Scholarships in New Zealand

Learn everything you need to know about Scholarships in New Zealand
and get end to end expert guidance from us.

Scholarships in New Zealand

Learn everything you need to know about Scholarships in New Zealand and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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    Scholarships in New Zealand

    The allure of studying in New Zealand resonates with countless international students every year, and for Singaporeans, the journey becomes smoother with the diverse scholarships on offer. Navigating the beautiful landscapes of both academics and nature, scholarships in New Zealand pave the way for academic excellence and unforgettable experiences. Let’s explore the various opportunities awaiting Singapore students in this vibrant nation.


    Types of Scholarships in New Zealand

    New Zealand is a treasure trove of scholarship opportunities for determined students:

    • Government-funded Scholarships: Backed by the New Zealand government, these scholarships primarily focus on promoting international education and are often based on academic merit.
    • Non-government funded Scholarships: Numerous private organisations, charities, and institutions offer scholarships based on merit, need, or specific criteria that align with their mission or vision.
    • University-funded Scholarships: Offered by universities to attract international talent. These scholarships can vary from partial tuition fee waivers to full scholarships covering living costs.

    Which Are the Popular Scholarships for Singapore Students to Study in New Zealand?

    New Zealand and Singapore share a bond that is further strengthened through educational avenues. Some notable scholarships include:

    • New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards: This award is an initiative to solidify the partnership between New Zealand and the ASEAN countries, including Singapore. Specifically designed for postgraduate students, it aims to support fields of study that can benefit the developmental goals of the recipient's home country. 
    • New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships: As both New Zealand and Singapore are part of the Commonwealth, this scholarship offers postgraduate students from Singapore the chance to pursue their academic dreams in the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand. The scholarship emphasises sustainable development, health, and peace and governance. 
    • ADB Scholarships at the University of Auckland: Funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), this scholarship offers a golden opportunity for Singaporean students to undertake postgraduate studies in economics, business, health, and more at the renowned University of Auckland. The scholarship covers tuition fees, airfare, a living allowance, and health insurance. 

    Government-Funded Scholarships in New Zealand for Singapore Students

    The New Zealand government, recognising the importance of international academic exchange and fostering closer ties with countries like Singapore, offers a range of scholarships. These government-funded scholarships aim to not only support academically deserving students but also nurture future ambassadors of goodwill and collaboration between the two nations. Below, you'll find some of the most notable scholarships provided by the New Zealand government for Singaporean students.

    Name of the Scholarship

    Eligibility (Brief Description)

    Average Scholarship Amount (in NZD)

    New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards

    Open to undergraduate and postgraduate students from ASEAN countries

    Approx. NZD 21,000 annually*

    New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

    Open to postgraduate students who are part of the Commonwealth

    Approx. NZD 14,000 annually*

    New Zealand Pacific Scholarships

    Designed for undergraduate students from Pacific countries

    Approx. NZD 14,000 annually*

    New Zealand Fast-Track Undergraduate Awards

    Singapore students entering undergraduate programs

    Approx. NZD 11,200 annually*

    New Zealand Research Masters Scholarships

    Postgraduate students looking to conduct research in New Zealand

    Approx. NZD 16,800 annually*


    New Zealand University Scholarships

    While the New Zealand government generously supports international students through various schemes, individual universities in New Zealand further champion this cause with their tailored scholarships. Many universities in the country offer specialised grants, both in recognition of academic excellence and as a means to foster diverse campuses. These scholarships, often a mix of financial support and academic resources, create a nurturing environment for international students, including those from Singapore. The following table breaks down some of these key scholarships:

    Name of the University

    Name of the Scholarship

    Eligibility (Brief Description)

    Average Scholarship Amount (in NZD)

    University of Auckland

    International Student Excellence Award

    Open to high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate international students

    Approx. NZD 14,000 annually*

    University of Canterbury

    UC International First-Year Scholarship

    For international students beginning their undergraduate degree

    Approx. NZD 14,700 annually*

    University of Otago

    Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship

    For academically outstanding international undergraduates

    Approx. NZD 12,600 annually*

    Victoria University of Wellington

    Wellington Tongarewa Scholarship

    Open to first-year international undergraduates and postgraduates

    Approx. NZD 11,900 annually*

    University of Waikato

    International Excellence Scholarship

    For talented international students demonstrating excellent academic achievement

    Approx. NZD 10,500 annually


    Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in New Zealand

    New Zealand remains a top choice for Singaporean students seeking an undergraduate education overseas, and the availability of scholarships only sweetens the deal. These scholarships ensure that financial constraints do not hinder deserving students from achieving their academic dreams. Here's a snapshot of the scholarships Singaporean undergraduates can avail:

    • University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship: For high-achieving international students to study undergraduate courses.
    • UC International First Year Scholarship: For international students who are enrolling for the first time in an undergraduate program at the University of Canterbury.
    • Victoria University of Wellington - Tongarewa Scholarship: Open to international students of any discipline to pursue undergraduate studies.
    • University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship: Aimed at students from select countries, including Singapore, who demonstrate excellent academic achievement.

