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Why study at JCU?

Pursue excellence with JCU’s Bachelor of Advanced Science program. Learn from world-renowned lecturers, meet experts in their field and conduct hands-on research in North Queensland’s unique tropical environment.

Develop your passion for discovery and choose from nine different majors. You will also choose from a set of core advanced skill subjects to develop analytical and modelling skills that are highly sought-after by future employers.

Apply your skills and knowledge to real-world research projects and have the opportunity to be published in international scientific journals. Go on overseas exchange programs and study natural environments in other parts of the world. Use your degree as a pathway to other health professions or higher research.

Become a science and research leader. JCU Advanced Science graduates are elite, innovative professionals who are equipped for the future.

Career Opportunities

JCU Advanced Science graduates are highly-skilled professionals who find employment in a variety of industries.Graduates pursue careers in areas including marine biology, aquaculture, earth science, chemistry, mathematics, molecular and cell biology, physics, and zoology and ecology.You could find employment as a research assistant, laboratory technician, scientific journalist, environmental scientist, physicist, teacher, or patent lawyer. Or you could continue onto further studies with the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours).

Advanced Science graduates may also choose to apply for graduate entry into science, medicine, veterinary science, physiotherapy, dentistry, or other health sciences.

Graduates who major in Chemistry may be eligible to register for non-corporate membership of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI). With an additional three years of Chemistry experience, you may be eligible to register as a Chartered Chemist with Corporate Membership of RACI.

Learn to think creatively, analyse effectively and build the critical thinking skills necessary to work in today’s modern society. Gain the skills to become a digital disruptor and make a difference in the world.

You will be taught by world-class lecturers and experience small, friendly classes and personalised support. Practical work placements ensure you are work-ready when you graduate. Depending on your chosen major, you may also have the opportunity to experience an overseas placement.

This three-year full-time degree is highly flexible and allows you to explore areas of study that focus on your strengths while giving you opportunity to diversify. The course is also available part-time.

You will study a selection of core subjects and your preferred major. Each major provides you with in-depth knowledge in that study area. You can choose a second major, or select two minors, which can complement your studies, or broaden your area of expertise.

The JCU Bachelor of Arts offers fourteen majors to choose from. Not all majors are available at every campus. The handbook provides detail about the subjects you can study within each major.

Career Opportunities

JCU Bachelor of Arts graduates have a diverse range of skills with many career choices.

Your career options vary depending on what majors you select. You could work in areas such as arts and design, media and communications, research, conservation, or community.

As a JCU Arts graduate, you could take on roles like anthropologist, archaeologist, journalist, public relations officer, policy advisor, psychologist, criminologist, community development officer, or historian.

Gain a thorough understanding of the relationship between science and medicine, with an emphasis on biomedical science in the tropics. Use your degree as the foundation to a career in laboratory research, as a pathway to other health professions or continue to higher research studies.

Study human biology, from molecular to whole-body systems, and understand how the body responds to disease. Choose from one of four specialised majors and learn leading research techniques and skills from world-class medical professionals.

Be equipped with practical work skills learning in state-of-the-art laboratories, hospitals, and medical centres, both on- and off-campus.

JCU Biomedical Sciences graduates have the knowledge, skills, and competitive edge needed to succeed in their chosen fields.

You can choose from four different Biomedical Sciences majors.

  • Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Microbiology and Immunology
  • Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Physiology and Pharmacology

Career Opportunities
JCU Biomedical Sciences graduates are broadly-skilled scientists who have the flexibility to be employed in a variety of industries.

Graduates pursue careers in various areas including laboratory support in the medical or clinical sciences as pathology assistants, cardiac, respiratory, sleep or renal physiologists. Further study could take you into public health, health promotion, media, education, law, or research.

You could find employment as a research assistant, laboratory technician, scientific journalist, teacher, or patent lawyer. Additionally, go on to study the Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Honours) to undertake a research career, a Graduate Diploma in Medical Science (Clinical Science) to work as a Clinical Scientist or choose to apply for graduate entry into medicine, veterinary science, physiotherapy, dentistry, or other health sciences.

Designed to equip you with the skills to start a successful career, this business course has a strong focus on real-world experiences. Be competitive in the workplace with a degree that gives you an understanding of all the elements required for managing sustainable business.

Learn how decisions you make contribute directly to the organisation’s success. You will be empowered with knowledge of how to become a leader in business and understand the pillars of a sustainable business model. Our lecturers’ strong network connections and the Work Integrated Learning program ensures you receive relevant industry placements.

