Why Choose UTAS?

A focus on excellence

The University of Tasmania is highly regarded internationally for teaching and academic excellence. Our lecturers and tutors have the opportunity to engage with students individually and offer the personalised advice and guidance not available at larger institutions.

Our diverse range of degrees, student exchanges, and learning experiences offer students a unique educational experience and excellent preparation for their future careers. We offer more than 100 undergraduate (bachelor) degrees, and more than 150 postgraduate programs, from graduate certificates through to research degrees. These range across five colleges and three specialist institutes, and include degrees in architecture, environmental management, engineering, medicine, nursing, business, finance, ICT, and aquaculture, and more.

Spectacular student life

Life as a University of Tasmania student is much more than attending lectures and tutorials. It is also about creating a network of colleagues and friends, developing new knowledge and skills, and enjoying a happy and healthy life.
All our campuses offer students on-campus accommodation, clubs, societies and sporting options.

There is plenty to do beyond our campuses too, whether it is enjoying Tasmania’s vibrant café scene, live music or theatre, shopping, food and arts festivals, sporting events, or museums and art galleries.

Tasmania is a wonderful place to be a student.

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Get a real-world advantage with our Bachelor of Business. As the only university in the state, we’ve formed close connections with local industry.
In our Bachelor of Business you will:

Get a hands-on experience with corporate internships, guest lectures from local business leaders, and current case studies from businesses in Tasmania and around the world

Learn from the best with industry experts and teaching staff recognised as international leaders in their field

Gain a qualification recognised by all the major professional bodies in business and economics

In our Bachelor of Business you can follow your passion, with the opportunity to build a degree from your choice of seven majors. You’ll also be able to cross-skill by earning a minor from the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics or another area of the University.

Majors available in:

Accounting (Hobart, Launceston, and Cradle Coast)
Business Economics (Hobart only)
Finance (Hobart and distance)
Human Resource Management (Hobart and distance)
Management (Hobart and Launceston with some units offered by distance)
Marketing (Hobart and distance with some units offered in Launceston)
Tourism (Hobart only)

The Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours aims to provide experience and training in research in pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical science or pharmacology. This overall objective is served by the following goals:

  • To extend knowledge and understanding in specific topics of interest in pharmacy and related sciences,
  • To improve skills in critically reading the literature and communicating effectively in science,
  • To learn particular research methods and techniques,
  • To develop the ability to plan and carry out a research project, and to prepare a thesis on the results.

The Bachelor of Nursing (H3D) is a contemporary and innovative course which will prepare you for work in a changing health care environment. With this highly regarded three year degree you will learn to become part of a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals.

On campus in Launceston you will be supported by a well-equipped simulated learning environment and during the course you’ll be given the opportunity to undertake work placements in both rural and metropolitan healthcare facilities. You will develop the knowledge and skills – and perhaps most importantly, the attitude – needed to offer the highest quality health care. You will learn the best practices for the provision of patient-centred care, safety and quality in practice, and research and evidence based practice in nursing.

As an accredited course, once you graduate from this program you will have the knowledge and practical skills to register as a nurse in Australia with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

The Bachelor of Nursing can be completed in two years with the Fast Track degree. We have fully accredited courses at our Hobart and Sydney campuses (Rozelle and Darlinghurst) for eligible students.

Please note: the Fast Track courses are highly competitive and non-transferable.

With a focus on providing you with the skills to compete for employment in the ICT industry globally, a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) gives you the knowledge and ability to stand out in the constantly changing technology landscape.

The BICT is a specialist degree with both a theoretical and practical focus that aims to develop technological understanding and skills that are in high demand world-wide.

You’ll develop knowledge and capabilities in communication, design, development and management and learn what it takes to implement and integrate ICT within an organisation. You will also complete a hands-on project that gives you real-world experience before you even start your career.

You will graduate with the skills and knowledge to grow into leadership positions; the drive to act on entrepreneurial ambition; and the confidence to pursue research and graduate studies.

Delivered through the Australian Maritime College (AMC), the three-year Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management is designed to prepare students for management careers in the dynamic and internationally-focused maritime and logistics industries.

The course is unique because it combines core business principles with learning that is specific to the maritime and global logistics. It includes:

Business units such as financial resource management, exporting and importing, international business management, analytical methods for decision-making, and strategic management.

Maritime units such as ship operations management, chartering and brokering, maritime economics, port and terminal management, maritime law.

Logistics units such as international transport systems, logistics management, supply chain management, warehousing and distribution, and global procurement.”

The course provides the necessary focus and an in-depth appreciation of the issues confronting the global logistics and maritime industries.

In choosing a three-year Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management you will:

  • Study at Australia’s national institute for maritime and maritime-related education, training and research
  • Learn through hands-on practical experience including industry workshops, site visits, and work experience
  • Enjoy innovative teaching and mentorship by highly qualified staff, many of whom are national and world leaders in their field.
  • Take advantage of exposure to industry expertise through invited speakers from logistics and maritime industries

Students undertaking the three-year Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management also have the option of the following interim exit awards:

  • Diploma of Global Logistics and Maritime Management (100 credit points / 1-year full-time study or equivalent)
  • Associate Degree in Global Logistics and Maritime Management (200 credit points / 2-years full-time study or equivalent)

Develop an understanding of the basic concepts and sciences of the role physical activity plays in the health of individuals and communities. This course will prepare you to work as exercise scientists, sport scientists or to pursue research or professional/allied health with postgraduate studies.

You learn a wide range of human life sciences, including biology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology and psychology as well as their practical application.

