Glion Institute of higher education was established in 1962 with campuses in London and Switzerland demonstrating excellence in hospitality and leisure management. Glion institute combines the real-world practices and the soft skills that employers look for into the syllabus of their courses. They offer a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses that specialise in hospitality.
Glion institute trains students to have practical and academic knowledge offering personalised education. Glion has state of the art infrastructure, and students learn from the most experienced faculty. The faculty at the institute have been handpicked and have taught in multiple institutions. Glion institute delivers a diverse student community with students from over 100 countries, helping students develop intercultural fluency which is essential within the Hospitality industry.
The Alumni from the institute serve at the top of the hospitality industry. The alumni also offer career support to the students. Glion institute has strong connections with the leading brand and the luxury hospitality sector to get the students practical experience while providing them with excellent internship and job opportunities.


Why study at Glion

  • 98% of the students who are looking for jobs have one or more employment offers when they graduate.
  • Glion delivers excellent quality of education to the students through experienced faculty.
  • Glion offers personalised education experience to all students training their practical and academic skills.
  • Glion Institute is one of the premium institutions of hospitality management.
  • The student community comprises students from over 100 countries which allow the students to be interculturally fluent, which is important for the industry.
  • Glion has an excellent network of the top brands in the industry, allowing students to intern and get jobs with the best.



  • Glion institute has ranked in the top 3 for Hospitality and leisure management by QS world ranking in 2020.


Key programs

Glion institute offers programs specialising in hospitality and they are listed below.


  • International hospitality business

  • Real estate finance

  • Hotel development

  • Luxury management

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation


Study at Glion Institute of Higher education for excellent education and practical learning assuring that a successful career in hospitality is inevitable.


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