What are the general entry requirements to pursue your studying overseas dream?

What are the general entry requirements to pursue your studying overseas dream? Have you been thinking of going overseas to pursue your higher education degree and explore your favourite study destination? Studying overseas at certified universities ...

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Singaporeans Study: The 5 FAQs About Logistics & Supply Chain Management

[:en]In this week’s Singaporeans Study series, our field of focus is Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  Are you ready to learn? Let’s get started.  1. What is Logistics and Supply Chain Management and why is it significant today? According to Jo...

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8 Things You Should Know Before Studying in the UK

[:en]Looking to study in the UK? As a top destination for education, the United Kingdom offers world-class qualification with a modern learning environment. The quality of education offered in universities in the UK is unparalleled. Being a multicult...

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Can Your Dependent Work in the UK While You're Studying?

Going to study a postgraduate programme in the UK but also don't feel like leaving your spouse in your homeland? We all know about the world-class higher education opportunities and the bright job prospects available in the UK . As many international...

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What’s next after getting your A-level results?

[:en]You might be looking for different options after receiving your A-level results. You probably would have already asked yourself in the head umpteen times – ‘What’s next?’ By now, you should have started a bit of research to see if your grades ge...

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Why Choose to Study Psychology in the UK?

Do you often find yourself wondering why people do the things they do? Are you intrigued by human behaviour and the motivations behind it? A Psychology degree could be the perfect fit for you. The United Kingdom is home to some of the best universities in the world for studying psychology, which means that you would be getting an education from wor...

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Why Choose to Study Data Science in the UK

"Data is the new oil".This quote, from Clive Humby, is a recognition of the value that data holds in today's world, where it is now seen as equally valuable. Technology is advancing at a quick pace, and with it, a large amount of data is being generated. Today, one of the top trending professions in the job market is data science.Now, what is the f...

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Why is UK the perfect study overseas destination for Singaporeans?

[:en]Apart from the fact that it is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live and build a life, there are a number of reasons as to why the UK also makes it to the list of perfect study destinations! One important reason is that higher ed...

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CATS College London – Preparing you for university Success

The common adage - Education is the passport to the future or Education is a key, bridge or ladder to success – are oft repeated quotes by parents and teachers to encourage students to work hard and strive for their future. It also reinforces how imp...

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Top 9 advantages of studying overseas

[:en]Ready to step into a new educational adventure? If you’re looking this up, we’re pretty sure you are! Studying overseas will ignite a fire in you that you never knew existed! Begin a new journey that will satisfy your cravings for thrilling mome...

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Study in the UK - January 2022 intake

The most awaited time of the year has finally arrived. HO HO HO it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… What else?! The  January 2022 intake for UK universities is also around the corner! If you are planning to study in the UK and are looki...

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Rewarding jobs for international students in the UK

As an international student in the United Kingdom, you have many job opportunities after graduation. International students flock to the UK in enormous numbers, making it one of the most liked study abroad destinations. The high quality of life and good job prospects after graduation are two major pulls in the UK for international students. The emp...

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The Right Way to Apply for UK Student Visa

[:en]Interested in applying for a student visa to study abroad in the UK but not sure how? Here are some things you will need to know! To apply for a general student visa in the UK, you will firstly have to ensure that you meet the requirements as li...

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Why study in the UK?

[:en]If you are an international student and thinking about going to university in the UK, here are the best 5 reasons why you should UK . 1) Excellence in Academic Quality and Reputation UK universities are well-known and recognised around the world...

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UK Student Visa Requirements for Singaporeans

[:en]The UK is one of the world’s leading study destinations for international students, after the USA. Universities in the UK are among the best in the world and consistently perform well in world rankings. The country has also earned a reputation f...

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UK study experience | All you need to know

[:en]毕业已经十年了,回想起飞往大不列颠岛的那天,一切都清晰的恍如昨日。作为独生子女,父母虽然希望我留在他们身边,但是更希望我能够出国留学,一方面能提高英文水平,另一方面能出去看看外面的世界,人生多点选择。我最后选择了英国哈德斯菲尔德大学 (University of Huddersfield, UK),该学校教育专业在英国名列前茅。 英国 (UK) 的衣食住行 衣:穿衣方面英国人不太讲究,在学校很少看到有人穿得非常正式。英国天气多变,早晚温差很大,我最建议的是,以洋葱式穿法最好,也就是多层...

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Singaporeans Study: The 5 FAQs About Pharmaceutical Science

[:en]Our third field of focus under the Singaporeans Study series is Pharmaceutical Science. Read this blog to know if your interest lies in the pharma industry!  1. What is pharmaceutical science and why is it significant today? People often misunde...

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Singaporeans Study: The 5 FAQs About Occupational Therapy 

[:en]In this week's Singaporeans Study, let's take a look at Occupational Therapy (allied health) - something unknown to a lot of people... sad truth :( But we're here to tell you what OT is! 1. What is Occupational Therapy? OT is an Allied Health Pr...

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