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Why Choose University of Canberra?

As a young university, UC is ranked number one in: graduate employment, teaching quality and student satisfaction. All UC courses are fast-moving and future proof and have been designed to adapt to changes in the industry at a moment’s notice. This approach coupled with one of the largest work-integrated learning (WIL) projects in the history of Australia higher education will give you exclusive access to internships and professional networks throughout Australia.


The aim of the Bachelor of Accounting is to produce highly competent, work-ready graduates with an in-depth discipline knowledge, and the technical skills needed to work as socially responsible accounting professionals across the private and public sectors.

Through a mix of theoretical knowledge and interdisciplinary real-world learning experiences, you’ll develop expertise in communication, networking, cross-cultural awareness and teamwork. This will enable you to become an agile professional with diverse employment skills which are transferable across a range of different sectors. You’ll graduate as a critical thinker with solid collaborative experience, and will be qualified to undertake professional study programs with both the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand and CPA Australia.

Study a Bachelor of Accounting at UC and you will:

  • understand the concepts and theories acquired in accounting
  • exercise critical thinking skills when dealing with ambiguous and incomplete information
  • identify and obtain relevant information for decision making and providing advice to stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds
  • utilise discipline-specific technologies to analyse complex problems in a variety of contexts
  • communicate clear, coherent and independent knowledge and ideas to a variety of stakeholders, addressing a diverse range of business/commerce problems
  • develop the capacity to exercise initiative and professional judgement in an ethically and socially responsible manner.

Develop the practical skills and experience required to work in the performing arts as a stage and film actor, performing artist, performance maker, or arts facilitator. You’ll benefit from our extended community of practice which includes ongoing relationships with schools, industry and student alumni.

Drama and production major (Option 1 – Open Entry)

The drama and production major will provide you the learning and experience to initiate and produce creative performances, projects and events. Graduates will be able to engage as arts facilitators, educators, producers and project managers in creating, leading and facilitating projects for positive social change and real-world impact. Graduates will work across a variety of media and collaborate with performance makers, educational institutions and organisations, using the arts to activate and empower communities.

The program is also suitable for emerging and established performing artists who want to continue exploring their independent practices, engaging in performance theory, professional practice and entrepreneurial skills. A range of elective units is on offer to expand the student’s skills base and knowledge including study in Music, Visual Arts, Gaming, Fashion and Digital Design.

Advanced acting major (Option 2 – Audition Required)

The advanced acting major focuses on the craft and art of acting and performance. The course offers: lively, detailed and focused training in acting, voice and body skills; regular performance opportunities ( to play to live audiences; and intense development of the acting student’s creative voice as an independent performance maker. Plays, readings, online resources and academic materials are designed to inspire, challenge and motivate the training actor.

Students are expected to develop as actors and performers who think for themselves, respect their own ideas and ideals, and use theatre and film as a means to share their vision. Students are encouraged to understand and explore their place as performers in a contemporary world.

If the complexity of human form and function has always fascinated you, then the Bachelor of Biomedical Science will help set you up for a career where broad scientific knowledge of human body, and all its intricacies, is needed. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the structure and function of the human body and will be well-versed in the complex interrelationships between health and disease. While the course is very specific to biomedical science and provides a strong grounding in allied health, its flexible nature allows you to select electives from a broad range of science disciplines and beyond. You can choose to study Restricted Choice Units, such as sports science, pre-physiotherapy and human nutrition, allowing you to tailor the course to match your interests or ambitions.

You’ll benefit from unique collaboration opportunities with UC’s professional teaching staff, who all have extensive experience in medical and biomedical research and are members of UC’s prestigious Centre for Research in Therapeutic Solutions. You’ll graduate experienced and proficient in medical science laboratory skills, particularly those used in research laboratories, and ready to hit the ground running in your future career in health science.

Study a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at UC and you will:

  • learn how the human body functions at all levels
  • apply your knowledge of health and disease to real-life situations
  • discover how humans interact with and respond to their environment
  • span a wide range of scientific disciplines including biology, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, human anatomy and physiology, pathobiology, data analysis and genetics
  • develop proficiency and experience in biomedical science laboratory skills for application in a wide variety of research laboratories
  • enjoy the flexibility of choosing from other electives including psychology, ecology, sports science, sociology, management, computer programming, law and foreign languages.