In your first year, you will study core subjects relevant to all business majors. You can then tailor the degree to suit your interests by selecting your preferred major and various combinations of a second major or a maximum of two minors.

With the aim of equipping you with real-world experience, you will start preparing for Work Integrated Learning in your first year of study. Embedded throughout the degree, career development tools prepare you for your final-year placement within a local business.

To bolster your employability, you also have the option of completing the Professional Development program alongside your degree.

You can study this degree on campus to experience face-to-face learning and build network connections. Alternatively, study online for flexibility. You can also build your employability by studying a joint degree.

Career Opportunities

Your skills are relevant to a large number of industries as a business graduate. Job opportunities depend on what major you decide to specialise in. You will have the ability to understand the importance of data-driven decision making – a quality highly valued by employers.

Potential careers could include:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst, Information Security Analyst, IT Project Manager, Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Stockbroker
  • Governance Consultant, Policy Advisor, Stakeholder Management Officer, Strategic Planner, Public Affairs Leader, Government Relations Officer
  • Events Manager, Tourism Officer, Marketing Officer, Market Researcher, Social Media Marketer, Brand Manager, Public Relations Officer
  • Human Resource Manager

Today, it is increasingly important for Environmental Scientists to understand the theories of sustainability and the effects of humans on the climate as well as to know how to plan and lead sustainable business and environmental practices. With JCU’s Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science you’ll learn how to manage the delicate balance between profit, policy and conservation.

You’ll develop skills that allow you to integrate and apply theoretical and technical knowledge of business and environmental science, and apply in-depth knowledge of sustainability principles in tropical contexts. Importantly, you will learn how to critically appraise the role and relevance of environmental science in international, regional and local business practice and society.

Explore the important and challenging work of balancing profit, policy, and conservation with the Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science. Study the effects of human behaviour on climate and learn to plan and lead sustainable business practices.

Integrate environmental science with the ability to create sustainable and competitive business practices. Focus on sustainability principles in tropical contexts in our internationally renowned centres of tropical environmental science.

Learn how to critically appraise the role and relevance of environmental science in global and local business practice and society.

Access some of the most environmentally interesting places on Earth and explore unrivalled World Heritage natural environments. Support your research with genuine fieldwork and build a strong industry network through JCU’s direct links to peak industry bodies.

Broaden your horizons and gain a global perspective by completing one semester at JCU Singapore, or at one of our 52 partnering universities around the world. Develop essential job-readiness skills through the work-integrated learning capstone program so that you can graduate with confidence. Build a creative and innovative mindset with a course designed to future-proof a career in commerce.

You are able to choose from six majors. A major is your chosen area of specialisation. While all majors are available Online (or externally), not all majors are available face-to-face at all campuses. The handbook provides details about the subjects you can study within each major and the campus availability for each major.

  • Accounting
  • Banking and Finance
  • Economics
  • Financial Advising
  • Financial Management
  • International Trade

Career Opportunities
Gain an understanding of foundational concepts of commerce and pursue your passion in one or two key commerce areas. You can specialise in a range of areas, including accounting, banking and finance, economics, financial management and financial advising.

Your skills are relevant to a large number of industries as a commerce graduate. Job opportunities depend on what major you decide to specialise in. You will have the ability to understand the importance of data-driven decision making – a quality highly valued by employers.

Depending on your chosen major(s), potential careers could include:

  • Accountant
  • Business manager
  • Commercial and taxation law specialist
  • Corporate financial manager
  • Data analyst
  • Economist
  • Expert consultant
  • Financial adviser
  • Financial analyst
  • Financial controller
  • Foreign exchange trader
  • Investment banker/manager
  • Risk manager
  • Stockbroker

Learn from hands-on experience and apply your skills to real world business projects through an industry placement or project.

JCU IT students study essential core subjects such as Gamification and Games Design, Information Security, and Data mining. You can also choose from a wide variety of optional areas of specialisation, including JCU’s revolutionary Internet of Things (IoT) course.

Prepare yourself for the future. JCU Information Technology graduates are highly skilled and ready for a competitive workforce.

The Bachelor of IT program is available on campus in both Townsville and Cairns and can also be completed externally.

You could also undertake an Honours degree, which consists of extra study plus a personal research project and thesis.

Study in JCU’s advanced research aquariums and laboratories. Learn how to manage human impacts and preserve dynamic marine environments. Undertake research at the JCU Orpheus Island Research Station, or on-site at various coral reef, island, seagrass and mangrove environments visited when completing this degree.

