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Technology careers for the future

Whether you want to investigate cyber attacks or identify hidden patterns in big data or create the smart software and systems of the future, our IT courses offer an immersive learning experience. From day one you’ll have access to the latest software, robotics, VR, animation packages and cyber-physical systems in fully equipped computer labs and studios. You’ll have the opportunity to explore short and long-term work placements within a field of your choice and build invaluable industry connections. Plus, you’ll gain professional accreditation by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) upon graduation – a highly regarded accreditation by future employers.


Difference between
Information Technology and Computer Science?

An IT career involves installing, organizing and maintaining computer systems as well as designing and operating networks and databases. Computer science is focused entirely on efficiently programming computers using mathematical algorithms.

An IT career doesn’t necessarily require a computer science (CS) degree, although a CS degree opens certain doors that otherwise wouldn’t be available. IT professionals typically work in a business environment installing internal networks and computer systems and perhaps programming. Computer scientists work in a wider range of environments, ranging from businesses to universities to video game design companies. Both of these careers have excellent growth potential and high salaries, with software developers somewhat ahead of IT professionals in earnings.

Why Choose Deakin?

Gain hands-on experience with agile methodology
– a widely used project management method


Top 1% of universities worldwide

Highest level of overall student satisfaction among universities in the Australian state of Victoria for 10 years
(Australian Graduate Survey and Graduate Outcomes Survey, QILT)

Hands-on experiential learning, with access to specialised Robotic and Internet of Things laboratory

Popular Courses

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Creative Technologies
  • Game and Application Development
  • IT Services and Strategy
  • Software Engineering
  • Cloud Computing and Networking
  • Cyber Security
  • Information Systems
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Virtual Reality
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Information Technology
  • Social Media Strategies

Artificial intelligence is driving digital disruption, with new technology helping redefine many industries. Many companies are looking to take advantage of recent advances in artificial intelligence, which is creating a large demand for skilled professionals. Deakin’s Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to design, develop and evolve software solutions that take advantages of the latest advances in artificial intelligence.

As an artificial intelligence specialist, you will work alongside software engineers, data scientists, application developers and business analysts, applying your specialist knowledge to ensure artificial intelligence is appropriately integrated into software solutions from a technical and human perspective.

You will gain hands-on experience in the development of software solutions and the use and development of artificial intelligence. Our world-leading research in artificial intelligence feed directly into our classrooms, meaning that you’ll be learning at the cutting edge of industry expectations and capabilities.

As a graduate you will be well-equipped to work on the design, development and operation of software solutions involving artificial intelligence.

Units in the course may include assessment hurdle requirements.

Career Outcomes

AI offers an exciting future for students as more industries spend time and money on improving what they do through learned behaviour and operating efficiencies. However this is the tip of the iceberg and many more challenging real-world problems remain to be solved.

Graduates will have the specialist knowledge and be equipped to work on the design, development and operation of software solutions involving AI, across a broad range of industry sectors. You may find employment in roles such as a data scientist, data analyst, AI technology software engineer, AI ethicist or an AI architect to name a few.

Understand how to investigate and combat cyber crime and cyber terrorism with a degree that will lead you into an in-demand industry and a career in managing security in cyberspace.

Deakin’s Bachelor of Cyber Security equips you with the skills and experience you need to address what’s quickly becoming the number one criminal threat to society.

Are you ready to join the fight against cyber crime?

Cyber security is a growing issue for individuals and businesses alike. As a cyber security graduate, you’ll have the skills demanded by a diverse range of industry and government sectors. Gain strong practical and theoretical knowledge, with an emphasis on understanding and assessing cyber security in a working environment, knowledge of security solutions and an understanding of the business, ethical and legal implications of risk management.You’ll learn how to identify, diagnose, analyse and manage the challenges of cyber security. You’ll cover areas such as:

You will have access to our brand-new specialised capstone project and co-working space, which offers you an inspiring space to collaborate with your teammates on your
This course also includes a core IT placement unit where you’ll undertake a minimum of 100 hours of professional work experience with an approved host organisation. You can access 50 guaranteed employment placements with banks, including partnerships with NAB, ANZ and Dimension Data. You’ll work on industry projects and gain experience in entrepreneurship and business skills.

This experience ensures you’ll be well-armed to apply your learning in the workplace and deal with imminent threats and challenges emerging from the digital space.

Build a strong foundation with core IT skills you can apply to multiple industries and technologies with Deakin’s Bachelor of Information Technology. Develop your skills as an IT professional yet also, focus your knowledge with a specialisation in one of our industry-relevant majors, from app development to cyber security or game development, and more.

Want in-demand skills and a diverse career that’s always at the forefront of new technology?

This comprehensive course provides students the opportunity to gain skills, knowledge and experience in areas such as programming, user-centred design, networking, security and entrepreneurship. You will be expanding your career opportunities by studying IT, as IT professionals are hired in a range of industries such as healthcare, education, finance, government, mining and agriculture.

The course offers you a range of industry-based learning opportunities, including an IT placement unit that gives you a minimum of 100 hours of hands-on experience in industry. This practical experience enhances your future employment prospects, adding experience to your resume and developing your professional networks before graduation.

You will also have access to our brand-new specialised capstone project and co-working space which offers you an inspiring space to collaborate with your teammates on your capstone project. As an IT student, you will undertake two capstone units that allow you to develop solutions to real-world problems from industry and learn agile project management methods widely used across industry.

We offer a combination of experiential learning and practical exposure, with access to specialise resources including our $1.2 million Robotics and Internet of Things (RIoT) lab, dedicated cyber security labs, networking labs, and our VR/AR labs.

For high-achieving students, an honours year is available after the completion of this course. You’ll undertake a focused research project to contribute new knowledge to your chosen area.

Units in the course may include assessment hurdle requirements.

Deakin Vice-Chancellor's International ScholarshipsOffers 100% or 50% tuition fee reduction for the duration of your course, among other benefits
Unsuccessful applicants of the Deakin Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship will automatically be considered for the Deakin International Scholarship
Deakin International ScholarshipOffers 25% tuition fee reduction for the duration of your course
Deakin Singapore Health ScholarshipOffers a 20% reduction in tuition fees each year, for the normal duration of your degree. This new scholarship is for Singaporean students studying select undergraduate and postgraduate health degrees at Deakin
Warrnambool Campus International BursaryOffers a 20% reduction of tuition fees and on-campus accommodation costs when studying at Deakin's Warrnambool Campus

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