After receiving your GCE A Level or IB results, so what is next?

Many students will consider studying at a local University, such as NUS or NTU which is great. There are also many local private schools that offers degree programmes. What are your options again if you can’t get into your preferred local University or the course of your choice? Or for those who prefers to gain an overseas experience in today’s highly globalised economy.

Studying overseas is an enriching and life changing experience. Many of these Universities in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom are highly ranked and offers a wider selection of courses and niche subjects.

It is important to pick your University and courses wisely because you would not want to spend the next three to four years studying something you have no interest in.

If you are considering on embarking on an overseas experience, AECC Global can help you. Did I not mention our services are absolutely FREE?!

University Direct Entry

All Australia, New Zealand and UK Universities recognise the Singapore GCE A level and IB Diploma results for direct entry into year 1. Each University however, have their own entry requirements and there may be pre-requisite subject into certain course (e.g. Monash medicine will require minimum a B in Chemistry).

Most Universities will consider only 3 H2 subjects, with some taking in an additional H1. The following computation is used by most universities for the GCE A level.

GCE ‘A’ levels conversion:

  • H2 subjects [ A = 5, B = 4, C = 3, D = 2, E = 1 or 0 points (depending on University)]
  • H1 subjects [ A = 2.5, B = 2, C = 1.5, D = 1, E = 0.5 points]

IB Diploma

  • Universities will take the total score (out of 45 points) for consideration and pre-requisite subjects if necessary
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Options if you do not meet the requirements

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Diploma and International Year 1-Pathway

For students who miss the entry requirement of their preferred University, there might be an option to undertake a 1-year pathway program, commonly known as Diploma or International Year 1.

Diploma programmes and International Year 1 are often referred to the equivalent of the first year of an undergraduate degree. The Diploma and International Year 1 are designed for year 12 students (GCE A level, IB Diploma or equivalent) who do not meet the entry requirements of the University of their choice. After completing this pathway, you will progress directly into the second year of your undergraduate degree upon meeting the required entry points.

A diploma/International year 1 pathway is a carefully designed course for students who are fall short of the entry requirement of the University and to ensure that students undertook this programme do not spend additional time in getting their degree.

Do note that not all Universities offer this pathway options.

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Foundation Pathway

A Foundation program is a 6 to 18 months course that is designed for international students to fast-track their studies into a Bachelor degree. All Universities have an affiliated foundation school that provides guaranteed progression upon successful completion and meeting the progression requirement at the foundation level.

For high school leavers (GCE A levels, IB Diploma or equivalent) who do not meet the entry requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree at their preferred University, they have the option of doing the fast-track Foundation course, instead of the normal standard foundation, as an alternative entry into the university of their choice. The fast-track foundation is a shorter version of the normal standard foundation, where the course is condensed into just 6 to 8 months of studies, but it still provides the same guaranteed progression into the Bachelor’s degree course upon meeting the required progression requirement.

All Universities have their own affiliated Foundation programme, so be sure to check with our Education Counsellors to ensure that you are enrolled into the correct programmes.

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Fast-Track Programme Diagram

Scholarships For International Students


Institution Scholarship Information Institution Scholarship Information
Macquarie ASEAN Scholarship

$10,000 AUD per year
2021 intake

RMIT Sci Eng Health Scholarship

$10,000 AUD
2021 intake

UWA Global Excellence Scholarships

Up to $15,000 AUD per year reduction in fees
2021 intake

Curtin Merit Scholarship

Up to $10,000 AUD reduction in fees
2021 intake

International Student Scholarship

50% reduction in fees
2021 intake

ACU Global Excellence Scholarships

$5,000 per year
2021 intake

There are many other scholarships that different schools offers, please contact us for more information.

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