Develop high-level skills in evolving technologies that are providing solutions to previously unsolvable problems. Build your capabilities in the use of seabed mapping and fish assessment sonar, oceanographic sensors, and a range of technology used for gathering data above and below the waves.

Build networks with the international cohort who study this degree, and with the concentration of marine scientists and managers located in north Queensland. Opportunities may also exist to undertake an exchange program with an international university.

Career Opportunities

The JCU Marine Science degree is one of the most respected courses of its kind in the world*.

Graduates can pursue a career in a diverse range of areas including fisheries science and management, marine resource management and conservation, coastal and marine geoscience, oceanography, and marine technology.

JCU Marine Science graduates find employment with both Government and private industry, in Australia and overseas. They fill positions such as marine conservation officer, marine planner, marine biologist, marine scientists for consulting engineering companies, oceanographer, aquatic veterinarian, fisheries manager, marine education and communication, and environmental manager.

*JCU Marine and Fresh Water Biology is ranked number 1 in the world by the Centre for World University Rankings.

With an Occupational Therapy (Honours) degree from JCU, take a special focus on occupational therapy in rural and remote settings and become equipped to make the most of the many opportunities offered through working in these areas. Learn theory, professional practice, and clinical skills for a diverse range of clients and circumstances.

Take part in over 1,000 hours of professional work placements to develop the experience necessary to excel in your career. Sharpen your skills at the JCU Health Occupational Therapy Clinic on campus in Townsville.

This course is accredited by Occupational Therapy Council (Australia and New Zealand) Ltd (OTC).

An Honours degree is available for high-achieving students. It consists of extra study and the development of a personal research project and thesis. An Honours degree is usually essential for entry to research higher degrees.

Students will be eligible to be offered a position in the research honours major by the Head of Academic Group if they have achieved an average GPA of 5.5 across level one and level two of the program. Students who are not offered a position in the research major, or who are offered a position in the research major but decline this offer, will continue in the professional honours major for levels three and four. A quota on entry into the research major may be applied depending on the availability of supervisors.

Students graduating with the research honours major undertake a research project in an area of specialisation, while students graduating with the professional honours major undertake a professional project.

Develop your passion for innovation and make a genuine difference to your community and the environment. Undertake real-world research in unrivalled locations including the World-Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rainforest and dry savannahs.

Access state-of-the-art research and teaching facilities, like JCU’s The Science Place. Experience a leading-edge education from the world’s best institution for marine and freshwater biology studies and biodiversity conservation*.

JCU students have the opportunity to tailor their degree to suit their passion. Learn the fundamentals of science in your first year, then select one or two specialisations to continue to build knowledge and skills in your chosen discipline.

Expand your knowledge by choosing to study a minor or include elective subjects in your degree. Throughout your degree, you will develop key employability skills in your chosen science discipline.

Graduate with valuable hands-on experience and distinguish yourself with your breadth of knowledge and skills.

Career Opportunities
JCU Science graduates are broadly skilled and equipped to work across a variety of fields. They have the advanced analytical skills needed to enter the workforce and make a meaningful impact on the world.

Depending on your area of specialisation, you could work in a growing number of fields including aquaculture, fisheries management, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, mining, or biotechnology.

You could be employed in roles such as geologist, environmental scientist, oceanographer, mathematician, marine or molecular and cell biologist, physicist, ecologist, conservationist or rehabilitation scientist, environmental and policy consultant, wildlife consultant or chemist.

As a Sport and Exercise scientist you will have a strong understanding of the scientific principles underlying the benefits of physical activity with a skilled focus on the role of sport and exercise in the enhancement of health and human performance in occupational, educational, sport, exercise and wellness settings. A Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science equips you to:

  • Help individuals and athletes enhance their physical performance
  • Use sport, exercise and physical activity to help improve health and wellbeing
  • Assist with corporate and occupational wellness
  • Create and support exercise and physical activity promotions, and
  • Contribute to world-class sport and exercise science research.

Successful applicants must acquire appropriate immunisations, permits and police clearances before undertaking placement. It is recommended that these requirements be completed by the end of your first semester/teaching period.

Make a difference to modern industry with the Bachelor of Technology and Innovation at JCU. Develop the skills and knowledge to deliver safe and sustainable solutions to real-world problems.

Put your creativity to the test, challenge yourself, and improve your problem-solving skills. Learn to make meaning of data and find inventive ways to re-invigorate businesses.

Combine valuable IT skills with critical thinking and innovation to help businesses run efficiently. Use your broad knowledge of technology to make appropriate recommendations and identify opportunities. Network with industry mentors and undertake a Work Integrated Learning placement to graduate job-ready.

