5 Key Benefits Of Studying In Australia

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Are you planning to study overseas? It can be challenging for us as we are used to the comfort of our home country and we simply love the convenience of our public transport as well as the varieties of cuisines available here. Whilst it is challenging, we can assure you that it is a worthwhile experience so we have decided to list down 5 benefits you can gain when you study in Australia .

World Class Education

As one of the favourite destinations for Singaporean students, Australia takes pride in their world class standard of education. All schools and Universities in the country are closely monitored by professional bodies to ensure consistency and competitiveness. The institutions are often equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology and abundant of resources for students to access and learn. The lecturers, industry professionals and members of the faculty are highly trained individuals with vast amount of experience to guide and build the foundation of the career that you want to pursue.

More courses available

The top local universities like National Technology University, National University of Singapore and Singapore Management University may offer a wide variety of courses but some Singaporean students may have something else in mind. Niche courses like Veterinary Science, Marine Engineering and Ocean Engineering may not be available in home grown universities. In addition, highly popular courses such as Medicine, Law and Dentistry can be very competitive to get in as seats are very limited. As such, the Australian universities can help to supplement the shortages and provide more opportunities for the students.

Lifelong friends and networking

A significant part of your journey in studying overseas is meeting people. Your classmates will come from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities. Each individual has a story, personality, and character, that will open a window beyond your own culture, allowing you to appreciate the similarities and differences. You will get plenty of opportunities to participate in events organised by student leaders and university staff at your campus, especially when festivals are happening in the city.

Discovering more about you

The experience of studying overseas extends beyond just books and lectures. This life enriching phase in your life may lead you to discover new interests, skills or talents. There are heaps of interest clubs and organisations that you can be involved with and work with like-minded individuals on interesting projects. You can also join volunteer groups to address varieties of focus from animals to environment. All these valuable experiences that you will gain during your 2 – 3 years in overseas will benefit your overall growth and development as a person.

Broader career opportunities

Your experience in living and studying in Australia as a non-local resident is an interesting factor for potential employers. Having survived and successfully completed your study in a foreign land tells a lot about your character and intellect. You possess intangible life skills such as adaptability, flexibility, and enthusiasm to learn and to face challenges along the way. Your ability to see things differently is a real charm for future employers. In addition, you get to network with classmates and staff from different countries and that opens your job opportunities to a global level.

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