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Why Choose University of Adelaide?

University of Adelaide is recognised as one of Australia’s most respected research-intensive universities. Studying at University of Adelaide will challenge and inspire you. You will receive the best academic preparation to achieve in your chosen discipline and equip you with knowledge and skills to make a real difference.

7,000 international students with 21:1 student teacher ratio

A top 1% university located in the heart of the city

5 stars plus QS rating for teaching, employability, research, internationalisation, facilities, innovation

An opportunity to gain an extra year of in-country post study work visa

Keep your community smiling

Dentists work to improve oral health in our communities. They’re lifelong learners who care about their patients and their work.

Dentistry is a science and an art. It’s flexible and rewarding, and it changes lives.

What will you do?

Our Bachelor of Dental Surgery supports you in becoming a highly skilled and patient-focused dentist. You will:

  • build clinical experience starting in your very first year
  • learn in Australia’s newest dental teaching hospital, in the state-of-the-art Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building
  • explore the full range of dental therapies—from complex restorative to preventative-based treatments
  • practise using equipment in our Dental Simulation Clinic
  • tackle real-life case scenarios in teams
  • benefit from extensive placements across metropolitan and rural settings
  • improve lives through community outreach programs.

Where could it take you?

You could work in a local or community dental clinic or provide dental care for people in the developing world. You might become a defence force dentist. Perhaps you’ll be a researcher, making new discoveries to improve oral health care.

This program is also included in the ‘List of Registrable Degrees’ by Singapore Dental Council.

Improve the health of your community

Are you fascinated by the human body? Do you want to help tackle important health issues facing our world today?

Studying health and medical sciences is mentally stimulating and hands-on. It’s about fighting disease through scientific research and actively promoting wellbeing.

Our Bachelor of Health and Medical Sciences ranks first in South Australia for teaching quality, and third in Australia for overall education experience*.

What will you do?

Our degree supports you in developing relevant and transferable skills that are highly sought-after in research and health industries. You will:

  • explore human biology and public health in depth
  • gain hands-on research experience in world-class facilities
  • enjoy cutting-edge virtual reality learning
  • work in small groups to solve problems relating to health and disease
  • undertake a year-long research placement or internship
  • increase your understanding of global health issues with opportunities to study overseas.

You’ll also pursue a specialisation in one of a diverse range of areas:

  • Neurosciences
  • Clinical Trials
  • Nutritional Health
  • Public Health
  • Medical Sciences
  • Reproductive and Childhood Health.

Where could it take you?

You could work in a medical laboratory or clinical setting, seeing modern medicine improve vulnerable patients’ health. You might be the first to witness ground-breaking medical research results. Perhaps you’ll help populations make healthy choices, or change the environments in which people live, grow, work, and play, so that everyone can lead healthy lives. Previous graduates have gone on to high-level, influential positions in a range of health organisations and government departments throughout Australia and abroad.

*Good Universities Guide 2017/18

This program is also included in the ‘List of Registrable Basic Medical Qualifications’ by Singapore Medical Council.

We empower you to help others

Medicine is intellectually rewarding, challenging and inspiring. It requires critical problem-solving, teamwork and integrity.

Medical practitioners have an interest in wellbeing and the causes of ill health, working to protect and promote the health of individuals and communities. They are dedicated to alleviating pain and suffering, working out of comfort zones to care for vulnerable people.

What will you do?

Our Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery will provide you with the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to excel in healthcare. You will:

  • learn from clinicians in the new state-of-the-art Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building
  • work in small groups to solve problems relating to health and disease
  • gain hands-on practical experience in simulated settings
  • undertake clinical placements in hospitals and other health and medical organisations.

Where could it take you?

Adelaide Medical School graduates are respected in the industry for their knowledge and experience. They are in-demand for positions in public hospitals, private practice, public health, teaching, clinical research, aid organisations, the defence forces and more.

You might become a general practitioner in rural Australia, providing vital services for your community. You could be a specialist paediatrician who works with children and their families. Perhaps you’ll pursue research and develop new knowledge about health and treatments.

This program is also included in the ‘List of Registrable Basic Medical Qualifications’ by Singapore Medical Council.

Drive progress at the molecular level

Do you have an interest in medical biology and human health? Are you keen to discover more about human disease, from its cause and diagnosis through to novel treatments and cures?

Biomedical scientists are vitally important. They advance world-changing discoveries to improve the health and quality of people’s lives.

The University of Adelaide is ranked in the top 150 in the world for biological sciences and best in South Australia*.

What will you do?

Our Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) gives you the knowledge and skills to access an emerging global sector. You will:

  • build a broad knowledge base in medical and molecular biology
  • explore normal and abnormal functions of the human body
  • learn directly from world-class biomedical researchers and educators
  • carry out extensive biomedical research projects
  • gain real-world practical insights from industry lecturers and placements.

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology and Immunology

Where could it take you?

You could be running a laboratory, performing cutting-edge cancer research or modifying genes for vaccines. You might design drugs for the pharmaceutical industry. Perhaps you’ll work directly with patients after completing a degree in postgraduate medicine or allied health.