    Master’s Scholarships to Study in New Zealand

    New Zealand’s postgraduate programs are recognised globally for their quality, innovation, and research opportunities. To support Singaporean students in their quest for higher education, several institutions and organisations offer master's scholarships:

    • New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards: Open to postgraduate students from Southeast Asian nations, including Singapore.
    • University of Auckland - Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program: For well-qualified citizens of ADB's developing member countries pursuing postgraduate studies.
    • University of Otago International Research Master's Scholarship: Available for international students who wish to undertake a thesis-based Master’s course.
    Contact AECC so that our counsellors can help you apply for the scholarships that best suites you based on your academic scores, among other things!

    MBA Scholarships to Study in New Zealand

    For those Singaporean students eyeing a business leadership position, an MBA from New Zealand can be a transformative experience. The financial support through scholarships can make this journey smoother:

    • University of Auckland Business School's Dean's Asia Scholarships in New Zealand: Specifically designed for Asian students, including Singaporeans, to pursue an MBA.
    • Victoria University of Wellington - MBA Scholarship: For international students with excellent academic records.
    • University of Otago - Business Master's Scholarship: Available to international students pursuing business-related master’s courses, including MBA.

    PhD Scholarships in New Zealand

    Doctoral research in New Zealand attracts students from all over the world, including Singapore, thanks to its cutting-edge facilities and innovative ecosystem. Here are scholarships that can aid Singaporean PhD aspirants:

    • New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS): A scholarship which funds international students for three years to undertake a PhD research degree in New Zealand.
    • University of Canterbury Doctoral Scholarship: Open to all international students aiming to commence their PhD course.
    • Victoria Doctoral Scholarships: Provided by Victoria University of Wellington, these scholarships are intended to encourage and support doctoral study by international students.

    Every scholarship mentioned above has its own set of eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and terms and conditions. Interested students should diligently research and apply early to increase their chances of securing one.


    How to Apply for Scholarships to Study in New Zealand?

    Navigating the process of scholarship application can be daunting. However, with the right guidance and a comprehensive understanding of the requirements, securing a scholarship in New Zealand becomes more achievable. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply for
    scholarships to study in New Zealand:

    • Research: Begin with thorough research. Identify the scholarships that align with your academic achievements, field of study, and personal strengths. Websites of universities, educational blogs, and New Zealand's official education portals are good places to start.
    • Check Eligibility: Scholarships have distinct criteria, be it academic achievements, sports, arts, or community services. Ensure that you meet the eligibility before applying.
    • Prepare the Documents: Commonly required documents include:
      • Academic transcripts and certificates.
      • Letter of recommendation.
      • Statement of purpose.
      • Updated CV/Resume.
      • Proof of identity and citizenship (usually a passport for Singaporean students).
      • English language proficiency test scores (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL).
    • Application Fee: Some scholarships may have an application fee. Ensure you check the amount and make the payment as per the guidelines.
    • Fill out the Application Form: Many universities have shifted to online application processes, making it easier for international students. Ensure that you fill in accurate details, as any discrepancies can lead to disqualification.
    • Stay Updated: After applying, regularly check your emails and the scholarship portal for any updates or further document requests.
    • Interview: Some scholarships may require an interview, either in person, through a phone call, or through a video conference.
    • Await the Decision: Once you’ve submitted the application, be patient. Scholarship decisions can take time, depending on the evaluating committee and the number of applications.


    Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted for New Zealand Scholarships

     Securing a scholarship, especially in a competitive space like New Zealand, requires more than just academic brilliance. It demands a mix of strategy, preparation, and a bit of intuition. Here are some curated tips to enhance your chances:
    • Start Early: The earlier you start your research and application process, the better equipped you are to meet all requirements and deadlines.
    • Tailor Your Application: While it might be tempting to send out a generic application to multiple scholarships, tailored applications stand out. Understand what each scholarship values and highlight those aspects in your application.
    • Strong Recommendations: A letter of recommendation from a well-regarded professor or industry professional can make a significant difference. Make sure they know you well enough to vouch for your skills and potential.
    • Engage Beyond Academics: Scholarships often value holistic growth. Engage in extracurricular activities, lead community projects, or participate in internships to showcase a well-rounded profile.
    • Clear and Concise Essays: If your scholarship requires an essay or a statement of purpose, ensure it is clear, concise, and free of errors. Your essay should resonate with your passion and determination.
    • Stay Informed: Be updated with the latest news related to "Scholarships to Study in New Zealand." This ensures that you're aware of new scholarship opportunities and any changes in the application processes.
    • Apply Widely: While you should tailor each application, don’t limit yourself. Apply to multiple scholarships to increase your chances of success.

    Every scholarship is a step closer to your dream of studying in New Zealand. With persistence, dedication, and the right approach, you can secure the necessary financial support to fuel your academic journey. Dive deep, research well, and remember, experts like AECC are always there to guide you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I get a full scholarship to study in New Zealand?
    Start early, research thoroughly, and tailor your application to meet the specific criteria of the scholarship.

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