If you’re keen to become an accomplished professional in the building industry, the Bachelor of Building and Construction Management can equip you with the necessary skills to become a confident leader. Learn management and supervision techniques while developing detailed knowledge of building processes and materials. This expertise, together with real-world negotiation, presentation and communication skills, will prepare you for a successful career in building and construction management.

In your final year you can choose either an honours or professional focus path:

  • Honours: If you’re a high performing student (with a minimum grade point average for 5.0), you can choose to undertake an honours project instead of electives in the final two semesters of the course. You must have your course convener’s approval for entry into this stream. This aspect of your degree will see you develop advanced knowledge and skills for professional work, critical thinking and further learning corresponding to AQF Level 8 qualifications.
  • Professional: If you select the professional stream, you can choose to complete a minor in areas including quantity surveying, architecture or small business management. This stream will provide you with the broad and coherent knowledge and skills for professional work corresponding to AQF Level 7.

Study our Bachelor of Building and Construction Management at UC and you will:

  • Possess and apply broad and coherent theoretical knowledge and concepts of current construction practices, building and construction economics, and legal frameworks, to be managers within the building and construction industry
  • Recognise and apply the use of appropriate building and construction technologies and processes to solve simple and complex industry issues
  • Communicate as a professional to all stakeholders in the building and construction industry, with the ability to work independently or as part of a project team, for the successful conclusion of industry projects
  • Demonstrate ethical, social and environmental responsibility in addressing real world industry issues and imperatives, in global and local contexts, with sensitivity to indigenous rights in the construction industry
  • Demonstrate and apply creative, innovative and critical thinking, with a commitment to lifelong learning, to solve problems and generate solutions to complex construction issues.

In addition to the above, graduates completing Honours will:

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the principles and concepts of building and construction management and apply these with initiative and judgement in their professional practice as managers of the building and construction industry
  • With responsibility and accountability for their own learning and practice, demonstrate the cognitive and technical skills to identify and complete a research project generating solutions to complex construction issues
  • Communicate solutions and research outcomes with clear and coherent exposition of knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences.

If you’re keen to specialise in human resource management, and want to learn the business skills and knowledge to enhance your professional practice, then the Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) is a great option. The course offers five specialist human resource management practice-focused units, two breadth subjects (workplace law and organisational behaviour) and an industry project.

You’ll begin curating evidence in the form of an e-portfolio in the foundation unit, Managing Human Capital, and will continue this process throughout your degree. Upon graduation, this body of work will form an impressive tool to help you launch the first stage of your career in HRM.

Study a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) at UC and you will:

  • integrate theory and practice in human resource management and articulate the impacts of recent developments within the field
  • critically evaluate a range of core business skills to find solutions to future work challenges in the legal, economic and global business environments
  • analyse and apply a range of contemporary approaches to business innovation and organisational change
  • develop experience of professional management in work and organisations, demonstrating creativity and initiative in new situations
  • apply a range of ethical, socially responsible and sustainable solutions in a changing business environment
  • reflect upon levels of personal autonomy and accountability associated with the decision-making process
  • locate and evaluate a range of research frameworks and skills within human resource management
  • develop and apply the competencies and behaviours consistent with professional certification in human resource management.

This course will provide you with a strong foundation of the principles and conceptual frameworks of marketing, as used in both academia and the workplace, within a business context which focuses on economic strategies, financial outcomes and entrepreneurship. You’ll explore a variety of cognitive, technical and communication skills to analyse, review and explore marketing problems, providing innovative solutions for a range of real-world public, private and not-for-profit enterprises.

You’ll study how consumers behave in different settings, and will develop innovative marketing plans for domestic and international frameworks. You’ll also learn how to conduct marketing research and will explore the genre of digital marketing, while gaining skills in negotiation and sales management. This highly practical course centres on using innovative and challenging real-world scenarios for assignment and project work, and you’ll graduate as a confident and experienced marketeer ready for employment across a range of business sectors.