*QS World University Ranking by Subject Biological Sciences 2019

Harness nature’s potential 

Biotechnology focuses on biology and technology, leading to the development of new products for feeding, fuelling and healing the world. This might include vaccine, antibiotic or hormone production and genetic modification.

It’s a fast-evolving industry with huge potential for improving global health and wellbeing. When we modify living things, all sorts of marvels become possible.

What will you do?

Our Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) combines traditional science with aspects of engineering and computer science. You will:

  • delve into molecular, genetic, animal and plant biology
  • experiment with protein separation, fermentation, genomics and proteomics
  • use the revolutionary gene editing technology at the first Genome Editing Facility in Australia
  • explore microbial biotechnology and bioprocess engineering
  • learn how to produce food, drugs and other products
  • consider social and ethical issues, patents and waste management.

Where could it take you?

You could concoct world-changing pharmaceutical drugs in the lab. You might work to clone animals. Perhaps you’ll aid in the development and implementation of modern techniques for disease prediction and treatment.

For a fairer world

How do we reduce poverty? Where do inequalities stem from? Can we resolve cultural conflicts?

Social scientists research complex social challenges and injustices. They study human society and relationships—from the gender pay gap to the plight of refugees. Armed with in-depth insights into underlying issues, social scientists can then help policymakers find the right solutions.

What will you do?

Our Bachelor of Social Sciences draws from sociology, politics, geography, anthropology, criminology and gender, Aboriginal and Asian studies. Through these lenses you’ll:

  • explore the many challenges of a globalised world
  • take practical approaches to social justice issues
  • learn to devise, evaluate and carry out policy solutions
  • build valuable research skills
  • extract meaningful information from data
  • design independent enquiry projects.

If you maintain a high GPA, you can also intern with an arts, media, government or environmental organisation.

Where could it take you?

Our graduates emerge informed and ready to bring about positive change. You could work on the front line providing humanitarian aid to those in need. You might further safety and support as a social inclusion officer in business. You could improve policy, write it or run for government yourself.

Program the future

Ready to take your place in the technology revolution?

Our Bachelor of Computer Science features artificial intelligence and machine learning courses not available anywhere else in South Australia. It’s taught by world-class researchers and teachers within a faculty ranked 43 in the world for computer science and engineering*.

What will you do?

Depending on your chosen major, you will:

  • explore self-driving cars, robotic vision, machine learning and image recognition
  • learn how to protect networks, data and software systems from attack and unlawful access
  • apply cutting-edge data analysis techniques—such as machine and deep learning—to large sets of data
  • design, make and study large-scale distributed software systems, including parallel, mobile and cloud-based environments.

Majors are available in:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data science
  • Distributed systems and networking.

You can also choose a flexible program with a little bit of everything, from gaming and graphics to computer vision and software engineering.

Where could it take you?

No matter how technology transforms the jobs market, computer science skills will be crucial. You could design robots or collective virtual reality spaces. You might work at Google as a software engineer. Perhaps you’ll legally break into systems as a white hat hacker to test their security.

*Academic Ranking of World Universities 2019

Defend the digital domain

Governments and organisations all over the world are actively seeking cyber security experts with advanced technical skills and an understanding of the social and legal contexts of the digital world. The need is urgent. It spans all sectors. And your pathway is here.

What will you do?

Our Master of Cyber Security will equip you to lead cutting-edge cyber security programs —for governments, law enforcement agencies, companies and NGOs alike.

The industry-driven content is delivered over 18-24 months full-time. There’s a flexible blend of online and intensive on-campus learning, with mentoring from world-class cyber security researchers.

You will gain:

  • a deep, interdisciplinary understanding of complex cyber security needs and considerations across multiple industries
  • highly advanced technical skills and the ability to apply them in real-world contexts
  • a sophisticated grasp of cyber security policy and governance considerations—social, legal and commercial
  • the ability to critically analyse and evaluate relevant data and technology
  • the refined interpersonal skills to effectively communicate issues and strategies to a range of stakeholders.

You’ll also take specialist courses in your chosen major—Cyber Security Management or Secure Software Development. And you’ll apply and expand your learning through a major research project, or industry-based practise.

Where could it take you?

To the discipline’s highest levels. You could develop strategies to secure health providers’ patient data. Or protect social media users’ personal details. Perhaps you’ll prevent cyber theft for global financial institutions. Or ensure undercover police officers’ identities aren’t compromised. Wherever your interests lie, your expertise will be in demand.

A competitive edge in data science

Big data and data science is an emerging area of necessity for many fields—from science and engineering to economics and digital humanities.

Our Master of Data Science explores how data is changing our world. We give you the knowledge and skills to contribute in the areas you care about.

What will you do?

  • Undertake a specialised introductory IT program in your first semester.
  • Build core skills in programming, mathematics and data science.
  • Learn how data science techniques can drive changes in organisations, industries and communities.
  • Advance your abilities in chosen areas of interest.
  • Combine and apply your learning in a significant project.

Where could it take you?

You might help big businesses use data to make more informed decisions in the face of uncertainty. You could analyse data from apps to drive UX updates. Perhaps you’ll come up with innovative management systems as a data architect.

