offers promising academic horizons. However, scholarships to this land do come woven with stipulations. Let's dissect them, ensuring every thread of information is high in accuracy.

    Table 1: Primary Eligibility Factors




    Only Singaporean nationals can tread this path.

    Academic Excellence

    Aspire for a GPA of 3.5 or its equivalent, a testament to your dedication.

    Proficiency in English

    Score at least 6.5 in IELTS or 92 in TOEFL iBT. Some scholarships might demand higher benchmarks.

    Discipline of Study

    There exist scholarships laser-focused on certain disciplines. Affirm alignment with your scholastic goals.

    Age Parameters

    Age-centric scholarships do exist. Always dive deep into the specifics.

    Table 2: Additional Requirements



    Letters of Endorsement

    An eloquent nod from previous educators or mentors is often pivotal.

    Personal Manifesto:

    A tapestry of your goals, motivations, and the rationale behind your Canadian dream.

    Financial Statements

    For scholarships gauging financial need, ready your relevant financial documents.


    How to Apply for Scholarships to Study in Canada?

    When it comes to pursuing a Scholarship to Study in Canada, there is a certain way that each student should go about the process. This means taking into account their own academic and extracurricular accomplishments to know which scholarships they are eligible for. To help streamline this search, Singaporean students can take advantage of resources such as online databases and qualified study abroad consultants. Doing so will ensure they suitably capitalise on the scholarship opportunities available in Canada.

    Embarking on your scholarship application journey:

    • Research Thoroughly: Find out which Scholarships to Study in Canada you're eligible for.
    • Documentation: This includes academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and purpose statements.
    • Application Process: Online submissions are prevalent. Adherence to deadlines is crucial.
    • Fees: Some scholarships necessitate application fees. It's pivotal to ascertain this beforehand.


    Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted for Canada Scholarships

    When embarking on the journey of securing scholarships in Canada for Singapore students to study in Canada, it's important to adopt a comprehensive approach that transcends academic achievements alone. To maximise your chances of success and stand out in the competitive landscape of Canadian scholarships, consider these key strategies:

    • Academic Excellence: Establishing a strong academic track record is the cornerstone of scholarship attainment. Consistent high grades and standardised test scores showcase your commitment to education and make you an appealing candidate for various scholarships in Canada.
    • Extracurricular Engagement: Engaging proactively in extracurricular activities demonstrates a multifaceted personality that resonates with Canadian scholarships. Join clubs, organisations, and community service projects that highlight leadership, initiative, and a passion for making a difference beyond academics.
    • Leadership and Initiative: Scholarships in Canada place a premium on leadership qualities and proactive engagement. Assume leadership roles in clubs, volunteer efforts, or research projects to exhibit your ability to lead, inspire, and create a positive impact within your academic and local communities.
    • Genuine Passion: Align your application with your genuine passion for your chosen field of study. Articulate how the scholarship aligns with your academic and personal aspirations. Demonstrating a deep understanding of the scholarship's objectives reflects authenticity and enhances your application's appeal.
    • Tailored Applications: Recognize the unique characteristics of each Canada scholarship and tailor your application to harmonise with its ethos. Research the scholarship's history, values, and selection criteria. Your customised approach demonstrates your earnest interest and suitability.
    • Compelling Essay: If the scholarship necessitates an essay or personal statement, invest time in crafting a compelling narrative. Communicate your motivations, future goals, and the transformative impact your studies could have. A well-structured essay can leave an indelible impression on scholarship committees.
    • Strategic Recommendations: Thoughtful recommendation letters from mentors, educators, or supervisors can offer valuable insights into your character, abilities, and potential. Select recommenders who can effectively convey your academic excellence, leadership, and suitability for the scholarship.
    • Early Preparation: Begin your scholarship pursuit early, allowing ample time for thorough research and meticulous application crafting. Being organised and starting ahead of deadlines ensures that you submit applications that reflect your best self.
    • Polish and Proofread: Prior to submission, meticulously review your application for coherence, accuracy, and clarity. A polished application demonstrates your professionalism and dedication to securing scholarships to study in Canada.
    • Guidance and Support: Seek guidance from mentors, educators, or advisors who can provide invaluable insights during the application process. Their guidance can refine your application, boosting your chances of success in the realm of Canadian scholarships.

    With ample research and a dash of perseverance, Scholarships in Canada for Singapore Students become more than just a dream. They're a tangible reality, a stepping stone to academic and professional success in the heart of North America.

    Dive deep, research well, and remember, experts like AECC are always there to guide you.

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