Study a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at UC and you will:

  • integrate theory and practice in marketing and articulate the impacts of recent developments within the field
  • critically evaluate a range of core business skills to find solutions to future work challenges in legal, economic and global business environments
  • analyse and apply a range of contemporary approaches to business innovation and organisational change
  • develop experience of professional management in work and organisations, demonstrating creativity and initiative in new situations
  • apply a range of ethical, socially responsible and sustainable solutions in a changing business environment
  • reflect upon levels of personal autonomy and accountability associated with the decision-making process
  • locate and evaluate a range of research frameworks and skills within the field of marketing.

In this degree students will gain experience in the design and creation of games and interactive digital media. This will include the theoretical and practical skills and knowledge required to work in either a technical or creative role. Students will develop an understanding of the game design and production process from concept development and idea generation through to the production methodologies that are applied in today?s leading game studios.

Students will gain a thorough understanding of games and interactive design developing skills in areas such as game design, game art, and computer programming. This will include key concepts such as game mechanics, artificial intelligence, 3D graphics, animation and real-time technology. These areas of expertise will be enhanced by exposure to essential knowledge required to participate and engage with the games and interactive design industry. This will include areas such as teamwork, problem-solving strategies and contemporary production methodologies.

Learning will be achieved through activities such as creating interactive works, engaging with the games industry and its members, reviewing both historical and contemporary creative work and literature. All students that complete the qualification will be given the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge to the development of creative works. (You will make games!)
The games and interactive design industry is growing rapidly in both local and international markets with revenue in the billions of dollars.

Graduates may find employment in a variety of roles such as:
-Games/interactive media designer
-Games/interactive media programmer
-Simulation developer/designer
-Software Engineer
-Animator/Character Animator
-3D modeller/Environment Artist
-Screen & Media Artist/Visual Effects Artist
-Concept Artist
-Game Artist
-Game Reviewer
-Multimedia designer
-Game Tester
-Studio Production Manager
-App developer
-Visual Communications designer

If you have a passion for information technology (IT) and are keen to learn the high-tech skills to establish a career comfortably navigating an increasingly digitised world, then the UC Bachelor of Information Technology is the perfect course for you.

This course is highly expansive course, covering both the technology and business sides of IT, and as part of your studies you’ll explore and learn relevant IT theories and principles that underpin the IT industry.

Areas of study include business and information systems, system analysis and modelling, system administration, security, networking and software development which will give you the perfect platform from which to move seamlessly into a wide range of career specialisations.

This course is accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and, upon graduation, you’ll possess the necessary knowledge, skills, qualifications and professional contacts to forge a stimulating IT career across a wide range of industries both here in Australia and around the world.

This course offers the chance to specialise in Cloud Computing and Internet of Things, Cybersecurity and System Administration, Data Science or Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Study a Bachelor of Information Technology at UC and you will:

  • gain extensive experience in developing information technology systems designed to address the needs of modern organisations
  • develop knowledge, skills and understanding of the application of IT systems to their business environments, policies and management
  • explore the technical and human aspects of IT and its use
  • establish a comprehensive network of industry contacts
  • refine your teamwork, project management and communication skills
  • earn a globally recognised degree.

This course is accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) at the Professional level.

This course has a unique status as the only postgraduate architecture program in Canberra – one of the world’s most internationally recognised and fascinating model design cities. This professionally accredited two-year course focuses on the contemporary issues informing urban architecture and promotes the processes of urbanisation in architectural research.

Accredited under a process administered by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia, the course will arm you with the professional and intellectual knowledge and skills needed to practice architecture nationally and internationally. You will even fine-tune your expertise in related careers, such as urban design and heritage, and can choose to pursue additional studies leading to a PhD in a range of topics, including architectural history, urban planning or digital architecture.