Inspire greatness  

We are living in a world that is at times volatile, unexpected and ambiguous. It is essential that current and future leaders be equipped to deal with complex problems in a systemic, integrated and collaborative fashion.

Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) creates leaders who can deliver on the demands of an increasingly complex world, as demonstrated by our broad network of alumni in the business community.

What will you do?

The Adelaide MBA is student-focused, with maximum flexibility to suit the needs of busy professionals. You will:

  • build professional relationships and networks
  • gain advanced problem-solving, analytical and critical thinking skills
  • develop strong leadership skills necessary for driving innovation and positive change within organisations
  • cultivate a global outlook, strategic mindset, and the ability to see the bigger picture
  • understand the management of critical business functions through coursework including finance, accounting, economics and marketing.

There are also opportunities for international exchanges at world-leading business schools.

University of Adelaide College is the preferred pathway provider to University of Adelaide. With its unique partnership with the University of Adelaide, all of their foundation studies graduates are guaranteed entry to their choice of the many degrees on offer.*

To complete your Foundation Studies Program and graduate into the first year of your chosen bachelor degree at the University of Adelaide, you will need to study five subjects over two semesters.

Why study the Foundation Studies Program: 

  • On successful completion of the Foundation Studies Program (FSP), you’re guaranteed a direct pathway to all bachelor degrees at the University of Adelaide, a prestigious Group of Eight University.
  • Receive individual attention with small class sizes, personal student care and a supportive learning environment.
  • University relevant subjects, high quality course content and exceptional teaching.
  • Packaged Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and visa for entire duration of study issued by the University.
  • Flexible options for students who have only completed year 11, but want to jump-start their international education.
  • Students who successfully complete their Foundation Studies Program are not required to supply evidence of IELTS to satisfy the University’s English requirements.

Once accepted into the Foundation Studies Program, students will receive an offer for a place in the corresponding Bachelor Degree from the University of Adelaide. This enables students to apply for a student visa, up to five years in length.

Read more about foundation studies here.

The Degree Transfer Program are for students who missed out on direct entry to the degree they wanted at University of Adelaide. Upon successful completion of the Degree Transfer Program (DT), students will be granted guaranteed entry straight into the second year of their degree of choice.

Student will study the same courses as they would in first year, plus getting all the support needed to have a smooth transition.

The Degree Transfer Program comprises a bridging semester followed by first-year courses from the University of Adelaide degree program. In the main program, Degree Transfer students study the exact same courses as the first year students at the University of Adelaide, except in a much more intensive format with the following features:

  • Enjoy a seamless transition and guaranteed entry to year 2, upon graduation.
  • Study a wide variety of courses, identical to those offered by the University of Adelaide and sometimes taught by their staff.
  • Class sizes are small, plus students get individual guidance and support.
  • Fees are lower compared to first year university fees, and our English language requirements are flexible.
  • Students who successfully complete their Degree Transfer Program are not required to supply evidence of IELTS to satisfy the University’s English requirements.
  • Students get to study alongside and take your exams with university students, on campus.
  • Offers a degree transfer pathway to programs like engineering and science, which are difficult to access at most Group of Eight universities.

At the end of semester two, students then move into the second year of the bachelor degree with the rest of the local student population at the University of Adelaide. Students who pass their Degree Transfer Program on the first attempt will meet the English language entry requirement and will not need to submit an approved test of English language.

The College is the first education provider in Australia to offer a post-graduate bridging course to a Group of Eight University. After the completion of the Pre-Master’s Program (PMP), you’re guaranteed entry into the postgraduate degree of your choice at the University of Adelaide.

Why study the Pre-Master’s?

  • Flexible entry and English language requirements mean you can gain access to an exclusive Group of Eight university.
  • Our Bridging to Pre-Master’s semester model means you begin your master’s subjects after just one semester, and then progress straight into second semester.
  • You receive extra support in developing your English and academic study skills.
  • With all the preparation, you still only add an additional four months to your degree.

Program Overview

The Pre-Master’s Program is taught over two semesters. In the first Bridging semester, you’ll develop your study and research skills, and English academic language in writing, reading, listening and speaking.

To complete your Pre-Master’s Program and graduate into the second semester of your chosen Master’s degree at the University of Adelaide, you will need to study 5 courses in the Bridging semester and 4 courses related to your chosen masters degree in the Pre-Master’s semester.

Program Options

By the second Pre-Master’s semester, you’ll begin studying university subjects that are part of your chosen master’s program. On successful completion of the Pre-Master’s Program, you’ll receive credit for these subjects and jump straight into the second semester of your degree.

ScholarshipStudy AreaStudy LevelAmount
Global Citizens ScholarshipAll study areasUndergraduate, Postgraduate15% and 30% of the tuition fee
Global Academic Excellence ScholarshipAll study areasUndergraduate, Postgraduatereduction of 50% of the tuition fee
University of Adelaide College High Achiever Progression ScholarshipAll study areasinternational graduates of the University of Adelaide College25% of the annual tuition fee for each year of the program for the full duration of the degree
University of Adelaide College International ScholarshipAll study areasinternational graduates of the University of Adelaide College10% or 5% tuition fee reduction

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