How to Apply for a Student Visa for New Zealand

[:en]A stunning natural environment with unique culture and endless opportunities in adventure and sports. Does this sound like a place where you would ideally want to pursue your education? If yes, then New Zealand is the perfect place for you to be...

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Study In New Zealand | Five Things Singaporean Students Should Know

[:en]New Zealand is one of the amazingly exotic and dynamic countries in the English-speaking world. Singaporean students looking to enjoy gorgeous scenery, broaden their cultural horizons, and live in a multi-ethnic metropolis should consider studyi...

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New Zealand to Open Border for International Students

Kia Ora! Great news ahead. New Zealand to open its borders to international students! The border was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but now students from all over the world can once again apply to study here. If you're thinking of applying to study in New Zealand, now is the time!  Let’s dive right in… Can students travel to...

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Study In New Zealand | Why Choose New Zealand As Your Study Abroad Destination?

[:en]Situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and known as the country of ‘Long White Cloud’, New Zealand is a beautiful island country. It comprises the North and South Islands, along with several smaller islands, and with breathing landmasses. Th...

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Things to Know Before Studying in New Zealand

[:en]If you ask someone to describe New Zealand today, the answer would be that New Zealand is an isle of peace, beauty and world-class education. Among the millions of students studying abroad, many actually prefers to study in New Zealand. While th...

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New Zealand, Why Not?

[:en]Often when people think of an overseas education, US , UK ,  Australia and Canada come to their minds. But why not New Zealand? Here's some of their well kept secrets that you must know... What you might not know... When it comes to choices of u...

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Study In New Zealand | 4 Things You Should Know

[:en]I’m Michelle Kim. I want to share with you my study abroad experiences and offer some helpful tips that I learnt during my stay in this beautiful country, New Zealand. Start with the right advice Initially I thought that an education consultant ...

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Study In New Zealand | Top 9 Reasons Why Singaporean Students Choose New Zealand

[:en] With New Zealand Government investing heavily in the education sector, the country is fast emerging as a popular study-abroad destination for Singaporean students. Highly-trained faculty members, state-of-the-art infrastructures and courses are...

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Study In New Zealand | Tips From A Singaporean Student Studying In New Zealand

[:en]Hello all, I’m Michelle Kim. I want to share with you my study abroad experiences and offer some helpful tips that I learnt during my stay in this beautiful country, New Zealand. Start with the right advice Initially I thought that an education ...

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Best Courses in New Zealand for International Students

If you have made the decision to study in New Zealand, great choice! Now that you've decided on your study destination, you're probably thinking about which course to choose and what the best courses in New Zealand are. Many international students choose to study in New Zealand because it offers one of the finest education systems in the world; to ...

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Love to Build, Code or Design? - Study Engineering in New Zealand

 Do you find yourself constantly wondering how machines work? Or how buildings are constructed? Or how aircrafts stay in the sky? Are you fascinated by these and want to learn more? Then engineering may be the perfect choice for you! There is no one definition of an engineer, as the field is so broad. However, generally speaking, engineering i...

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Things to do while studying in Auckland?

Looking to study in the perfect metropolitan city which offers a mix of a lavish urban lifestyle and scenic beauty? Look no further! Auckland is the ideal city for all international students. Study at premier universities like the University of Auckl...

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The Education System in New Zealand

[:en]Hello! Nau mai! Do you wish to study at the ‘Paradise of the Pacific’? If yes, you’ve made a great choice! New Zealand, as you may all know, has a world-class education system for international students. All of the 8 New Zealand universities are...

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Study in New Zealand

[:en] New Zealand is a peaceful island country located in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Although the country is similar in size to countries like Japan and England, it hardly matches their population statistics. What it matches though, is the quality ...

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Study Overseas in New Zealand for Singapore students

[:en]Why study in New Zealand? Have you been dreaming of New Zealand over the years? Well then it looks like you have an opportunity to say “Kia ora” instead of “Ni hao!” very soon! That’s right! New Zealand is the new wave in the world of internatio...

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Singaporeans Study: The 5 FAQs About Pharmaceutical Science

[:en]Our third field of focus under the Singaporeans Study series is Pharmaceutical Science. Read this blog to know if your interest lies in the pharma industry!  1. What is pharmaceutical science and why is it significant today? People often misunde...

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Singaporeans Study: The 5 FAQs About Occupational Therapy 

[:en]In this week's Singaporeans Study, let's take a look at Occupational Therapy (allied health) - something unknown to a lot of people... sad truth :( But we're here to tell you what OT is! 1. What is Occupational Therapy? OT is an Allied Health Pr...

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