Study a Master of Architecture at UC and you will:

  • understand analytical and theoretical approaches to site, context, program and technologies
  • propose formal, spatial and programmatic resolutions for major urban scale projects
  • demonstrate an understanding of the complex and challenging social, ethical, environmental, political and regulatory contexts within which architectural practice is carried out
  • display an advanced ability to respond to and develop a client brief, scope of work and detailed design proposals up to the start of construction
  • debate the importance of the interconnections of architecture with its cultural, theoretical, technical and historical contexts.

If you’re considering a move into a career in ICT but concerned that your lack of knowledge and experience in this field will hinder your career prospects, relax – this course has everything you need to forge a successful career in IT – fast!

No matter what your background, this course has been designed around those with no formal study or employment background in IT.
In this course you will get to explore the key areas of the ‘Skills Framework for the Information Age’ and gain a comprehensive and thorough understanding of software technology and engineering practice.

Highly flexible, this course also covers the fine details of database design and engineering management and offers a variety of delivery modes to help you balance your study with other commitments, including weekday classes during business hours and in the evenings.

As part of UC’s commitment to Work Integrated Learning (WIL), you will also get the opportunity to undertake an internship within a professional organisation, which will help you gain necessary practical skills and improve your chances of securing your ideal IT job.

This course offers the chance to specialise in either Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Data Science, IoT & Robotics Network Technologies and Project Management.

Study a Master of Information Technology and Systems at UC and you will:

  • gain an introduction to software technology and engineering practice
  • be brought up to speed with the latest industry processes and strategies
  • learn about security, support and operating a quality, professional IT practice
  • be able to choose from a range of cutting edge specialisations
  • study information technology and systems in the workplace
  • cover key contemporary IT issues
  • gain exposure to top level industry contacts
  • possess the skills to confidently pursue a career in IT
  • gain a globally recognised qualification.

The UC Master of Professional Accounting course is the perfect study pathway for those looking for any one of the following outcomes:

  1. Those students who already hold a postgraduate degree in another field but considering exploring switching careers and becoming an accountant.
  2. Internationally educated accountants, looking to meet the minimum entry requirements for working in Australia as established by the CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant) Australia, and CAANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand).

This full-time 2-year course has been carefully designed in close consultation with industry experts to help you maximise the quality of your time here at UC. Offering friendly, supportive and more engaging classes, this course is uniquely developed to help equip you with the necessary professional and technical skills to enter the Australian accounting industry with confidence.

Covering a diverse range of subjects such as Government Finance Management, Micro-finance, entrepreneurship and more, this course will bring you up to speed with the latest accounting practices, and help you meet the legal and professional requirements as determined by the professional accounting bodies of Australia.

So, whether you’re looking at becoming a practicing accountant, or going into business as an entrepreneur, or business consultant, this course is the perfect course to help put you on the fast track to personal and professional success.

Study the Master of Professional Accounting at UC and you will:

  • gain extensive technical, analytical and practical accounting skills
  • learn the accepted industry ethics and integrity standards
  • gain unprecedented access to industry contacts
  • work on real world problems in practical environments
  • explore professional accounting practices in industry, government and private practice.
  • forge strong professional industry networks
  • graduate with an internationally recognised qualification
  • gain admission as an associate member of CPA Australia, or CAANZ

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University of Canberra International Foundation Program

The University of Canberra International Foundation Studies Program is designed to prepare students for university level of study in the areas of English, Mathematics, Technology, Arts/ Humanities and Society/ Legal Studies. This non-award course is offered at the University of Canberra, Bruce campus.

The International Foundation Studies is a one year pathway program designed to prepare students for university study, both academically and socially, by offering courses that provide an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed for Australian tertiary education.

Completion of the International Foundation Studies program guarantees direct entry into the first year of a University of Canberra undergraduate degree*.
*course exception – Bachelor of Midwifery.


UC College offers diplomas that enable direct entry into a relevant University of Canberra degree.  In most cases, if they are completed successfully you can enter straight into 2nd year of the program.

International diplomas take either 2 terms (8 months) or 3 terms (12 months) of full-time study to complete and are all registered as Higher Education Diplomas.

  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Communication
  • Diploma of Design
  • Diploma of Health
  • Diploma of Information Technology
  • Diploma of Network and Software Engineering
  • Diploma of Science

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