Practical placements will help you gain the knowledge and skills to provide assessment, monitoring and program prescription for fitness and exercise in a diverse range of populations from healthy adults to elite athletes.

As a graduate you may find employment in the private and public sectors or you may also be able to pursue research in exercise science and apply for post-graduate study in areas such as sports science, clinical exercise physiology, physiotherapy, and medicine.

This is a 3 year course based in Launceston, Tasmania.

If you enjoy being challenged, consider yourself an innovator, and are passionate about shaping the world around you, our newly updated Bachelor of Science provides a gateway to an exciting world of rewarding careers.

The University of Tasmania’s new science degree provides you with a foundation of core skills in science, analysis and rational thinking, and entrepreneurship.

You also have options to focus your study in one or more scientific disciplines, and learn the methods to apply your skills and knowledge to the practical needs of industry, business and government in both scientific and non-scientific roles.

In choosing a Bachelor of Science you can:

  • Build a degree that is tailored specifically to your own needs: select your major and minor subjects from 17 different disciplinary areas.
  • Try new subjects without the pressure of long-term commitment and discover potential new areas of interest.
  • Learn through hands-on practical experience including laboratory work, field trips, field-based units and research projects.
  • Enjoy being mentored by highly qualified staff, many of whom are national and world leaders in their field.

This business-oriented program equips students with a high level of understanding of the logistics and maritime industries. It provides the foundation for graduates to undertake senior management positions in these industries.

The Master of Business Administration (Maritime and Logistics Management) is a complete management course for people wishing to acquire specific management skills appropriate for the maritime and logistics industries. The maritime and logistics industries are at the forefront of international trade and are exciting, dynamic and challenging industries in which to work. Our course equips managers to develop solutions for complex issues faced by both domestic and international business activities. It provides practical and applied knowledge suitable for both higher level professional and managerial roles. Units studied include both specialised units, such as port management and business logistics in addition to more traditional MBA units such as strategic management and finance. The course provides an opportunity to enhance your managerial knowledge, skills and analytical abilities to assist your career progression to more senior roles.

In addition to the MBA (Maritime and Logistics management) we also offer an Advanced MBA, which is a two year course (if studying full time); this enables you to increase your breadth of knowledge. Other specialised MBA’s are also available that focus on Marine Environment and Management, Maritime Technology and Management and Shipping and Maritime Management. Please refer to the tabs located above to find further information on these courses. All these courses are fully available by distance and on-campus modes of study, except for the Maritime Technology course, which requires some attendance on-campus for some of the engineering units.

The Master of Information Technology and Systems (MITS) provides a wide breadth of knowledge of varying aspects of information technology (IT) and information systems (IS). The MITS provides students with a previous tertiary qualification in any discipline area with the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to deal effectively with advanced issues involving IT and IS.

The MITS provides non-ICT students with broad knowledge and understanding of fundamental information and communication technology concepts and principles. It also enables all students to select significant areas for in-depth study, from a range of advanced IT and IS areas, to provide students with knowledge, understanding and experiences that transcend technologies and are robust over time so that students are well-placed to deal with ongoing, rapid changes in the IT and IS fields.

Studies in the various advanced areas of ICT allow students to develop a professional, responsible, self-reflective and critical attitude to the practice of ICT.

The MITS allows all students to complete a state-of-the-art, industry focused specialisation in an emerging field of ICT:

  • Big Data Management and Analytics
  • Information Systems & Management
  • Mobile, Web and Cloud Computing
  • Networks & Embedded Systems
  • Graphics and Games Development
  • Interactive Design & Technology
  • Logistics & Enterprise Systems
  • Business Analytics
  • Software Design and Development
  • ICT Research (on research stream)

The Master of Maritime Engineering (Naval Engineering) degree program is designed to provide engineering graduates with in-depth exposure to a wide range of subjects relevant to the development and procurement of maritime engineering systems.
The course has been specifically designed to provide a flexible learning approach through interactive online study. In addition, some units are also available for on-campus study.

Individual units will also be available to professionals who may not wish to enrol in the program but who may wish to develop expertise in a particular area for professional development purposes.

The Master of Pharmaceutical Science encompasses four semesters and is considered a 2.0 year degree (i.e. semesters 1, 2, 3 and 4) to be offered at Hobart. Graduates will have gained knowledge in the pharmaceutical and pharmacological sciences, and developed skills in written and verbal communication in these areas. They will have delivered three presentations to their peers and lecturers during the completion of the course, and extensively utilised information technology. Graduates will have experienced problem solving in the pharmaceutical sciences, and will have studied the global context of pharmaceuticals. Social and ethical implications of these studies will be emphasised.

The Master of Teaching is a pre-service teaching degree that will give you the skills and knowledge to teach in a primary or secondary school setting. The degree is designed to build upon tertiary qualifications and experience, enabling students to complete a teaching qualification in as little as 2 years. This course is accredited through the Tasmanian Teachers Registration Board, and is recognised in all Australian states and territories.
Master of Teaching students can specialise in primary or secondary teaching.

The secondary teaching specialisation requires students to choose two curriculum teaching areas, which are determined by the discipline(s) undertaken in the student’s undergraduate degree.

You will be required to undertake a number of Professional Experience placements totalling 60 days. This will give you the opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical skills that you have learnt in a safe and supportive environment.

The Master of Teaching is available on-campus in Hobart and fully online- by distance. Not sure if you want to study online or on-campus? We offer flexible study options that allow you to choose how and where you study, depending on your needs.

  • Specialisations
  • Primary (Prep to Grade 6)
  • Secondary (Grades 7 to 12)
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Arts: (Drama, Visual Art, Music, Media Arts)
  • LOTE – Languages Other Than English

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