Information Technology

Become an innovative developer with the skills to solve problems in a group. Learn to apply design thinking to deliver technological solutions to a wide range of issues. Analyse technology, creativity, and disruptive innovation in the global economy and across disciplines. Study web and software development, database modelling, and programming.

Develop community and industry partnerships and network with JCU’s extensive business partnerships and international alumni. Attend field trips, hear from world-renowned guest lecturers and complete industry-based assessments.

Design and deliver customer-informed tourism, hospitality and events services and experiences with professional practice subjects and 400 hours of skills development. Partake in real-world practical placements, with the opportunity for paid internships at five star industry partners. You will gain barista, RSA and HACCP qualifications during this course.

Begin a fast-paced, rewarding career in tourism, hospitality and events. JCU Graduates are equipped with the global business skills and specialist training to stand out in their chosen fields.

Make a difference to animal health and welfare with JCU’s emphasis on rural and tropical practice. Be equipped with the skills to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease in a wide range of companion, production, aquatic, and native animals.

You will gain in-depth foundational knowledge throughout your degree, as well as specialist rural and tropical veterinary science skills.

Take advantage of JCU’s real-world teaching settings, including an on-campus Veterinary and Emergency Centre and Hospital and a local working cattle station for livestock production. In your final two years, you will complete a variety of clinical placements in both rural and urban settings.

Career Opportunities

JCU Veterinary Science graduates are internationally recognised as multi-skilled, highly-competent professionals who are committed to the health and welfare of animals. Our degree allows you to practice as a veterinarian in Australia.

Our graduates practise in a variety of settings. These include veterinary clinics, veterinary hospitals, agriculture, biosecurity, quarantine, public health, zoos and wildlife sanctuaries. Many pursue research in clinical care, animal science, pharmacology and biomedicine.

You may also be eligible to practise in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

This JCU Master of Business Administration (Leadership) equips you with the thinking skills and knowledge that mindful global leaders of today must possess. With its focus on the way you approach the management of people and change within and outside organisations, this is an MBA that equips you to be part of the next generation of emerging global and social leaders. Importantly, JCU offers you flexible study options and valuable opportunities to establish highly-influential networks within industry and government agencies, while you undertake your studies in leadership.

JCU’s MBA (Leadership) has a strong emphasis on leadership, modern governance and sustainable business practices. Among the study areas you’ll explore are:

  • People in Organisations
  • Leading and Managing Organisational Change
  • Leadership in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Value Leadership
  • Leadership
  • Cultural Leadership
  • International Business
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Accounting and Finance for Managers
  • Marketing Management
  • International Political Economy
  • Economics for a Sustainable World
  • Operations Management
  • Corporate Responsibility and Governance
  • Sustainable Enterprise.

Subjects consist of formative and summative assessment. Formative assessment tasks will be available on a regular basis so that you can assess your learning. Tutorials will ensure that you have opportunities to discuss and question your lecturers or tutors on the subject content in more detail.

On successful completion of the MBA (Leadership), you will be able to demonstrate abilities to:

  • Critically analyse complex business-related knowledge and practice from both historical and recent perspectives
  • Critically analyse leadership theories and skills required for building successful teams
  • Apply responsible leadership principles to effect change
  • Evaluate sustainable economic, social and environmental practices and value systems from different disciplinary perspectives
  • Critically analyse complex contemporary business issues using appropriate models and make reasoned recommendations based on multidisciplinary synthesis of theory and evidence
  • Present complex business analyses and information appropriately to diverse audiences
  • Exercise independent ethical judgment and initiative in solving differing business problems creatively.

Gain advanced skills and knowledge highly-valued within the engineering sector through this robust postgraduate program.

Successful course completion will give you the expertise required to work and succeed as a professional engineer.

Master basic and advanced engineering subjects, develop professional skills such as risk engineering, asset management, safety in design, business leadership and data analytics, and gain industry experience as required by Engineers Australia.

Enhance your employability and advance your career in Australia and globally through the Masters Employability Program. Complete a structured co-curricular employability skills and development program, which runs for the duration of the degree. This includes a tailored plan to support individual employment objectives, beginning from semester one through to graduation.

Graduates will demonstrate in‐depth knowledge of advanced engineering methods through their application in engineering practice. These include design processes, whole system approaches, contemporary project management tools, and decision‐making strategies.

Gain an understanding of the relevance of engineering in society, with specific reference to practices and priorities for creating sustainable communities and industries in the tropics.

