Mistakes to avoid while applying for a student visa in Australia

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Now that you have found your dream course and university and decided upon which Australian city you’ll be settling in, the next step is to start thinking about the application process.

There are a couple of important factors to think about when producing your student visa application; from choosing the best institution to health and character requirements, and proof of finances, it is imperative to look into it with care. While the process may seem a little tedious, your prudence will be rewarded.

With a few good tips, you can be sure to ace your student visa application to study in Australia . Here are a few points that you can keep in mind or can avoid while getting your visa processed.

Don’t miss your documents:
When it comes to the ‘failed visa’ department, one of the biggest mistakes is not getting your documents in order. To make the process smooth, ensure you have the correct documents in place. Avoid giving out unnecessary documents which may cause resistance. It’s all about the authenticity of documents and the way you provide them. It is advisable to never jump forward with things, just keep them simple and accurate.

Keep track of the timings!
Try to keep a track on the intakes when you are applying for a student visa to any Australian university. This will help you set proper timelines for processing and assessments.

Applying during the intake period will ensure the validity of your Visa application.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)
An SOP is of paramount importance as your documents alone may not be able to do all the speaking.

While you need an SOP to make the Australian commission understand your purpose of going to Australia, you will also have to make it compelling. For writing an SOP, try to get help or find someone who has the experience, to guide you through the process. Your SOP is your case decider and an improper one is resistant. You can seek advise and assistance from us too!

Get your health examination done early
The Australian Government expects students to complete a health examination in order to apply for a student visa. It’s worth getting it done early to avoid any last-minute rush at the examination which will eventually slow down your application process.

Speaking of health, you need to have health insurance for the duration of your studies in Australia. This will cover your medical expenses during your stay!

Now that you have understood the process better and know what mistakes to avoid, you are well prepared to apply for your student visa. Talk to our educational experts for better guidance here.

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