Plan and execute either a substantial research‐based project, capstone experience or scholarship piece within a professional workplace environment. Gain advanced technical knowledge including an understanding of recent developments in engineering.

Learn from world class lecturers and industry experts to build upon your undergraduate learning and develop specialist IT knowledge. You will study foundation and core subjects to foster advanced critical analysis skills and comprehensive knowledge of tools and technologies.

Benefit from the opportunity to gain hands-on experience applying your new skills to real-world problems. Learn from leading industry experts in a variety of workplaces.

Choose one of the three majors outlined below, plus select from a wide range of electives. For international students, depending on the relevant visa program requirements, this course may be specified on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection ‘skilled occupation’ list. Check the most updated list with the department to confirm.

  • Computing and Networking
  • Business Informatics
  • Interactive Technologies and Games Design
  • Computing and Networking
  • Business Informatics
  • Interactive Technologies and Games Design

Turn your undergraduate degree into a career in accounting with the fully-accredited Master of Professional Accounting at JCU. Develop the skills and knowledge required to become a practising accountant with flexible study options.

Focus on essential areas of accounting including management, corporate finance, auditing, business and taxation law, data analysis, and economics for sustainability. Explore introductory and advanced issues in accounting and demonstrate your understanding through an applied research project.

Understand both historical and contemporary perspectives and evaluate social and environmental practices. Make recommendations and give informed advice with confidence. Develop your professional judgement to work independently and with integrity.

Master of Professional Accounting graduates are highly-skilled professionals who lead successful careers in finance.

Professional accreditation

This course is jointly accredited by CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). Students who complete the accredited award may join either or both of the professional accounting bodies (CPA Australia, and/or Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)). They must then complete the professional programs of whichever body they join plus their required number of years of professional experience in order to become full members of the accounting profession and practice as an accountant.

JCU Psychology has a well-earned international reputation for excellence in teaching and research and the friendliness, helpfulness, and approachability of its staff. JCU’s Master of Psychology (Clinical) is a postgraduate coursework degree designed to equip graduates with the advanced academic and practical training for professional practice that is required for registration as a practising psychologist. You will benefit from training in state-of-the-art facilities.

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Higher Education Access

James Cook University (JCU) has launched a Higher Education Access scheme to improve access to higher education for Singapore residents. With this scheme, all Singapore residents with a qualification equivalent to a polytechnic diploma or GCE A-Levels will receive a grant of $10,000 each for their undergraduate program at the Singapore campus of James Cook University for the intake commencing in July 2020.


  • Polytechnic students need to meet a minimum of 2.8 GPA
  • GCE ‘A’ Levels students will need to meet a minimum of 9 points for the Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) and a minimum of 7 points for all other bachelor degree programs

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The Diploma of Higher Education is a one-year course (or two years, part-time) designed to help people who may not meet the academic requirements for entry into a Bachelor degree. The Diploma consists of a combination of introductory and first-year degree subjects, designed to help students develop the necessary skills to be successful university students.

Successful completion of the Diploma will give you a recognised qualification in its own right. Graduating with the Diploma will also allow you to enter many JCU Bachelor degree programs and may give you advanced standing, or credit, for some of the subjects you successfully completed.

Students in the Diploma course will enrol in specific study plans mapped to a target degree. You can choose from a variety of majors including:

  • Business
  • Business Studies
  • Education
  • Engineering and Applied Science
  • General Studies
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • Psychological Science
  • Science
  • Social Work
  • Society and Culture

Take the next step in your learning journey with a JCU degree. The study you have already completed may count as credit towards a JCU degree, helping save time and expense.

If you’ve studied at TAFE or any other Vocational Education Training institution, your application process is identical to school leavers and non-school leavers. Apply through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) and they will assess your application. Once you are accepted into your course, the enrolment team from the division you applied to will assess your suitability to gain advanced standing, so your previous study won’t go to waste.

Applying for credit for previous study or work experience can help you complete your JCU degree in a shorter timeframe and save on overall course fees.

If you have studied at another university, TAFE, or a private tertiary education provider in Australia or overseas, you may be able to transfer credit to your current degree. Use our credit calculator to view current articulation agreements.

Articulation arrangements
Articulation arrangements are the arrangements which enable students to progress from a recognised academic program to a JCU course with admission and/or credit in a defined pathway.

Recognition of Prior Learning
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) refers to the skills and knowledge you’ve gained through work and life experiences. We can assess your RPL and determine if you are eligible for credit.

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